What’s So Damn Funny?

What's So Damn Funny?  #award-winner #humor #hilarious #writing #blogging

So then…you ask, “What’s so damn funny?”

Apparently me! WooHoo!

I just won 1st Place in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists competition for the Category: Online, Blog & Multimedia Columns (under 100K monthly visitors)!

I’m so excited! Congrats to the other winners too!

Judge Mae Israel, veteran journalist who worked at The Washington Post for nearly 20 years said this about my writing:

“Darcy Perdu writes with wit and clear-eyed energy, with just the right pace and rhythm, eliciting hearty chuckles and nods of solidarity with her tales about raising children and family life. She packages her columns under the label “So Then…Stories,” and plunges lightheartedly into crisp storytelling like a friendly next door neighbor who stops you at the mailbox and lassos you with such engaging language and good humor that you look forward to the next day’s adventure.”

WOW!  Thank you, Mae Israel!  I’m literally blushing!

Can you believe it? I’ve entered 3 writing competitions since I started blogging 18 months ago – and I’ve won awards in all 3 of them! Humor BlogHer VOTY 2013, Humor BlogHer VOTY 2014, and now the National Society of Newspaper Columnists for Blog Category!

3 for 3!

With that winning streak, I feel like I’ll win EVERY contest I EVER enter for the REST OF MY LIFE!

(And I ALSO feel like I should NEVER enter another competition AS LONG AS I LIVE, so that I can maintain my 100% record!) Ha!

And I know what you’re thinking: “Darcy, honey, three humor awards? It’s time to quit your corporate job and write full-time! Focus on your hilarious blog stories, finish writing that uproarious murder mystery, polish up those funny sitcom pilots, pitch those freelance articles, and write the treatment for that kick-ass comedic travel TV series!”

OH.MY.GOD. That’s exactly what I was thinking too!

And if you’re ALSO thinking: “Darcy, honey, I believe in your writing talent SO much, I’ll happily send you enough money to pay all your bills while you’re pursuing your dream” – well, then, I WILL quit my corporate job and write full-time!

And I’ll be so grateful, I’ll have crazy-hot-sexy-time with you! (or just send you a thank you card, whichever you prefer)

But if you don’t have the financial net worth for that kind of patronage:


There is STILL something you can do to support this worthy cause!

1) Rack your BEAUTIFUL BRAIN to think of any connections you might have in the publishing or entertainment world. Tell ‘em I’m frikkin’ hilarious and link ’em to So Then Stories!

Think hard – is your cousin’s barber’s mechanic’s parole officer’s fiancée a newpaper editor? Literary agent? TV producer? Screenwriter? Magazine editor? Book publisher? Network exec?

If so, let ‘em know that the (cough cough) award-winning humor writer Darcy Perdu is available for hire!   (darcy@sothenstories.com)

2) Press your FABULOUS FINGER on the Share buttons below my humor posts! The more you share my funny stories on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, the more laugh-loving readers will find my blog, increase my traffic, and capture the attention of publishers and agents who like to see a large following when they choose writers.

3) Use your DARLING DIGITS to type in your email address right HERE so you can automatically receive 2 NEW funny So Then Stories per week. Then forward those emails to your friends/family/lovers/prison pen pals so they’ll start reading the blog too!

I wish I could have flown to Washington DC last week to accept the NSNC award and party with all those cool columnists, but my day job required me to – you know – work, so that I could afford to pay for – you know – food. (Damn that pesky food addiction of mine!)

For the NSNC Competition, each entrant had to submit 3 posts representative of our writing style. These are the 3 that I submitted, so please click the picture below if you haven’t read that one yet!

And THANK YOU for reading So Then Stories! I LOVE reading your COMMENTS!

Love & kisses, The (cough cough) award-winning Darcy Perdu

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If you smiled -- share it!
If you LAUGHED -- share it TWICE!

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38 replies on “What’s So Damn Funny?

  1. Arionis said:

    “With that winning streak, I feel like I’ll win EVERY contest I EVER enter for the REST OF MY LIFE!”

    There’s your solution right there. Just enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. Ed McMahon and the Prize Patrol will show up at your house with a big ass check and you’ll be free to pursue your writing career!

    Though just on the off chance you don’t win I’ll share your stories anyway.

    Seriously though, congrats! You deserve it. You certainly keep me entertained.

    • Yes! That’s EXACTLY what I need — the Prize Patrol! Going to sit by my front door right now and wait for their knock! :o)

  2. I am VERY happy for you Darcy! Unfortunately I’m stuck in my job and have a big food addiction too, so no check coming your way from me. But I will definitely be a cheerleader, a ‘like’ button pusher and a big mouth on your behalf. That last one comes naturally.

    • Thank you, Millie Noe! I love your enthusiastic cheerleading!! xoxo

    • Thanks, Cassandra! I was so happy to hear this news!

    • Thanks, Parri! I’m doin’ the Happy Dance right now!

  3. Congratulations!!! Well deserved. I can’t even muster a shred of jealousy because you are HILARIOUS! I’ll gladly share with my tiny social media empire, as I usually do because your stories are knee-slappers.

    • Oh, Joy — I love you big-time! Thank you for sharing my stories! You’re awesome!

  4. Julie said:

    Good for you Darcy! You are a very talented and witty writer, (witty writer. go ahead. say that 10 times fast)so I am not really surprised. All you have to do is enter to win!

    Congrats! :)

    • I did just try to say that 10 times — and failed spectacularly! Ha!

  5. AinOakPark said:

    Yay! – With seal clapping!

    Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!

    • Seal-clapping? Awesome! That’s even better than Golf-clapping! :o) Thanks, Allison!

    • Thanks, Foxy! So nice to get a little encouragement along the way! And the $300 smackeroos in prize money is awesome too! Have to figure out how to spend it on something fun and frivolous!

    • Angela, you’re so funny! I’ll “autograph” the drinks bill next time I see you at a conference! xoxo

  6. Paul said:

    OMG! I know a famous person! Congratulations Darcy – heck of an accomplishment. Just think what you can enter now that you are assured of winning any contest: Miss Dairy of Lower Ecum Secum, The Dick Cheney Blow ’em Away Award, The Justin Beiber Charged in Most States and Provinces Award, the Miss Aussa Most Deserving of Being in a Psych Ward Award, … the possibilities are endless! Whew! The world’s doors are wide open for you now – no deed too great. The world’s your oyster. You earned every bit of it Darcy. Congrats and may many more awards come your way.

    • HA! Yes, I would LOVE to win all those awards! Actually I would love to win a day shadowing Aussa in her Psych Ward ’cause she’s hilarious and her co-workers are wild! Thanks for the congrats! So excited!

      • Julie said:

        omg. you guys could probably rent yourselves out. I would dish out some change to hang out with you or Aussa for a couple hours!

        • That would be hilarious! I’d like to meet everyone from Aussa’s File of Awkward!

    • Thank you, you sassy li’l redhead you! Your comment made me grin from ear to ear!


    Big hugs!

    Next step: Rule. The. World. (with your 100% success rate, of course)

    • Ha! Thanks, Wann! I’m ready! I’d be a fabulous World Ruler! :o)

    • Thanks, Gina! And yes, you should enter some contests!

  8. You really are a wonderful, funny writer. Congratulations on your success!

    • Ha! Absolutely! I’ll zip over in my yacht and pick you up for martinis!