WHAT in the WORLD…?

Not sure what's the MOST embarrassing thing in this post - but ALL of it has me in giggles! @sothenstories

So then…I clarify that this post is not intended to make fun of the people mentioned in the post.

Which I’d never do.

It IS intended to make fun of my teen daughter Chloe.

Which I do all the time.

In fact, it’s my life’s work.

But let’s face it, she’s an accomplice to that. She just makes it so easy.

For the purposes of today’s tale, you should know that Mr. V is a very smart, skilled science teacher with grey hair – and an accent from a country whose surnames have so many vowels, everyone just calls him Mr. V.

And now our tale:

As I’m laying down on Chloe’s bed while she puts on her pajamas, I tell her about a vendor’s new employee I met today. “She’s very sharp, capable, professional – dresses beautifully – really very impressive—”

“But…?” asks Chloe, as she climbs into the bed.

“But she ends every sentence with ‘and everything,’” I say. “It’s the oddest thing. I’m used to people saying ‘ya know’ or ‘ok’ repetitively, but I’ve never met anyone who said that. And she kinds of slurs it, like ‘an’ errrthing.’”

“She says it a lot?” asks Chloe.

“Yes! She’ll say, ‘We’ll send you the spreadsheets an’ errrthing, then you can review the figures an’ errrthing so we can get together for a meeting an’ errrthing.’”

“No way!”

“Yes, really! But she’s so professional in every other way, she may not even know she’s doing it. We’re going to be working together a lot — I’m wondering if I could discreetly mention it to her, as a helpful—”

“NO!” says Chloe.

“Just a friendly word of advice? She might appreciate it.”

“No, Mom, you cannot do that! I hate when people tell me I use the word “like” all the time! I know I use it, but I’m like a Valley Girl – I can’t help it!”

‘Like’ a Valley Girl?” I grin. She laughs.

“Well,” I say authoritatively, “Sometimes in business it’s OK to advise people—”

“No, no, no!” She shakes her head vehemently.

I laugh and say, “Yes, it IS OK – hey, don’t you remember that time my friend Carol had to tell her employee that people complained about him stinking? Remember? And she had to tell him to take showers? He was from a different country where they don’t shower that much so—”

“OMIGOD! Like Mr. V!!” she exclaims.

“Oh really? Does he smell a bit—?”

“OH!” she says fervently, “It’s in-TOX-icating!”


I die laughing.

“In-TOX-icating? The smell is in-TOX-icating?” I ask.

She blushes and blurts, “Yes! Wait! Is that the right word?”

“Chloe, that means you find his scent powerful and exhilarating! Appealing and captivating! Like you’re drunk on his aroma! Like you’re swooning!”

She buries her head in the pillow – mortified!

“Did you mean the smell is ‘in-TOL-erable” instead of ‘in-TOX-icating?’ Maybe? Just maybe?”

She pulls the covers over her head.

I impersonate her voice and add a flirtatious lilt. “Oh Mr. V, come closer, come closer. Your smell is so in-TOX-icating!”

She’s shouting “STOP STOP STOP!” from under the covers — and the bed’s shaking ‘cause we’re laughing so hard.

And you can bet that ever since then, whenever she least suspects it – (and often when we’re in the company of others) – I interrupt the conversation to passionately blurt, “Oh! It’s so in-TOX-icating!”

She always turns bright red and shoots me a fierce look – and I just laugh and laugh and laugh!

— Darcy Perdu
PS I changed his initial to further protect the teacher’s anonymity!

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24 replies on “WHAT in the WORLD…?

    • Love it! I like how it rolls off my tongue! I sound super smart with so many syllables!

  1. Arionis said:

    My son used to say Breafixt instead of Breakfast. He’s 21 now and whenever he comes to visit I always ask him if he wants some Breafixt. He doesn’t seem to share my enjoyment at those times but he still eats the Breafixt I fix.

    • Ha! I love that you keep asking him!
      My daughter used to say “mivi-van” for minivan — and “nampkim” for napkin. I love when they can’t pronounce the words properly!
      Darcy recently posted..WHAT in the WORLD…?My Profile

    • Ha! I’d love to get the two of you in conversation together – that’d be hilarious!

  2. Dana said:

    Maybe she meant toxic, as in toxic fumes!

    • YES! That’s hilarious! Maybe she was combining “toxic” and “intolerable!” So she’s actually BRILLIANT! Ha! Chip off the old block… *dusts invisible dirt off my shoulder”

  3. I had a teacher in high school like “Mr. V”–it was very unpleasant to be in the room with him. When it came time for yearbook pictures, the yearbook teacher herself had to take his picture because none of the students on the yearbook staff would come into his classroom! Someone finally got another (male) teacher to speak to him about it. That was the only year he taught at that school, by the way.
    Alison from Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Scottish Folk Music recently posted..Everything (or at least a lot of stuff) tastes better in ScotlandMy Profile

    • Oh bless his heart! Sometimes people aren’t aware of their aromatic aura…
      When Carol had to speak to her employee, she said he was stunned to learn many Americans shower every day — he kept repeating “EVERY day?” with a very confused expression!

      • Judy P said:

        In recent coworker conversation I mentioned that I only wash my hair twice a week. I get in the shower EVERY DAY and EVERY DAY I rinse it with water but I only lather it up with shampoo twice a week. If I do it more than that my scalp gets dried out and dandruffy. I kind of feel the same surprise as Carol’s employee EVERY DAY? EVERY DAY? People wash their hair EVERY DAY?

  4. Paul said:

    Ha! There’s nothing as fun as teasing a teenager.

  5. Mishee said:

    Funny mixup from my daughter who is now 23. She once accidentally combined or merged the two expressions “get someone’s goat” and “egging someone on”. The way it was being used in the situation either would have worked, but she blurted out “STOP EGGING MY GOAT” and we all nearly died laughing at her. To this day we say egging your goat or egging my goat in place of either expression. It has been an inside family joke ever since she first screamed it. So now I guess you and your readers are all on the inside. LOL Welcome to the family.

  6. Indolent Cin said:

    My daughter was about 14. She was in the car and I was pumping gas. A woman asked me directions and when I got back in the car, my daughter said, “Oh, I know where she’s from, I recognize her accent. She’s Persian.” “Persian?” says I. “Yes, you know, from Peru! One of the girls in my class is from Peru.” *facepalm* and laughter. I still tease her about it.

    She’s now 22, and recently lectured me on being a racist because I called her 17 month old son a bugaboo [definition: an (often imaginary) object of fear, anxiety, or irritation]. I pointed out that it was an entirely different word, but figure I won’t use it anymore . . . .

  7. My mother in law has some classics – an avocado is an avagadro and nonplussed becomes nonpulsed (something so confusing your heart actually stops!) lol
    Brenda recently posted..This is NOT a movie review!My Profile

  8. Bonnie McGill said:

    My young son would pull the instruction sheet out of a box of Legos and tell us to read the “Construction” sheet to him. And when you think about it he was more right than the real word.

    • Your son’s actually quite brilliant! That word makes perfect sense!!

  9. Julie said:

    I can see this exchange! Probably I have had similar ones with my daughter and everthinn.

    • Bwahahaha! “everthinn” – great callback!

  10. Annie A said:

    HA! My 3-year old says, “I’m so egg-skited!” When she is over the top “excited.”
    And my 6-year old INSISTS that you cut with zizzors, not scissors!

    • Omigosh, that’s ADORABLE! I’m going to start saying “I’m so egg-skited” now too!
      And I think your 6 year old is right abotu the zizzors – that’s way cooler than scissors!