The Big Reveal!

Hilarious book of 40 funny writers sharing laugh-out-loud stories and essays! "I Still Just Want To Pee Alone" (release date late March 2015 )

So then…New York Times Best-Selling Author Jen Mann compiles a NEW book of hilarious essays and stories from 40 fabulous writers for her newest book, I Still Just Want To Pee Alone, which cont—WAIT A MINUTE! –WHO IS THAT?



I Still Just Want to Pee Alone



That’s right!  My story’s going to be in a PUBLISHED book!

Like a hold-in-your-hands, honest-to-God, real-live book!


I know, right?


Today’s the COVER REVEAL so you can see what this little puppy looks like!

Then in late March, you’ll be able to OWN this baby!

In fact, you can own MANY of these babies!  So save your pennies, pals!

For a little taste of the hilarity and awesomeness you’ll find in the book, check out the blogs of the writers below:

Jen Mann of People I Want to Punch in the Throat

Bethany Kriger Thies of Bad Parenting Moments

Kim Bongiorno of Let Me Start By Saying

Alyson Herzig of The Shitastrophy

JD Bailey of Honest Mom

Kathryn Leehane of Foxy Wine Pocket

Suzanne Fleet of Toulouse and Tonic

Nicole Leigh Shaw of Nicole Leigh Shaw, Tyop Aretist

Meredith Spidel of The Mom of the Year

Rebecca Gallagher of Frugalista Blog

Rita Templeton of Fighting off Frumpy

Darcy Perdu of So Then Stories

Christine Burke of Keeper of The Fruit Loops

Amy Flory of Funny Is Family

Robyn Welling of Hollow Tree Ventures

Sarah del Rio of est. 1975

Amanda Mushro of Questionable Choices in Parenting

Jennifer Hicks of Real Life Parenting

Courtney Fitzgerald of Our Small Moments

Lola Lolita of Sammiches and Psych Meds

Victoria Fedden of Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds

Keesha Beckford of Mom’s New Stage

Stacia Ellermeier of Dried-on Milk

Ashley Allen of Big Top Family

Meredith Bland of Pile of Babies

Harmony Hobbs of Modern Mommy Madness

Janel Mills of 649.133: Girls, the Care and Maintenance Of

Kim Forde of The Fordeville Diaries

Stacey Gill of One Funny Motha

Beth Caldwell of The Cult of Perfect Motherhood

Sarah Cottrell of Housewife Plus

Michelle Back of Mommy Back Talk

Tracy Sano of Tracy on the Rocks

Linda Roy of elleroy was here

Michelle Poston Combs of Rubber Shoes In Hell

Susan Lee Maccarelli of Pecked To Death By Chickens

Vicki Lesage of Life, Love, and Sarcasm in Paris

Kris Amels of Why, Mommy?

Mackenzie Cheeseman of Is there cheese in it?

Tracy DeBlois of Orange & Silver

Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted as soon as the book is available — so clear a shelf — or better yet, a whole ROOM in your house — get ready, baby!

— Darcy Perdu

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16 replies on “The Big Reveal!

    • Thanks, Jan, I’m surprised and excited to be in a book!
      I’m going to insist everyone refers to me as “Darcy Perdu, PUBLISHED AUTHOR” all the time!
      Like ALL the time. “Please pass the salt, Darcy Perdu, PUBLISHED AUTHOR.”

  1. Arionis said:

    Congrats Darcy! Well deserved!

      • Arionis said:

        You’re welcome Darcy Perdu, PUBLISHED AUTHOR. :)

        • HA!! Thank you, Arionis! You’re the first to address me by my new title! I like the sound of it, baby!

  2. So very exciting!!! I am so happy for you, Darcy. I will clear off my shelves to replace everything with all of your books. But I’m not going to dust. Can’t do it.