Madcapping Adventure

Madcapping Adventure
So then…I fake a ghastly gastro-intestinal malady to exit work early, grab a cab to my apartment, and throw together a couple ensembles appropriate for the flash and dazzle of Vegas. Hey, why spend a lonesome weekend in my New York apartment when I can surprise my boyfriend on his business trip at a big casino hotel?

I board the flight with much excitement. Here I am, madcap gal, flitting cross-country for the weekend! I am spontaneous! I am wild! I am…actually…exhausted. How long is this flight? Finally, I land in Sin City, ready to Sin. In the lobby, I call my boyfriend’s hotel room but no one answers. Hmm. Perhaps surprising him was not such a good idea after all. I call again. Still no answer. I had not planned on this.

Plan? Plan? Madcap gals do not plan!

So I charge over to the registration desk and request a key for my “husband’s” room, certain he’d be pleased with the instant promotion. And wonder of wonders, the clerk gives it to me! I’m amazed he does not require documentation of some kind before so blithely passing over a hotel key! But hey, this is Vegas.

I zip down the hall, eager to freshen up before searching for my soon-to-be-surprised paramour. But as I approach the door to his room, I hear voices. My key poised just above the lock, I pause. There is only one reason you do not answer your hotel room phone when you are in your hotel room.

Oh…my…God. He’s in there with some blonde blackjack dealer. He is having sex. He is…shooting guns. Shooting guns? Wait. Car crash. Sirens. Oh, thank God. It’s the TV! He left the TV on! I quickly enter the empty room. What was I thinking? He would never shoot guns while having sex.

So I look in the mirror, as I am wont to do occasionally, OK, frequently, OK, obsessively. And I notice that the cross-country trip and near brush with infidelity have taken a toll. If I hurry, I can shower and change before my boyfriend returns to his room. Then I can surprise him in clean and glowing splendor.

I strip, rush into the bathroom, slide open the glass shower door, and — CRASH! It smashes into a million shards of glass. Good grief! I didn’t slam it! Now what? I survey the pile of jagged glass. My boyfriend could return to his room at any minute. I can either notify the front desk…or I can succumb to vanity and take a shower anyway.

Cut to: Me showering, gingerly tiptoeing on bath towels covering the broken glass.

Hair dryer. Curling iron. Make-up. Gold-spangled mini dress. I lift the towels to survey the damage, nicking my finger in the process. Damn. Blood on the bath rug, the mini dress, and the curling iron.

OK, now how do I deal with the fact that I broke the hotel’s shower door – AND I’m not even supposed to be in his room in the first place? How much do shower doors cost anyway?

Not feeling so madcap now. Descending in elevator. Descending in mood.

BRAINSTORM! I march over to the front desk and demand the front desk manager’s attention post-haste. “I almost killed myself in your shower!” I exclaim. “Your door shattered into a million pieces and look – the glass slashed my finger!” I thrust my nicked finger in his face, wincing with pain, while still maintaining my accusatory glare. “My husband is NOT going to be happy when he hears about this!”

Cut to: Me, supervising the bellmen packing and moving all my boyfriend’s belongings to our new (and complimentary) hotel suite.

I am ecstatic. I nibble a strawberry from the complimentary fruit basket and sip the complimentary champagne as I lounge on the sumptuous king-size bed, wearing my most revealing nightie, waiting for my honey to enter and enjoy the benefits of my clever madcapping.

Regrettably, he is downstairs in his old room, frantically reporting to hotel security, “I’ve been robbed! And look in the bathroom: Glass everywhere! Blood! I think someone’s been stabbed!”

— Darcy Perdu

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9 replies on “Madcapping Adventure

  1. Steve J. said:

    Ah c’mon! I was expecting either the boyfriend coming back to the room with the black jack girl — or at least getting to read your steamy sex scenario!

  2. leah g said:

    I tried to surprise my dad by flying home for thanksgiving when I was in grad school. He ended up in ICU with a ruptured appendix and renal failure. I am sure it was just happenstance but my superstitious side keeps me from trying any more surprises.

  3. This story is hilarious and rather unexpected. And it totally reminds me of the time that I went on a work trip with my husband before we were married, and he left me in the hotel all day and specifically told me that I wasn’t allowed to order room service or order a movie. He walked in WAY EARLY from work to find me eating room service banana bread in BED and watching a movie I had ordered. Oh – and I had made a list of all the reasons why we should break up – Numbers 1 and 2 being that I was eating room service and watching a movie.

  4. Paul said:

    That’s hilarious – I can just picture you laid back sipping champagne and proud in your new, free room while your boyfriend is reporting that his room has been robbed – and with blood and broken glass. Amazing how much chaos one woman can create.

    In my early years, I owned a highway tractor and leased a temperature controlled trailer to haul frozen fish from eastern Canada to anywhere in the continental U.S., and usually produce back. I met and fell in love with Shelly, a young American woman who was studying in Burlington Vermont.

    So, one Labor Day weekend, I left my loaded trailer at National Sea’s yard in Portsmouth, having gotten their permission, and off I went bobtailing (tractor only, no trailer) to see my honey. I spent a very enjoyable few days and returned to Portsmouth on Monday afternoon to get my trailer.

    As I pulled onto Highliner Drive to enter the parking lot, I could see my trailer parked at the far edge of the huge lot and all around it was a sea of brand new pavement, still steaming. There was a whole paving crew parked on the road, just finishing the last bit of the entrance driveway. My tractor was white with a red and blue stripe angling down the side, and the trailer had the same color scheme. The foreman looked at me approaching, turned and looked at the trailer sitting deep in his newly paved lot, looked back at me, covered his face with his hands and hung his head. I pulled up beside him and he said: “Please tell me that is not your trailer.” Me: “Yeah, I’m afraid it is.” Foreman: “But you don’t need it today, do you?” Me: “Yeah, I do.” Foreman; “But it’s empty, right?” Me: “Sorry, it’s loaded for New York and has to be delivered in the morning.” Foreman: “Oh God. Can you please drive softly when you bring it out?”

    See how much trouble a woman can cause? Ruts across a brand new parking lot.

    • Hahahahaha! That’s AWESOME! All in the name of love!
      But we women are worth it!
      cough cough ahem I hope so, anyway! :o)

  5. You are spontaneous far beyond my capabilities. I bow down!! (or maybe it’s not bowing down so much as doubled over with laughter at the fact that you did all of this and he thought he was robbed…and perhaps his room was used in a vicious murder.) Bwahahahahahahaha!!! –Lisa

    • he WAS a bit surprised! so — mission accomplished! :o)