Overheard in the Oscars Loser Lounge

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— Darcy Perdu      (SoThenStories.com)

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(What else do you think the Oscar “Losers” were spouting after the Academy Awards? Did your favorites win? Who wore the best gown — and the best aftermarket face parts?)

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43 replies on “Overheard in the Oscars Loser Lounge

  1. Rachel said:

    Nailed it! So funny!!

  2. Paul said:

    Your backstage photography is exemplary Darcy! It is nice to see some attention given to the Losers. Misery loves company.

    • ha! yep, I’m pretty handy with my stealth backstage camera!

  3. Arionis said:

    Hilarious! Did you stay up all night doing that?

  4. So….I guess you watched the Oscars last night? :)
    Very funny, Darcy! I was super happy Jared Leto won, and (even tho he’s not my favorite but he’s winning me over with some amazing performances lately) I was happy to see Matthew Mcaunahay (or however the hell he spells it) win. There were some amazing speeches, too.

    • Pretty amazing that bland pretty-boy rom-com star Mcaunahay-hay-allrightallrightallright has morphed into an “AC-TOR!” He done good!

    • I agree – It was a fun night! Loved when Ellen came out in her Good Witch costume!

  5. Lol I felt the female category for leading role was jipped. I think Ellen had parts where she was entertaining but there was too much everyone else, I just wanted to Ellen to do more standup like she did in the opening of the ceremony. Super entertaining! :D Have a great one Darcy! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted..A New York City QuickieMy Profile

    • Her standup is great — would have liked more of that too!

    • Ha! I was actually thinking of posting a movie screen shot of coked-out Leo with hookers with him saying “Huh? What award?”

  6. Stellar. Did you stay up all night doing this? Hilarious. You win the “best things overheard in the Oscars Loser Lounge.” My particular fave? “Can I keep the teeth?”
    Kelly McKenzie recently posted..March Madness 2014My Profile

    • Ha! Those teeth of his slayed me in the movie!

  7. This is hilarious! It must have taken a lot of time, but you must know how to fold it or wrinkle it or bunch it together. Anyway, fantastic!

    I heard Harrison Ford dripped pizza down the front of his shirt. Mistakes were made…

    • I was so surprised any of those celebrities who nipped, tucked, and starved themselves to fit into their Oscar outfits would even dream of eating pizza at the ceremony, for fear something would POP! Ha! Good for Harrison Ford for taking the plunge!

  8. Loved this! Such a clever idea and so well done. However, I disagree with you on Jared Leto’s cleavage being better than Amy Adams. He looks much better as a guy, although he does make an attractive woman…
    Lisa Newlin recently posted..The different types of neighborsMy Profile

    • Jared does look better as a guy! Albeit a slightly feminine guy — but still, damn sexy!

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  10. I don’t really watch movies and I certainly don’t watch the Oscars, so I don’t get much of this other than Matthew M won something? He’s fucking hoooorible?!! What did he do? He’s the Nicolas Cage of actors who aren’t Nicolas Cage! I can’t even type anymore. Okay, bye Darcy.

    • you’re hilarious! I love that line — “he’s the Nicolas Cage of actors who aren’t Nicolas Cage” ha!!

  11. Hahaha I think the “you shut yo mouth” discrimination one is my favorite!

    • thanks — and so funny that Amy and Jared are wearing strikingly similar tops!

  12. This was so awesome Darcy and I know you spent a lot of time on it from my own experience doing these. You knocked this one out of the park! I’m so glad for “12 Years A Slave” too :)

  13. Poor Leo. The man never wins. But he is a millionaire. Never mind. I don’t feel as bad for him now.

    • Maybe he’ll follow the “Susan Lucci Award-Winning Model” — the 19th time’s the charm!
      Meanwhile he’ll have to make do with the millions and the supermodels…