Wild Abandon at the Mahjong/Book Club Mash-Up

‎Wild Abandon at the Book Club Mahjong Mash-Up
So then…my neighbor Denise emails me to check on available space for her mahjong (maj) game at the community center in our neighborhood.

Our center has lovely, decorated rooms with gorgeous furniture and stunning artwork — and little signs saying No Food or Drink Please.

Wild Abandon No Food or Drink

Denise’s email: Hi, hope all is good with you. I’m thinking of having our mahjong game at the community center tomorrow night in the main room. I see that the Book Club will be there too. Will you guys be in the library room?

My email: Yes, we meet in the library so you can have the big room! Enjoy!

Denise: Thanks. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.

Me: For sure — come check out our snacks and we’ll check out yours! :o)

Denise: We aren’t ALLOWED to eat in there, so we won’t have any.

Me: Are you kidding? We eat, drink, shoot up, and have wild sex on the furniture!!!

Denise: Wow. The heck with the mahjong game; we’ll come and join you!


For photos of the Rowdy Mahjong-Book Club Mash-up, click here.

(NOTE: If link does not work, it’s possible that your computer’s Debauchery Filter is set too high.)

— Darcy Perdu

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(How wild do you get at YOUR Book Club/Mahjong Game/Bingo Parlor? Any places you’re not supposed to eat or drink that you secretly munch and slurp away?  Share in the Comments Section!)

Wild Abandon at the Book Club Mahjong Mash-Up P

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25 replies on “Wild Abandon at the Mahjong/Book Club Mash-Up

  1. Hey Darcy!

    My computer’s Debauchery Filter is set too high -_- That makes me sad.. I thought it was as mischievous as me. Yeah, if your book club is that fun, I’m in!

    Have a great weekend!
    Awesomely Over-Zealous recently posted..Smells Like Fall SpiritMy Profile

    • Ha! We DO have a pretty fun Book Club actually — we recently went dining & drinking, then to see the naughty funny show “SPANK,” the parody of “Fifty Shade of Grey!” So you can tell we take our literature seriously!

  2. Liddle-Oldman said:


    We have brand-new cusions in all the pews, and a brand-new carpet on the floor. (OK, a couple years old now, but still nice.) (We had to re-do the entire sanctuary when the roof tried to fall in a while ago.) We’re specifically forbidden to bring food and drink into the pews for the same reason you can’t eat salsa in the parlour, but if I get coffee coming in and haven’t finished it when service starts, I just casually slip it into the pew and finish sipping it while the choir sings.

    (I set up coffee hour, so I’m there at least an hour early, so coffee makes perfect sense.)

    • I LOVE you, you little rebel you!
      And since you volunteer your time to set up coffee hour, you TOTALLY deserve to casually sip your coffee on the brand-new cushions!
      Go on with your bad self, girl!
      I love it!

    • thanks, Mike! it’s definitely fun over here! :o)

      • well give me some gps coordinates or a star map and I will check it out someday.

  3. Rule following book clubbers are no match for the lawbreakers known as mahjong players!!

    I am a strict rule follower. The only place I eat and drink where it’s prohibited is in my husband’s car. He’d FREAK OUT if he knew! Hahaha! But everyplace else, I tow the line. —Lisa

    • Lisa, I just notified your husband.
      Crime scene techs are on their way to dust and luminol his car for crumbs, spills, and saliva containing your DNA.
      He specifically asked me to keep him apprised if you ever confessed online.
      Sorry, babe, but you KNOW his vehicle is sacrosanct.

  4. Wild sex on the furniture? This is what happens when one starts reading Anais Nin writing Nancy Drew. People get hot and bothered, one thing leads to another, and before you know it, Vivid Entertainment is filming and packaging the orgy for mass consumption.
    William Kendall recently posted..A Day In The Life Of A DogMy Profile

    • HAHAHAHA! We never even THOUGH of packaging our escapades for SALE! Thanks for the tip, William! You get the first DVD for free!

  5. Paul said:

    Wild debauchery seems to be the natural state of affairs when certain groups of people gather. (No judgement on your “Book Club”.) Some years ago, as the treasurer of the Chemistry Club at university,I was responsible for arranging an “approved” party for the Chemistry department. With wild debauchery in mind, I secured the Graduate Club on campus as the venue – a site that was well known for drinking, dancing (sometimes without as much clothing as one would expect in public), and various vices, some of which shall remain unmentioned. Thinking I had covered all the bases (including ample student security, some of whom would naturally get involved), the party began. I was proud of my anticipation of the mash-up and was sure I had it under control. NOT.

    The Grad Club had two levels and the top level was a balconey. When the lights were lowered for partying, illumination for the dance floor and the lower level was provided by big, fat, round light bulbs that were screwed into sockets just over the lip of the balconey and shone down on the debauchery. Sitting in the balconey with some friends (all of whom were well lubricated) I noticed that the big lightbulbs were beginning to appear in the tops of beer mugs – screw end into the beer with the bulb proudly covering the mouth of the mug. Once this started, it was only a matter of minutes before the dance floor became much darker (not that anyone objected), and the beer mugs on the balconey all had light bulbs sticking out of them. It seemed to stabilize when all the bulbs that could be reached from the balconey were protruding from beer glasses. It was somewhat amusing, if surreal, at the time.

    The following week I received an invoice from the Grad club addressed to the Treasurer of the Chemistry Club – me. Inside was a bill for $3,000 – the replacement value of 35 light bulbs.

    The moral of the story, for me, is that no matter how much you prepare for a mash-up, someone will still figure out a way to put out your lights.

    • that’s hilarious! you paint quite the picture of that party! you Chem Kids can really rock it!
      (of course, that $3,000 bill for light bulbs must have been a bit SOBERING!)

  6. Hahahahahah…good one. I’m about to doctor up my coffee with Baileys and head out to watch the little ones play flag football at the school : )

  7. Julie said:

    OMG!! Darcy! You just crack me up! I am pretty sure the children already think I am crazy, you are just enforcing their opinions! :)

    Paul, was the government involved in that? Or the health care institutes? that seems like an exorbitant amount for some light bulbs…

    • HA! Julie, Paul’s $3,000 light bulbs DEFINITELY sound like government issue!

      • Paul said:

        That was exactly my thought Julie, so I called them to bitch. I figured a few bucks a bulb and most could be just dried off and reused- but no, they went on and on and on about the bulbs being special order and the cost of reinstallation (apparently they had to use two maintenance guys and large ladders, although I pointed out they could just screw the bulbs in from the balcony the same way we unscrewed them. According to them that was too unsafe for their people.) I’m sure the bill was that big because they were pissed at us and wanted to get even. In the “discussion”, I did get one positive piece of information: They kept saying that in all the years they had been renting out the Club no one had ever unscrewed the light bulbs before and they never wanted it to happen again. I was quite proud of our debauched crew for their inventiveness and intelligence (not that putting lightbulbs in the beer was particularly intelligent, but the idea certainly was). We had run the party on a shoe string – the door charge covered the rental, the bar was cash – so we only paid for security and the DJ. The $3k was a killer. They made their point. But we still had the bragging rights to being the most inventive group to have ever partied at the Grad Club – take that you dull Arts Students! Ha!

        • Ha! The art students and drama club ain’t got nothin’ on the Chem Kids! :o)

  8. IndolentCin said:

    Sort of the same? My ex-husband was in “The Marine Band, ‘”The President’s Own'” — you know, the red-coated musicians that seem to be at every White House thing, almost all have whom have Masters and Doctorate degrees?
    The Band also does a tour of one section of the country every year.

    One year the advance men went out to the mid-west to scope out venues and hotels. At one hotel, they were told The Marine Band was not welcome because the hotel had had a rock and roll band stay there that did a lot of damage and they no longer rent rooms to “bands.” We laughed our asses off.

    • Ha! Can’t believe that hotel said that! Knuckleheads! The Marine Band would have left their hotel in BETTER condition than when they found it!

    • Yep — love the camouflaging coats! I’ve been known to smuggle a few goodies into the movie theater myself!