What the Truck?

What the Truck Crop
So then…I walk out of the store to my car — and I see an advertising flyer stuck under my windshield wiper. I hate those.

I don’t want it in my car — and I don’t want to litter – and I’m too lazy to walk all the way to the trashcan — so I just put it under the windshield wiper of the truck next to me.

But as I turn to get into my car, I see a man exiting the store looking straight at me, frowning – and he is heading for the truck.

Oh, hell. He saw me!

What if he asks me, “Hey, what did you put on my truck?”

Should I say innocently, “Oh, I thought you might want that flyer.”

But I didn’t read the flyer, so what if it’s an ad for Weight Loss?

– or Hair Plugs?

– or Penile Implants?

– or For a Good Time Call…?

I don’t give him a chance to ask.

I just jump in my car and peel out of the parking lot!

— Darcy Perdu

(Have you been caught red-handed doing something you shouldn’t – or something embarrassing? Do you hate those flyers too? Do tell in the Comments Section!)

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19 replies on “What the Truck?

  1. Meg said:

    I actually almost got into someone else’s car when I came out of the bank about a month ago, and the owner saw me. I live in a small town, and a lot of people don’t lock their cars for quick errands. My sister called as I walked out of the bank towards the parking lot, so I forgot I had parked on the side instead of straight out from the door. The worst part was that the guy’s car looked nothing like the car I was driving…I had taken my husband’s car out instead of mine. I definitely seemed like a complete airhead!

    • That’s too funny! I had a similar experience the other day when I was talking to my son as we approached my car — I kept clicking the unlock trunk button and nothing was happening — so when a man approached and said, “Excuse me,” I was annoyed that he interrupted my conversation and annoyed that my trunk key remote was not working, so I turned to him and snapped, “What?” And he kindly said, “Are you having trouble getting into my car?”


      • AinOakPark said:

        That’s a better story than the feature story! When my mother-in-law passed, we took her Lexus. It is two-toned off-white and looks, to me (I am what I call “car blind” since I don’t really care about cars as long as they run) like a million other Lexus sedans, since evidently they didn’t change much for quite a few years. I had a heck of a time finding my car just too many times and, like you, tried to enter the wrong car several times, until I gave up and memorized the license plate number. Now I check before I attempt a “break and enter”.

        • That’s hilarious! My boyfriend was waiting for me outside of the store one day, and I came out in a hurry, feeling bad for making him wait. Open the car door and sit down. Then I realize… this isn’t my bf’s car… nor is this my boyfriend. The old man looked very confused. I quickly apologized and rushed off to my bf’s car which was now parked and of course filled with my bf’s laughter. -.-
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    • Melissa said:

      That’s funny, I did the same thing coming out of the bank kinda. I walk out the door and straight to the car door, looked inside, and was like “did I clean the inside of my car? that’s not my stuff, oh crap — not my car.” (My car was on the other side, both were Silver honda civics and that one was not there when I went into the bank.)

      And another story about that, when I was in high school, my best friend and I had similar-looking cars even tho they were different makes and models lol and we would walk to each other’s cars thinking they were our own ALL the time!

  2. Jamie said:

    That’s amazing! Those stupid flyers usually just end up in the floor board of my car.

  3. Michelle said:

    I hate those fliers…especially the ones that resemble parking tickets. I always get that feeling of dread, and then annoyance when I realize that it is just a flier for a bar down the street!

  4. Daniel said:

    … I also hate those flyers… So what I did once: I called the number on the flyer (car dealer) at two o’clock in the morning, asking if he (it was a not very friendly male voice) really wants to buy my car… Never again could I find any similar flyer on my wiper…

  5. Rachel said:

    I was at the commons this week and one of their employees was taking the flyers off of the cars.

    We thanked him!

  6. KShaw said:

    One day, I had to go to work. I was stressed out, because I knew as soon as I got off work, my husband and I and our (at the time) 2 little kids had to get dressed and ready to go to my husband’s grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary party. So, I get off work and go outside the store to wait for my husband to pick me up. 10 minutes pass, then 20 and I am getting madder by the minute. “Where the heck is he? Doesn’t he know we have to be somewhere? Good grief, what a dork!”
    After 1/2 an hour, I went into the store and called him.
    Me “Where the crap are you??”
    Him “um, I am getting the kids ready for the party.”
    Me “uh, you are supposed to be picking me up. Half an hour ago!”
    Him “Babe, YOU drove to work today!”
    Me “UUUUUUUH. Der. See you in 5 minutes.”

    At least you KNEW you drove!

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  8. William Kendall said:

    Oh boy!

    I hate those flyers too….

  9. D-Marie said:

    I am from a very small state, and went to college several states away. The entire time I went there, I never met a single person from my home state. I had an afternoon final exam and decided to run a few errands in the morning. So I took the bus to the parking lot where all the out of state cars were parked. I got off the bus and to my shock and absolute horror, my car had clearly been involved in a hit and run. The rear bumper was torn off, the side panel was smashed. I went into a hysterical fit. I called my dad. I called the police. I called my insurance. Called AAA to tow it to a shop for the damage appraisal. The police finally showed up and believed they’d be able to review their security footage to catch the vehicle that did the damage, but needed my insurance information to file a report. I tried, and tried, and tried to get my key fob to work. Then the key wouldn’t fit in the door. At this point I had missed my exam and the only thing that made this worse was when the police officer pointed to a car across the parking lot – same make/model/color/state plates (2 digits off of mine)…the only difference was the fob worked. Words cannot describe the shame.

    (2 months later my mother had her car break down, but it turned out I had used the last free AAA tow service of the year on a fake out. My parents love me.)

    • D-Marie, that’s so funny! Can only IMAGINE the look on your face when the cop pointed to your real car!