What’s So Damn Funny?

What's So Damn Funny?  #award-winner #humor #hilarious #writing #blogging

So then…you ask, “What’s so damn funny?”

Apparently me! WooHoo!

I just won 1st Place in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists competition for the Category: Online, Blog & Multimedia Columns (under 100K monthly visitors)!

I’m so excited! Congrats to the other winners too!

Judge Mae Israel, veteran journalist who worked at The Washington Post for nearly 20 years said this about my writing:

“Darcy Perdu writes with wit and clear-eyed energy, with just the right pace and rhythm, eliciting hearty chuckles and nods of solidarity with her tales about raising children and family life. She packages her columns under the label “So Then…Stories,” and plunges lightheartedly into crisp storytelling like a friendly next door neighbor who stops you at the mailbox and lassos you with such engaging language and good humor that you look forward to the next day’s adventure.”

WOW!  Thank you, Mae Israel!  I’m literally blushing!

Can you believe it? I’ve entered 3 writing competitions since I started blogging 18 months ago – and I’ve won awards in all 3 of them! Humor BlogHer VOTY 2013, Humor BlogHer VOTY 2014, and now the National Society of Newspaper Columnists for Blog Category!

3 for 3!

With that winning streak, I feel like I’ll win EVERY contest I EVER enter for the REST OF MY LIFE!

(And I ALSO feel like I should NEVER enter another competition AS LONG AS I LIVE, so that I can maintain my 100% record!) Ha!

And I know what you’re thinking: “Darcy, honey, three humor awards? It’s time to quit your corporate job and write full-time! Focus on your hilarious blog stories, finish writing that uproarious murder mystery, polish up those funny sitcom pilots, pitch those freelance articles, and write the treatment for that kick-ass comedic travel TV series!”

OH.MY.GOD. That’s exactly what I was thinking too!

And if you’re ALSO thinking: “Darcy, honey, I believe in your writing talent SO much, I’ll happily send you enough money to pay all your bills while you’re pursuing your dream” – well, then, I WILL quit my corporate job and write full-time!

And I’ll be so grateful, I’ll have crazy-hot-sexy-time with you! (or just send you a thank you card, whichever you prefer)

But if you don’t have the financial net worth for that kind of patronage:


There is STILL something you can do to support this worthy cause!

1) Rack your BEAUTIFUL BRAIN to think of any connections you might have in the publishing or entertainment world. Tell ‘em I’m frikkin’ hilarious and link ’em to So Then Stories!

Think hard – is your cousin’s barber’s mechanic’s parole officer’s fiancée a newpaper editor? Literary agent? TV producer? Screenwriter? Magazine editor? Book publisher? Network exec?

If so, let ‘em know that the (cough cough) award-winning humor writer Darcy Perdu is available for hire!   (darcy@sothenstories.com)

2) Press your FABULOUS FINGER on the Share buttons below my humor posts! The more you share my funny stories on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, the more laugh-loving readers will find my blog, increase my traffic, and capture the attention of publishers and agents who like to see a large following when they choose writers.

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I wish I could have flown to Washington DC last week to accept the NSNC award and party with all those cool columnists, but my day job required me to – you know – work, so that I could afford to pay for – you know – food. (Damn that pesky food addiction of mine!)

For the NSNC Competition, each entrant had to submit 3 posts representative of our writing style. These are the 3 that I submitted, so please click the picture below if you haven’t read that one yet!

And THANK YOU for reading So Then Stories! I LOVE reading your COMMENTS!

Love & kisses, The (cough cough) award-winning Darcy Perdu

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I Won A FREAKING Award, Ya’ll!

I Won An Award
So then…I scream, “HOT DAMN & HALLELUJAH!  I WON!  I WON!”

I dance a little jig — my goofy grin beaming.

I am so excited!  Blogher just announced the Voices of the Year winners for the upcoming Blogher Conference in Chicago!

My mind’s ablaze with this fantastic news – and yet, my Rationale Self can’t help but add some much-needed perspective…

Me:  I won, I won!  I am aaaaaawesome!

Rational Self (RS):  Fantastic!  What did you win?

Me:  I dunno – “Funniest Writer in the World” or something like that!  Blogher chose ME!

RS:  Well, read the article.

Me: Oh, OK, there were 2,600 submissions and Blogher chose 100 Voices of the Year – including me!  WooHoo!  I’m the 4th Best Humor Writer on the Internet!

RS:  4th Best Humor Writer – are you sure?

Me: Yeah, see right here – Darcy Perdu is the 4th name on the Humor list!

RS:  Is it possible the names are listed in alphabetical order?

Me:  Oh.

RS:  Hmm.

Me: Well, maybe that is a COINCIDENCE!  Maybe everyone’s rank happens to COINCIDE with the first letter of their na—

RS: Darcy…

Me: OK, OK, but STILL!  I am on the list of the 25 Humor Voices!  This is amazing!  I’m gonna write a speech and—

RS:  Are you sure there’s a speech?

Me:  Yes, see, the article says the speeches will be given by, given by…oh.  OK, well they chose 3 people for speeches in each category, but not me.  Hmm.  OK, but I’m happy for them.

RS:  Really?

Me:  Yes, of course, I’m happy for them – in a totally jealous, but reluctantly respectful, way because I just read their damn posts and they are damn hilarious!

RS:  They are very funny.

Me:  Yeah, and it says here I get to go up on stage with the other winners and take a bow and get my picture taken and receive a gold-plated Rolls Royce!

RS:  Really?

Me:  Well, I don’t know about the last part, but I get to go on staaaaaaaaage!  I am trying on outfits RIGHT NOW!

RS:  The conference isn’t for 3 weeks.  Don’t be psycho.

Me: OK, but in my HEAD, I am trying on outfits – and I – look – FABULOUS!

RS:   Great.

Me:  And they list the websites of the other 24 bloggers in the Humor category, so I can email ALL of them – and we will become besties – and hang out at the whole conference together!!  Maybe I can sew us some sashes that say Humor VOTY – or hot glue some rhinestones on matching tiaras – OMIGOD, I CANNOT WAIT!  I am too excited!  We can conspire together to create some crazy skits when we’re on stage like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy do at the Emmys & Golden Globes!   Omigod, I should totally contact Tina and Amy and Melissa.  And Mindy Kaling and Jenny Lawson and David Sedaris.  They are so gonna wanna know about my award!!  Where is the IMBD.com of the writing world?!  I need their contact info STAT!!

RS:  (puts head down on desk and sighs)

— Darcy Perdu

Check out the other incredible bloggers in the Humor Category for Voices of the Year 2013.  They are so fun and funny (and my soon-to-be besties!)

In the Humor category:

Lisa Carpenter from Grandma’s Briefs receives the People’s Choice Award for Humor for The Grandma in a Box, and the readers for Humor will be:

And check out the other 75 amazing Voices of the Year in the categories of Heart, Inspiration, and Op Ed at http://www.blogher.com/announcing-voices-year-13-community-keynote-honorees-and-readers.

Thank you, Blogher, for this awesome honor!  I am so excited!  And thank you, everyone who has been reading my blog – you are rockstars!

Darcy Perdu

(Send me decoration ideas for sashes and tiaras for the Humor VOTY gang!  And tell all your friends you are now reading an AWARD-WINNING BLOG!  Woot!  Woot!  Share your Comments!) 
I Won a FREAKING Award, Ya'll