Wild Abandon at the Mahjong/Book Club Mash-Up

‎Wild Abandon at the Book Club Mahjong Mash-Up
So then…my neighbor Denise emails me to check on available space for her mahjong (maj) game at the community center in our neighborhood.

Our center has lovely, decorated rooms with gorgeous furniture and stunning artwork — and little signs saying No Food or Drink Please.

Wild Abandon No Food or Drink

Denise’s email: Hi, hope all is good with you. I’m thinking of having our mahjong game at the community center tomorrow night in the main room. I see that the Book Club will be there too. Will you guys be in the library room?

My email: Yes, we meet in the library so you can have the big room! Enjoy!

Denise: Thanks. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.

Me: For sure — come check out our snacks and we’ll check out yours! :o)

Denise: We aren’t ALLOWED to eat in there, so we won’t have any.

Me: Are you kidding? We eat, drink, shoot up, and have wild sex on the furniture!!!

Denise: Wow. The heck with the mahjong game; we’ll come and join you!


For photos of the Rowdy Mahjong-Book Club Mash-up, click here.

(NOTE: If link does not work, it’s possible that your computer’s Debauchery Filter is set too high.)

— Darcy Perdu

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Wild Abandon at the Book Club Mahjong Mash-Up P