Sometimes, Only My Kids Really “Get” Me

Sometimes Only My Kids Get Me FINAL
So then…we cozy up to the teppanyaki table to celebrate Chloe’s 16th birthday — for our family dinner with her brother Tucker (18), her dad David, and me.

And since these Japanese restaurants pair you with other diners at the communal tables, we squeeze in next to a family of four also celebrating a birthday.

We quickly make friends with them, of course – ‘cause we’re charming like that.

Our tableside chef is slicing and dicing veggies – while shrimp, beef, chicken and fried rice are sizzling all across the hot grill – creating the most tantalizing aromas!

It’s such an impressive array of colors and scents, I say, “I wish I had one of these teppanyaki tables in my kitchen!  It’d be so cool to chop and grill all these delicious foods at home!”

My family members raise skeptical eyebrows.

“Mom, you’re not exactly known for your cooking,” says Chloe.

(She’s right.)

“Well, maybe I could get a job here – and they’d train me how to cook like this!” I say.

“I’m not sure you can be trusted with all those sharp knives, Mom,” says Tucker.  “You’d probably cut your hand off!”

We all laugh.

I say, “Yeah, but if I could still cook after something like that—”

My son brightens and says, “Hey, yeah, that could be what you’re known for—”

“Exactly,” I say.  “That could be my hook!”


Then we suddenly realize my unintended pun – “that could be my hook” – like my claim to fameand like my missing hand would be an actual hook


David and the other family just stare us.

Which makes us laugh MORE.


“That could be my hook.”

“My HOOK!”  Bwahahaha!

Oh my God.

We’re snickering over that for hours.

Much to the dismay of everyone around us.

Sigh.  Sometimes only my kids get me.

— Darcy Perdu

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13 replies on “Sometimes, Only My Kids Really “Get” Me

  1. Ha! I know what you mean. When the receptionist at the dentist office announced that a cab was waiting for Eunice Ickle, my fourteen year old son and I burst out laughing and everyone just stared at us too, which made us go into convulsions.

  2. Dana said:

    And when you’d go golfing, you’d always slice. And you’d direct a movie, just so you could yell cut. And you’d have a pork chop for dinner. These aren’t that great, but I had to take a stab at it! :)

    • AinOakPark said:

      OMG! Best comment here!

  3. I am WAY too introverted to be comfortable at a communal table. I generally avoid teppanyaki places for that reason alone.

    I would definitely want one in my house, though.
    Cassandra recently posted..Dante’s Phone TreeMy Profile

  4. Paul said:

    Ha! Shared humor is the best.

  5. AinOakPark said:

    Well, in my case, only one of my kids get me. We were in a restaurant, and I can’t remember what the bus boy did, but I leaned over and whispered to my daughter, “Say hel-lo to my li’l’ frien’.” (Al Pacino in Scarface) and we both laughed so hard I thought tears would run down our legs. We can see something and look at each other and start laughing. Everyone else in the family stares at us, “Wha’?” We used to explain, but they never got it. We stopped trying.

  6. Lizzy said:

    If I’d been there I would have laughed too. Pretty sure my husband would have at least smirked.

    But then I remember b.c. (before children) when my husband and I went out to go see The Prince and Me. It was fairly new out and the theater was fairly packed. And then all through the movie we were laughing at all the jokes, while no one else in the audience did. It was weird. He and I walked out saying it was a great comedy while others seemed confused and saying “I thought it was a drama. I don’t get it.” We still laugh anytime we see it on sale somewhere.

  7. Arionis said:

    Your kids and many people here. :)