Why She Called Me a Wise Ass

Poodle Skirt

So then…my friend Mindy sends me and her other pals an email asking if any of us have an outfit that her young daughter Amanda can wear to a school performance:

Mindy writes:
Does anybody have a poodle skirt we could borrow? Amanda needs it for a school concert.  Let me know. Thanks! — Mindy

I respond:
I do not have a poodle skirt. Or a poodle. I have a skirt. It is XL and long. Amanda could use it as a tent. If she needs a tent, let me know. — Darcy

Mindy writes:
I am surrounded by wise asses!!! — Mindy

I respond:
Yes — wise asses — and WIDE asses — hence, the XL skirt. – Darcy

— Darcy Perdu

(Are you a wise ass too? Give an example!  Did you ever have a Poodle Skirt? Or a poodle? Or a skirt? Share in the Comments Section below.)

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17 replies on “Why She Called Me a Wise Ass

  1. So then, I was out of town this past weekend and my husband–standing in our daughter’s bedroom–calls out “Honey, how do you turn the fan on in here?” Um, I haven’t been in my daughter’s room, but how hard could it be to turn on a fan? After I finish rolling my eyes, I say (in a sweet but sarcastic tone), “I’m flattered that you think I know everything, Sweetheart, but you’re the man, figure it out.” And he did, all by himself! Amazing.

  2. I had a poodle skirt in the 1950’s–but you probably didn’t have the 1950’s!!

  3. Judy said:

    While it is true that I have had a skirt before, it is not true that I’ve ever had a poodle before. I was an adult before I learned that poodles can come in a non-puntable, non-yappy dog size. I still did not partake in poodledom though. Wide and wise asses I can totally relate to.

  4. I have never owned, or worn a poodle skirt, but I do possess a wide ass that blends perfectly with my wiseass attitude. Will that work?

  5. Cindy said:

    My older daughter once got compliments on a “poodle skirt” that she made for a costume party, but only some people looked closely enough to realize the animal on the end of the leash was actually a dragon.

  6. Never owned a poodle skirt, although I lusted after one mightily. I had spent the major portion of my “career” at a boarding school (tells you a lot about what kind of kid I was) and ANYthing that wasn’t a uniform was drool-worthy. My mother just told me to save me allowance.

  7. Skylar said:

    My mom (who had never sewn anything in her entire life) made poodle skirts for me and my sister for a school performance when we were little. Poodle skirts are hideous in general, but our homemade ones looked nicer than the rich kids’ store-bought skirts!

  8. Heather said:

    I actually have had a poodle skirt, a poodle, and a skirt… Yay Me! This is why I would rock on Let’s Make a Deal!

  9. I performed in a play back in HS and I had to wear a poodle skirt. Let’s just say I didn’t exactly keep the outfit and wear it to the mall lol! I would however have loved a giant poodle-skirt-shaped tent!!!! I think you just had a wonderful product idea! lol

  10. Stephanie said:

    I don’t have a poodle but my Jack Russell terrier has a tutu that she wears for Halloween… among other humiliating dog costumes the poor little pooch has to endure for my entertainment. (and hats/reindeer ears, etc)

  11. Obviously I do not have a poodle skirt. I’m not sure if it’s more humiliating to the woman in question to wear that… or to the breed of yapper dogs!
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