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Blog U 430
So then…I see another posting about another blogger friend going to the Blog U conference this June – and I snap!

I just can’t take it anymore! Everyone’s going to have so much fun without me!

So…I register!

I was on the fence so long about whether or not I should attend since it’s across the country.

Then I saw the faculty of Blog U, which is literally rife with many of my favorite writers.

And the attendee list is chock full of my blogger pals from cyber space.

And sites I’d love to write for (HuffPost and NickMom) are sponsors.

And the schedule is jam-packed with great sessions.

And Saturday night is a RETRO PROM!

How could I resist?!

I’m so excited to join the cool kids at Blog U for an awesome weekend of laughing, learning, and liberal libations!

There’s still time to register by May 15, bloggers — so take the plunge and join us!

— Darcy Perdu

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6 replies on “Retro Prom & Cutting-Edge Writers

  1. Okay… so I always kind of envision these blogger conferences to be a bunch of introverts not knowing what to say or how to interact with people now that they’re not behind their laptops.

    Or maybe I really envision a bunch of really cool people becoming besties forevs and *I* am the weird introvert going “Er, derp.” Yeah. That’s it. Le sigh.

    Enjoy it for me :)

    • Ha! Based on your blog stories, you’d be the life of the party, regaling us with your latest exploits! Lots of fun cool people at these conferences — join us!