Seriously — WORST Carpool Ever!

WORST Carpool EVER!  #funny #parents #carpool #school #kids #humor

So then…the mom on the phone says that she saw our name on the “Interested in Carpooling List” for the middle school.

“Yes,” I confirm. “We’d love to carpool, but our 7th grade son needs to be at school an hour early every day because he’s in Concert Band.”

“Great,” she says. “Our son’s ALSO in 7th grade and ALSO in Concert Band, so he has to be there at 7:00 each morning, just like your son.”


“That’s terrific!” I say.

(I’m so excited! The middle school is a half hour drive from our home, so it will be awesome to take turns enduring the one-hour roundtrip drive with another mom whose child has the same schedule as ours.)

Then she says, “I should tell you though, that we have three other children that we need to drive to their schools so we can’t actually drive to our son’s school.”


“Yeah, we can drop our son off at your house so you can drive him and your son to school by 7:00 am, but we won’t be able to take turns driving to the school itself.” She laughs a little. “So I guess it’s not really much of a ‘carpool’ situation, is it?”

(Um, no. I’d have to agree. That’s not much of a “carpool” situation – that’s more of a “chauffeur” situation.)

So basically she’s calling to ask if we can drive her son to school every day!

And because I’m a sap — and I feel sorry for her that she has so many other kids to drive to school — and I’m hoping maybe her son and my son can enjoy bonding time and become friendly on the drive each day – and I figure it’s good for the environment — I say yes.

I consider wearing a little chauffeur’s cap, opening the door for her son, and greeting him each day with “Mornin’, Guvnor, where to?

But instead I delegate the driving to David so he can enjoy “father&son&son’s-bandmate bonding time” on that drive to school each day.


— Darcy Perdu

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Original Illustration by Mary Chowdhury for So Then Stories

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8 replies on “Seriously — WORST Carpool Ever!

  1. Sylvia said:

    I am constantly amazed at the nerve of people to even ask things such as you described. I find that often it’s the most narcissistic of the bunch. I once hired a babysitter and then another mother asked her if she was available. My sitter told her that she was already taking care of my child, so the other Mom told her that she would bring her child over to my house for the sitter to also watch….. in the same conversation…. So my sitter (who was/is fabulous and has manners and class) called me to ask if that would be appropriate… I handled it from there… let’s just say the Mom and I understand each other that it’s not OK to bully teens and make assumptions without even asking… What’s wrong with people?!

  2. Princess P said:

    You know….I have learned that it never hurts to ask for what you want. The worst that can happen is they say no. I would be annoyed if I was asked — and I would say “fuck no” because that is how I roll — but I don’t blame the person for asking. People should learn not to be saps and agree to something they really don’t want to do.

  3. spiffi said:

    Ahhh carpools.

    When I was in Brownies (Canadian Girl Scouts, ages 7-10 or so) one of the girls in my group was a girl from my class at school and lived near us. ONE night my mom wasn’t able to pick me up, and asked the other mom if it would be possible for her to give me a ride home that night. She agreed, but for the next SEVEN years, at least once a year, she would call my mom and ask if my mom could drive her daughter somewhere or pick her up – making sure to REMIND my mom that “we owed her” for that time she picked me up….

    My mom reckoned that she paid that ride back tenfold, and made *darned* sure to find someone else to drive me home when needed.

  4. Darcy, I had a terrible chauffeur situation. I was a single Mom taking three children to school and then myself right across town. The pre-school teacher asked me if I could give a child a lift because his parents did not have a car. Seeing it was on my way, I agreed. After a few months of taking this child back and forth without as much as a thank you from his parents, my car broke down outside their house. When I asked for assistance, they told me to “Call my hubby.” When I said I did not have a husband, they stared at me blankly. My children had to sit alone in the car while I walked to look for assistance. Needless to say, their child never got another lift.
    Vivian recently posted..I am going to be replaced for Mars, OH WELLMy Profile

    • Oh yes — yes, I did. David did the hour-long round-trip to school each morning that year. But I will say that the mother of the boy we chauffeured DID give us a lovely Gingerbread House for Christmas that year.

  5. Judy said:

    What ever happened to taking the bus? I know school buses still exist as I see them but I also know from passing a grade school in the morning that it seems most kids are chauffeured. I always took the bus, which beat walking and fighting off dinosaurs like my dad says he did. And of course, his commute was uphill both ways.