So then…I figure I’d best share some o’ my Memes so you can see some of the funny stuff goin’ on over on my So Then Stories Facebook page (which you should totally follow!)

Tools Used When My Teen & I Disagree

You know that funny character in the movie...?


Wait - I'm in the Russian Bride Club?


For a Healthy (or FUN) Halloween...?


Parenting for the WIN!


Oh your belly can only support a ring?


Wanna make your son speechless?

And as you know — there’s a CAKE for that!

— Darcy Perdu

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6 replies on “Oh, SOMEONE’S bein’ SASSY!

    • AinOakPark said:

      Especially a boy. A girl would bake a cake. Ask her. She knows!

  1. jenny_o said:

    Wikipedia is not trustworthy???

    These are hilarious! Please pass the cake AND the Hallowe’en candy.

  2. So then.. you can’t almost win. Your teen got a lot of ammo.

    The last one does make me.. speechless.