When the Toddler Rats Out the Nanny — It IS Pretty Funny!

Uh-Oh! When the Toddler Rats Out the Nanny, It IS Pretty Funny!  #kids #nanny #humor

So then…David parks the minivan in the carnival parking lot, removes the key from the ignition, and pops the trunk.

I unbuckle our son Tucker, age 2 and a half, then join David at the back so we can grab the stroller and bag.

Tucker climbs into the driver’s seat and pretends to “drive.”

He waves to us and says, “Look everybody! I’m Remy!” (Remy’s our nanny.)

And with that, he puts one hand on the steering wheel, beeps the horn loudly, and shouts in a Hispanic accent, “Hey, HEY, STUPIDO!” Then he collapses into giggles.

David and I look at each other…


then burst into laughter.

We are equal parts delighted that our toddler’s already doing comedic impressions at such a young age –

And equal parts horrified that our nanny’s roadside manner is not as courteous as we had thought.

When hiring our bilingual nanny, (whom we adore because she’s awesome) — we had hoped she might teach our son some Spanish words…but, uh…this isn’t exactly what we had in mind…

— Darcy Perdu

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(Have your kids done funny “impressions” of someone? Or learned any words you wished they hadn’t?)

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20 replies on “When the Toddler Rats Out the Nanny — It IS Pretty Funny!

    • Yep – and I love he mimicked her Spanish accent too! Very authentic! Ha!

  1. April said:

    That’s awesome! I figure I’m already pretty inappropriate, in general, so my kids probably wouldn’t learn anything worse from someone else. My 13 year old daughter just figured out all the subtext to “That’s what she said” and that was pretty hilarious.

    I feel though, that I should notate “that’s what she said” is all my husband’s fault. He says it anytime that there is the slightest hint that something could be made improper.

    • ha! once someone starts a roll of “that’s what she said,” it’s amazing how almost EVERYTHING applies!

  2. I have to rethink my position on you now, because as a general rule, I default to hating people who have nannies. Lol.

    True story…I was driving with my then probably 3 year old daughter in the back seat when an urban gentleman sauntered, as they’re prone to doing, into the road walking slowly and diagonally across the street whilst I had to stop and wait. I blared the horn and said, “Hurry up, jack off!” to myself, to which young Ace replied, “Yeah, hurry up, dickhead!” After laughing, it was revealed that apparently, the latter were grandma’s choice words for some other incompetent boob that Ace picked up on. Children…they can’t be trusted for sure.
    don recently posted..Lick’n lunch with the boys…My Profile

    • Oh my, a Grandma who spouts words like “dickhead?” Now I have to rethink my position on YOU! Ha!
      It’s so funny what pops out of our mouths. When I drop something, I start to say Shhhh — then switch to SUGAR! But sometimes when I’m really surprised/annoyed at dropping something or stubbing a toe, I’ll blurt “Shit on a stick!” Now why in the world would I say that? I have no idea! I’ve never SEEN shit on a stick — and I hope to NEVER see it — so I have no idea why I SAY it!

    • Thanks, Mary! Glad to provide a chuckle! I love your 7 Funny Things My Kid Said post! Very funny!

  3. Julie said:

    I don’t know if I have shared this already. I had my cherub baby boy in the car with me on the way to the store. While turning left I looked right to be sure I could go, and made a mental note of the police car. I then proceeded to speed. Yeap. I repeated the f word while pulling over, hoping he was going to pass me. Nope. Pulled right up behind me. This resulted in more f words from me. We discussed how fast I was going and then he gave me the option of following him to post a cash bond, or surrender my license. Since I had the cash, I politely followed him repeating the f word several times. We got to the station, and I removed said cherub from his car seat who promptly looked and me and said the f word. God! The kid was hardly talking at the time! Fortunately a couple of “shhhhhh”‘s and perhaps the good fortune of his shyness, he didn’t repeat it while in the station paying the ticket! Whew. Just call me ‘Momma Lead Foot Potty Mouth’.

    • Holy Cow, Julie! Speed Demon AND Profanity-Spewer! For shame, you little heathen!

    • I’m sure your Spanish husband is just whispering romantic things like “Sarah es bonito y divertido e inteligente!”

    • Ha! “Inappropriate music” would probably be MY crime! My nanny listens to Christian music!

  4. Ha! Tucker could be lying. I was ratted on for driving over a bunch of orange cones by my four year old grandson and even though I am prone to doing that, I DID NOT!