Seriously, Have You MET Me?

So then…I open an email from one of my older relatives, a sweet Southern woman, who is sharing a video clip with her friends and family.

The video shows that if you boil a large pot of potatoes, and fill the pot with ice, then their skins will peel off almost effortlessly.

It’s sweet of her to share this info — and I imagine that she and her Southern friends are often faced with the challenge of efficiently peeling multitudes of potatoes for their potato salads and mashed potatoes and such.

But when she sends things like this to me, (who is challenged in ALL things cooking-related), I wonder, “Has she met me? Doesn’t she know that PF Chang’s never asks me to peel potatoes when I pick up dinner?”

— Darcy Perdu

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(Do you have well-meaning relatives too? Are you a Whiz in the kitchen — or a Genius at take-out? Or a Fabulous Restaurant Patron? Share some Comments or Tips!)

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26 replies on “Seriously, Have You MET Me?

  1. Lady Anne said:

    Well, for what it’s worth, I’ve never had any luck with that method of peeling potatoes. About half the potato sticks to the inside of the peel, so you have very little food left when you get finished.

    My husband is the easiest man in the world to feed! (It took me seven years to get my first husband to try tuna-noodle casserole – and he still died a natural death.) He likes to try new things, and both of us really enjoy cooking. A friend once said that watching us in the kitchen was like watching a dance. We just seem to know where the other person is headed, and what they are going to do next.

    • So nice you have a dance partner in the kitchen, instead of the usual scenario which is an “audience member” sitting on their duff while the other person tap dances like crazy in the kitchen! Hence the popular take-out and dine-out! :o)

  2. I can relate. I am the original undomesticated goddess, which became real obvious to my husband when my sister came to visit recently to help me convalesce.

    • hope you’re completely convalesced now and back to fine form ordering in and taking out!! :o)

    • unless they bring fixin’s for s’mores! :o)

  3. Eileen said:

    So true ! Facebook is filled with these things. Mini lasagna cups, flourless cookies, meatloaf on a stick (ok, that one I made up), but still. If I throw some BBQ sauce or poppyseed salad dressing on a chicken breast and bake it for 30 minutes, I consider it job well done. Can I get a TeeShirt and Tote bag now ? Please ?

    • Ha! Meatloaf on a stick? You just invented a great idea! I can see kiosks popping up in malls across America: “Eileen’s Meatloaf on a Stick!”

      As for your “throwing sauce on a chicken breast” comment, it reminds me of the time I covered raw chicken breasts with BBQ sauce then put them in the oven to bake. I thought that was a brilliant idea to serve my dinner guests, but the chicken turned out pink (PINK, I tell you!) and everyone avoided them like the plague. Sigh.

      As for the So Then Stories tote bag — you bet! Email me your address to You might be eligible for a shirt too, depending where you live!

      • Eileen said:

        Excellent ! I’ll email you my addy, if I get a shirt I promise to wear it to roller derby practice and send in a pic.

    • maybe PF Changs will open a location near you soon! LOVE them!

    • I can’t cook either — but I can BAKE! Much more rewarding!

  4. I don’t cook. For two reasons – one, I don’t have the time. Two – I don’t have the inclination. Nor do I want to have. I am quite happy for hubby to do the cooking. However, on Friday, I decided I was going to make Butternut Soup. It was delicious and I was wondering if there wasn’t any hidden talents somewhere… Who knows…

    • You’re so lucky to have a cooking hubby! Keep your hidden talents hidden! Let him do the work! :o)

  5. Bwahahahahahahahaha. O..M..Geeeee! I like your style, Darcy. My MIL tried to teach me how to make her homemade potato salad once. I am never, EVER making potato salad. EVER. Everyone in the world is happy about this, including and especially me!!

    • Ha! Agreed! I have a drawer full of amazing recipes from well-meaning relatives — and I remind them to MAKE those dishes whenever I visit THEIR houses!

    • you crack me up! we’re part Irish too! but I’m better at EATING them taters than COOKING them taters!

  6. Frankie said:

    UGH. Has anyone seen the how to fold a fitted sheet video?! I swear I’m such a goober that I still can’t figure it out. I’m gonna try the Martha Stewart’s version. She makes it seem like it’s the easiest thing in the world. But guess what, I’m flipping the end and its still a lump of fabric. Well played old lady well played. Here is the one I’m talking about:

    • At first I thought you were referring to a joke video about how to fold a fitted sheet — but that lady is totally serious — and I’ll admit I was totally mesmerized with how EASY she made it look! Definitely trying her method next time!