Funny Difference between Boys & Girls – or Perhaps Personality Types?

Funniest Difference between Boys and Girls (The time those crazy dames made my son's head explode!)  #funny #boys #girls #school #humor

So then…Chloe gleefully slathers the glue all over the “roof” of the cardboard box, while her 5th grade classmate Hailey meticulously presses small stones and rocks into the glue.

The kitchen table is strewn with art materials, scissors, markers, cardboard, and enough rocks to fill a quarry.

The girls are in all their glory, painstakingly affixing the rocks one by one to cover the entire 17th century “house” for the school’s historical village project. It’s taking them hours — and they could not be happier.

Tucker, 7th grade, walks in the kitchen to grab a snack bar, sees the massive array of art materials scattered everywhere and asks, “Is that due tomorrow?”

(In Tucker’s world, one would never THINK of starting a project unless, in fact, it IS due tomorrow.) (Or sometimes even — due last week.)

Chloe, fingers dripping glue, looks up and says, “No, it’s due next month.”

Tucker’s face is perplexed. His brain is having difficulty grasping that concept.

He moves over to the table and looks closer at the stone house. He asks, “It’s for history, huh?”

Chloe places a white stone near the little chimney and says, “Yeah, it’s for extra credit.”

Now Tucker’s face depicts utter confusion.

His little brain is screaming: “What? Doing a project a month BEFORE it’s due — and you don’t even HAVE to do the project? WHAAAAAT?!?

He’s like one of those broken robots that keeps ramming its head into the wall, with arms robotically flailing, muttering, “THIS.DOES.NOT.COMPUTE. THIS.DOES.NOT.COMPUTE.”

His brain is literally about to EXPLODE.

Finally, he calms himself with the knowledge that no such absurdity would befall him.

He shakes his head at the folly of these little girls, slips a couple of the stones in his pocket unnoticed, takes a bite of the snack bar, and strolls out into his carefree life.

— Darcy Perdu

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(Is this a common difference between boys and girls? Or just the difference between personality types? Which category do your kids fall into – and do they get that from YOU?)

Illustrated for So Then Stories by Stefano Marchio

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15 replies on “Funny Difference between Boys & Girls – or Perhaps Personality Types?

  1. Jamie said:

    Must be a personality difference. I was that girl that never did anything ahead of time. Wait, what am I talking about ‘was’? I AM that girl!

    • Me too. Was, am, will be. My sister, on the other hand, was a planner…knew when projects/papers were due, and wisely spent a little time each day working. I was more of a do-my-homework-on-the-bus kind of girl. Even today (age 42) my tendency is to look at whatever I have to do (a pile of bills, the kitchen that needs to be cleaned up, etc.) and say, eh, I’ve got time, I’ll do it later. It is a habit that has NOT served me well!

  2. lol!! OMG that’s so funny! He was sooo confused! That’s exactly how I was as a kid, always ahead. Let me tell you I bump into kids who went to school with me who didn’t hesitate to tell me how annoying it was that I was always ahead of the class in reading n stuff. lol My sisters on the other hand are just like your son, it has to be due tomorrow for them to do it and it drives me nuts! :)

  3. haha, that’s awesome. I too never quite understood the appeal of extra credit (unless you really needed it)
    Alison recently posted..All about the boobiesMy Profile

  4. Oh my gosh, I just had a memory of actually doing this when I was a kid with my friend Jill. We built a Native American village from the 1700s for extra credit in 4th grade and had so much fun! I knew something felt really familiar when reading this!

    So funny how different people can be with the concept of time. I would be on the three weeks early track — my mom, on the other hand, would be waiting until the last minute, or a few days late!
    Punky Coletta recently posted..Dream Career…..My Profile

  5. See… here’s the thing.

    I grew out of the “Last-possible-minute”bahaviour, and to be honest I think I have over corrected somewhat.

    I am in real fear that should I reach what could be considered a ripe old age, I will BE the old guy who shows up to a doctor’s appointment an hour early and then bitches mercilessly should the doctor happen to be running 5 minutes late.

    I love my wife. More than someone should be able to care for another thing without exploding into a goo-ey mess.

    But there are times I want to go at her with a blunt object (not really, just building drama… more a blunt nerf-bat if it makes you feel more comfortable)

    She is the QUEEN of last minute.
    If we have to be somewhere at 7pm, and that somewhere is 30 minutes drive away from our house, she is more than comfortable leaving at 6:35 – Theory? “Oh, we’ll make the time up on the way.”

    No! No we effing won’t… what about parking, and traffic, and martian abduction.

    Doesn’t seem to bother her.

    In 17 years we have been on time for maybe 6 things.



    *eye is twitching*
    ATH Webber recently posted..The weeds of hatred: Observing the Islamic silence.My Profile

  6. My best friend is pretty good about getting someplace on time (no worse than I am at any rate!), but her four brothers all run on what she calls “Stancill Time”. The ONLY way to get them someplace on time is to tell them it starts a half an hour earlier. I’m good about projects and stuff, but even though I am *ready* to leave in plenty of time, I always seem to dash out of the house five minutes late.
    Lady Anne recently posted..I Fooled You!My Profile

  7. And so – my dad was actually late for his own funeral! The gal who drove the hearse grew up in the town where my father was buried, and figured she knew where she was going. Unfortunately, this little berg has changed a LOT since she lived here and she pulled into the wrong church. This was all pre-cell phone, so no way to find out what was wrong. I was circling the church, sitting in my pew and then going to the door and peering out. Back to my pew and then back to the door. Finally, the rector told me to go sit down. “I promise we won’t start without him.”

    It’s a good thing my dad was buried on a Thursday. The way our luck run, if the funeral was on a Saturday, they’d have ended up dragging him down the aisle behind some unsuspecting bride.
    Lady Anne recently posted..The Lost Art of Doing the LaundryMy Profile

  8. I normally do my projects a little bit at a time but there was this one project that had to be typed it was a 11 pages and a week before it was due the file crashed so i had to restart thankfully I was 11 and my mom did it over again she is awesome

  9. Frankie said:

    I’am so last minute even now. Le Sigh. I have improved somewhat but I”m such a hopeless case.

    • But you’re hopeless in French, so that’s cool! (Le Sigh)