WHO Done It?

So then…I forage in the pantry for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up – chocolate being my addiction of choice.

I score a handful of White Chocolate-Covered Oreos and a glass of milk, then return to my home office for an afternoon of emails and conference calls.

As I pass the table, I see that someone has used the letter tiles from the Scrabble game to leave me a message next to the book I’ve been reading.

The book is “Six Suspects” by Vikas Swarup – a satirical crime novel about six people in India who are suspected of killing playboy industrialist Vikek Rai near Delhi.

Someone has arranged the Scrabble letter tiles next to the book to say: IT’S ARJEAN.

Only my son Tucker is home, so I totally crack up that he snuck in to allegedly name the guilty suspect.

He’s only 12, so I’m also impressed that he didn’t just spell out IT’S FRED or IT’S TOM. He actually leafed through the book to know that the story was set in a different country so he’d have to come up with a foreign-sounding name to be somewhat believable in his fake “outing” of the murderer.

Characters in this book have names like Eketi, Munna, Vivek, Arun Advani, and Mahatma – so Arjean could actually be a name of a character who could be the guilty suspect.

But while I’m chuckling at his clever trick, it suddenly hits me — he may have leafed through to the end of the book — and that maybe there IS a character named Arjean – and maybe he IS actually the murderer!

That little bastard.

I’m gonna frikkin’ kill him! I’ve slogged through 380 pages of this book already — and I hate finding out the ending before I reach the ending!

90 pages and 8 White Chocolate-Covered Oreos later, I reach the last page.

I can tell you this:

“Six Suspects” is an excellent book – very funny, very enjoyable, very suspenseful.

And it’s not Arjean.

And yes, I high-five my son for his clever Scrabble message.
And no, I do not tell him where the White Chocolate-Covered Oreos are hidden.

(How about you – any playful pranks from your kids? Anyone accidentally/intentionally reveal the ending of a book or movie? Share your Comments & Stories!)