It’s My Blog Birthday and I’m Giving Away $400 in Gift Cards!

It's My Birthday Mary 10.23.13
So then…I find out that on your blog’s 1st birthday, custom dictates you’re supposed to GIVE gifts – instead of RECEIVE gifts!


That’s crazy! But — always one to succumb to peer pressure (yes, I’m talkin’ to you, fanny packs, scrunchies, scarves for no reason, Zumba, and tequila shots!)

I decide that I, too, will give away gifts to mark my first year anniversary of the So Then Stories blog! So I’m giving away 12 gifts, totaling $400 in GIFT CARDS! Woot! Woot!

It's My Birthday Gift Cards
BUT FIRST…let’s briefly recap the highlights of the first year:

I LOVE writing quick funny true stories about embarrassing kids, vexing spouses, wacky co-workers, and the ever-perplexing public – and ESPECIALLY love revealing my own hilarious humiliations and bodacious blunders.

I LIVE for your comments! I’m especially giddy when you’ve written things like “I’m crying with laughter” – “hilarious!” – “you make me laugh daily” – “I love your blog!” – “I laughed so hard, I just spit YooHoo all over my keyboard!”

I LEARN from the most amazing writers online and in Facebook blogger groups. It’s the most supportive, helpful, generous, laugh-out-loud funny community ever! We may not be friends IRL, but we’re definitely friends in the Blogosphere – I would totally hold your hair back while you puke up those tequila shots.

I LAUGH! Your Comments totally crack me up! At the end of each story I post, I ask readers to share similar funny experiences – and you have done so in SPECTACULAR fashion! One day, I hope to compile my most popular stories in a book — and I hope you’ll let me share your funniest comments too. They’re hilarious!

I LEAP onto computer screens and phones with my hopefully entertaining stories – and within 1 year, I’m proud to say my little blog now averages over 34,000 page views per month, over 11,000 unique monthly visitors, 1190 Twitter followers, and 1178 Facebook followers. I even won a HUMOR AWARD (VOTY 2013) this summer in Chicago at the BlogHer conference attended by 5,000 bloggers! I’ve posted 110 true stories on the blog which has had 65,691 unique visitors and 239,026 page views so far. Lots of blogs have higher readership than mine, of course — but I’m proud of my stats in the first year and hope to grow even more!

I LAUNCH a new program today in case anyone would like to advertise on my site! (I hear you should “monetize” your blog – and I keep pressing the “$” key on my computer but NO MONEY IS SHOOTING OUT! WHERE IS THE MONEY?) So someone suggested I offer ad space to companies, other bloggers, Etsy shops, and of course, German Dungeon Porn producers. So click on the link below for a quick and easy way to upload your ad so you can reach my super cool readers (and I can make a few buckaroos!)
Click to Advertise


Drum roll, please! To celebrate my One Year Blog Birthday,
I’m giving away $400!!!

It's My Birthday Gift Cards

One $100 American Express Gift Card
Two $50 Target Gift Cards
Four $25 Amazon Gift Cards
Five $20 Target Gift Cards

That’s 12 Gifts for the First 12 Months of My Blog!

I hope you’re one of the 12 Lucky Winners!

Simply leave a comment on this post before
Friday, November 8, at 2:00 pm EST.

Then my kids Tucker and Chloe will blindly pick 12 random numbers – and those commenters will receive an email asking for your address so we can mail your gift card!

It’s NOT a requirement to subscribe via EMAIL to my So Then Stories website to enter the drawing – but it would make me feel all tingly inside if you did! Please consider it!

Subscribe by Email 80


For my birthday, I want to DOUBLE my readership!
And YOU can make that happen!

You already know and love So Then Stories.
So please tell 3 pals about it!

Why 3 pals?
Because some of YOU won’t follow through –
since you’re too busy renovating your meth labs or hoarding animals.

And some of your FRIENDS won’t follow through –
since they’re too busy writing prison pen pals and entering drag queen beauty pageants.

If MOST of you refer So Then Stories to 3 pals –
and MOST of those pals start reading my blog –
I will DOUBLE my readership!



Dear Fun-Loving Friends:
You’ll die laughing at the inappropriately hilarious true stories of Darcy Perdu at

Are these stories “Safe For Work?” Hell yeah! (If you work at a STRIP CLUB!)

For a gut-busting sampling, check out:

Darcy’s snarky commentary on Body Painting Gone Wrong that’s already been shared 571 times on Facebook!

YIKES! Just Found a Weed in my LADY GARDEN!
Darcy gets VERY creative when she finds a grey “weed” in her pelvicular region – which then inspires the HooHa Awards – so claim your prize!

My Secret Accomplishment (Photograph-Forbidden)
The subject matter of this post is highly unusual – but absolutely HYSTERICAL!

After reading these 3, you’ll be hooked, so be sure to subscribe to her site for more funny true stories!
Your friend, _______________


Dear Fellow Moms:
Between the chaos, calamity, and comedy of parenting, if you’d enjoy a brief break for some funny true stories straight from the battlefield – check out Darcy Perdu’s website!

You’ll laugh at these brief glimpses at embarrassing kids, vexing spouses, and her own bodacious blunders. A few quick examples include:

Telling His Teacher a Big Fat Juicy LIE!
Darcy’s mortified & funny response to the teacher who reports a flat out lie from Darcy’s son:

Who’s Calling the Shots Here?
Darcy’s priceless reaction when a couple tries to claim their toddler made some very important decisions ON HIS OWN.

One Thing Disneyland INSISTS You Do NOT Bring to Their Park
Darcy finds out the ONE HILARIOUS thing that Disneyland insists you do NOT bring to their park!

So when your kids are napping – or at school – or terrorizing the house while you’re taking a well-deserved “time-out” hiding in the pantry with the Oreos, check out the latest true tales at – and share some of your own!
Your friend, __________________


Dear Short-Attention Span Friends:
You’re always on the go, so you’ll appreciate these super short funny stories from Darcy Perdu.

At less than 500 words each, they still pack plenty of laughs:

No, Really, Do NOT Put That in Your Mouth
Darcy’s shocked by a bizarre move made by the exterminator:

Turns Out — I AM a Random Roving Psychic!
Darcy discovers she IS psychic, much to the chagrin of unsuspecting strangers:

That’s Not a Threat; That’s a Vow
Fueled by perverse rivalry, Darcy surprises the whole wedding congregation:

Quick. Funny. You’ll love ‘em!
Your friend, _________________



— Darcy Perdu

It's My Birthday P

If you smiled -- share it!
If you LAUGHED -- share it TWICE!

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215 replies on “It’s My Blog Birthday and I’m Giving Away $400 in Gift Cards!

  1. Sarah Long said:

    I don’t remember how I found you, but I am sooo happy I did. I get so excited when I get a So Then Stories email at work. Shhh don’t tell my boss. :)

  2. Betty said:

    I can’t believe your blog is a whole year old today!! Time flies when you’re having fun and reading all of your hilarious posts!!!! Happy Blog Birthday!!! I can’t wait to keep reading and see what the next year brings!!!

  3. Janet said:

    I am a newish subscriber and I look forward to all your stories. They crack me up!

  4. WOOHOO!! This is the BEST giveaway EVER!! I would love all of those! So happy for you to be celebrating your blogiversary! :)-Ashley

  5. Cyndi said:

    Your posts crack me up! Congrats on one year! Here’s to many more…

  6. Marsha said:

    Happy Blog Birthday! Have enjoyed your stories so much!

  7. Bert said:

    I love, love, love your stories… I imagine them in my head and then I giggle :)

  8. Happy Blogiversary, Darcy!!! I have raunchy girlfriends, book club girlfriends, and short attention span girlfriends…so I will make good use of your templates!! Woot!
    I have all my crossables crossed that I win one of your spectacular gift cards!!!
    Love your blog…love you!! XO –Lisa

  9. Dawn said:

    I was linking around on Facebook and found your blog- so glad I did! Congratulations on your first year!

  10. Wow. You’re extraordinary. I’ll have to remember all these amazing ideas on my 1-year anniversary…which is really far away so I’d better flag it in my inbox cuz my memory sucks! I’ll most certainly rec. you to 3 of my friends. Easy peasy. I enjoy you so much and learn from you as a blogger just as much as I laugh at your stories. Happy one year! MWA!
    Beth Teliho recently posted..Lucy! You’ve Got Some ‘Splaining To Do!My Profile

  11. Micki said:

    I knew you when!! CONGRATS on a hilarious first year! So happy for your success!

  12. Carmen said:

    Congratulations on your first anniversary!

    You make me laugh at work, which is when I need it most. Thanks!

    Cheers to many more.

  13. Ann said:

    Your blog is hilarious! I can’t wait for more! Congratulations on your birthday!

  14. Caitlin said:

    Happy blog birthday! I’ve enjoyed reading your sordid true tales, and the comments from other miscreants. Keep them coming for a long time, lady!
    Also, I still owe you a picture of a t-shirt in Missouri…

  15. Sylvia said:

    Thank you Darcy for the opportunity to win one of your gift cards!
    Happy Blogaversary to So-Then!
    Please, pick me to win!

  16. Rita said:

    Congrats on your 1 year mark! I’m looking forward to reading your stories for many years to come. Winning one of the prizes would be awesome!

  17. Kim S said:

    Happy One Year Birthday!! Lets have cake and wine too!! Congrats!

  18. Paul said:

    What!!?? How did you know that I was hoarding animals in my newly renovated meth lab??!! Is there a camera here somewhere? Ha!

    Happy first birthday Darcy(blogwise, not to be mistaken for mental age)!!!

    Your stories are hilarious and brighten my days. Keep up the good work!

  19. Kasaundra Coleman said:

    Happy Blog Birthday DP! I don’t know when I found your blog, but I’m SOOO glad I did! You never fail to have me crackin’ up!

  20. Aminda said:

    Just found out about this! Can’t wait to start reading, and of course hoping I win.

  21. Lindsay said:

    Happy Birthday So Then Stories blog! So glad I found you! You crack me up!

  22. Diane C said:

    I hope you pick me!

  23. Daniel Provencio said:

    Congrats on your first year. Thebloggess linked you one day, and I’ve been coming back ever since. Your stories are so humorous and also sound like a friend telling me a tale over some drinks.

  24. Oh my goodness- Your stories make me feel normal!!! Thanks for the laughs and fun and honesty. :)

  25. Congratulations on 1 whole year of blogging!!! I did not realize you were a newbie!! I love your site and I love your carefully crafted ever so handy announcements for our friends and family. You think of everything!! Lol! xo
    Kathy Radigan recently posted..One of Those DaysMy Profile

  26. Therese said:

    Happy Blog Birthday! I love your blog, it always makes me laugh.

  27. Meredith said:

    I LOVE reading your stories! They are so funny. I also love the fact that you are not ashamed to laugh at yourself and that you are a real person.

  28. I
    (L)ove your idea of sharing so much, and I
    (L)ike the idea of putting some really awesome, smart-assed-hilarious comment here to make you (L)ean towards picking me, but I’ve already (L)earned that your method will preclude any (L)eeway being given just because I’m awesome and (L)end you titles for your posts when yours are (L)ame(er) than the ones I come up with. Particularly where (L)adygardens might be concerned – I feel I earned (L)egendary status for that, but still, in spite of the a(L)iteration, I guess the (L)aws of your format must be complied with. Oh wel(L)!
    Considerer recently posted..TToT 22:2 The vainglorious editionMy Profile

  29. I have almost 100 followers & I just added this to Wednesday’s post: PS–Are you a follower of Darcy at If not, you’re missing some very funny & clever stuff. Go take a look!!

  30. Tracy J. said:

    Happy blog birthday! Keep up the hilarious, fun stories.

  31. Natalie said:

    Love, love, love! Keep up the good work and CoNgrATulAtiOnS!

  32. Yay! So exciting!!! Congrats on one year! Mine is coming up soon, so I’ll have to think of something fun as well! :) (And look at you go! Check out those stats!)
    Cara Lyn Erickson recently posted..How to Keep a Budget GoingMy Profile

  33. Found you thru the bloggess and i’ve been hoooked from the first time i read one of your stories. Happy bloggy birthday!!

  34. Mark said:

    I just recently found your blog via The Bloggess and think it’s great. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

  35. Tania said:

    Been reading your blog for a few months now and I love it!

  36. What a great giveaway! I love your blog :)

  37. Steve J said:

    Well, I got the Email announcing the Birthday gifts and couldn’t resist clicking on the suggested web address. But knowing you, I backed away from the computer, assuming that you would have figured out how to make it blow up in my face.

  38. angibird said:

    I am a recent reader. I found your blog in a hospital waiting room, it gave me a smile when things looked dark. :)

    PS. The hospital visit turned out to be not as bad as we thought it would.

  39. Amanda said:

    Congrats on 1 year! Your stories always make me laugh.

  40. Tracy said:

    So then… my daughter asks “Mommy, why are you spending so much time reading So Then stories?” I just found you and like the compulsive person I am, I have to read your whole year’s worth of posts right now! Love, love, love your blog. Happy anniversary!!

  41. Jessica said:

    Happy blog birthday! My actual birthday is tomorrow and a gift card would be amazing! I love reading your so then stories! They always make me laugh and lift my spirits. :)

  42. the diva said:

    I am newer to your blog, and this is my first comment, but I am loving it!! Your stories are hilarious and I am working my way through the older posts. Love it!!

  43. Pippen said:

    I really enjoy this blog, and the updates in my inbox let me pretend that I have friends (who aren’t locked in my basement). I have high hopes (and low expectations) of being picked, but even the heart-wrenching despair will be worth reading your humor. Thanks for a year of fun stories!

  44. Marlena said:

    Love to laugh and cry with these great stories. Thanks for brightening my day!
    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your year.

  45. Melissa said:

    Happy 1st blog birthday. I love, love reading your blog. Wishing you many more years of success!

  46. Julie said:

    Oh Darcy! How you slay me! Does it matter if I subscribe? I just check you multiple times a day to see if you have spoken to me. I am always so excited when you do! If it would help you heck yeah I’m all over that signin up thing! I am relatively new to the whole “following a blog” world but I do know you make me laugh and how much I enjoy reading what you have to say!

    Happy Anniversary! and if this becomes too much and you find that you no longer have the desire to continue, please just send me private email messages cause I would be sad. Unless you want my phone number.

  47. Kim Mc said:

    So then, the DH decides to turn on the a/c because it’s muggy in our shop. Can’t figure out why the da##ed thing won’t kick on. Even flicks the switch off and on in quick succession (a proven high-tech problem solving skill he picked up watching McGyver). As he was distracted by a rhinestone studded squirrel that wandered by, I glanced at the controls. A/C was on, set at 69 and sitting lifeless. Human power of control kept me from spitting Yoo-Hoo across the room as I realized: Ambient temp in the room? 65 degrees! Yep, he’s all mine, ladies. Step back from the edge.

  48. Amy G said:

    Happy Blog Birthday! Here’s to many, many, many more funny stories :)

  49. Heather Long said:

    1 year, congratulations! I found your blog about 5 months back and loved it so so much that I went through and read all the archives too! Good luck with your goals and I hope I’m a winner!

  50. Laura said:

    I love your blog!! Just found it (thank you Bloggess), and spent valuable work time reading everything from the last year – glutton, I know…plus very lazy at work.

  51. Melissa F said:

    Oh! I LOVE gifties! And I super-love your blog. Congrats on your 1 year birthday! We’ll all look forward to many more!

  52. Sabrina said:

    Happy Anniversary! I love your blog!

  53. I love your blog, and your idea for doubling your readership! I am so using your raunchy wine swilling email to send to my friends! Happy blogiversary!

  54. Jennifer said:

    You’re seriously funny! Keep up the great work!

  55. Shirley said:

    I just subscribed by email last night, because I read through all your archives and loved you! Keep on keepin on! You rock!

  56. I just discovered your blog! So funny girl! You are at the right place at the right time for me.

  57. Kim said:

    Like others, I found you through the bloggess, and I’m so thankful because you add so many laughs to my life! Happy birthday and many more!

  58. Kelsey said:

    Happy Blog Birthday! I thank Jenny at The Bloggess for leading me to your awesomely hilarious blog. I can never wait to check my email to see if you have posted any new stories!

  59. Chloe said:

    am I allowed to enter this? I swear I won’t be biased or anything (jk I WANT THEM ALLLLL)

    • nice try, Chloe! no — the children choosing the winning numbers for the drawing do NOT get to PARTICIPATE in the drawing! now get off your phone and go do your homework! love you, Mom

  60. April said:

    Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more months!

  61. Mimi Gin said:

    Well happy blog birthday to you!

  62. Melissa said:

    wishing you many more happy birthdays!

  63. Kate said:

    I love your blog! It never ceases to make me laugh! And Hapy Blog Birthday!

  64. AinOakPark said:

    Yes! I want to add “randomly picked for a prize” to my list of accomplishments!

    I haven’t snorted YooHoo out my nose, but I have choked on my coffee….

    Congratulations on a fine first year!

  65. Dianne Williams said:

    I really love reading your stories. They make me laugh when the rest of the day has been nothing but tears. What a true lifesaver! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HERE’S HOPING FOR MANY MANY MORE TO COME!!! Thank you and God bless!

  66. Mary W. said:

    I seriously love your blog and check for new stories every night! Even though I just discovered it about a month ago, I’ve read every story in the archives!

  67. Lynn N. said:

    Happy Blog Birthday!!

    I’m a silent lurker, but I’ve been reading your blog for months and always look forward to the giggles that are sure to come!

  68. Michelle W. said:

    Thank you for sharing your stories, it makes my life seem much more “normal.”

  69. misty hemm said:

    Happy anniversary!

  70. I love to read your stories, and the best thing about them? Whenever I read them to my sister, she spurts coffee all over her computer and keyboard. So win-win! ;)

  71. Whoo Hoo!Happy Bloggy Birthday to YOU!! Must be exciting! Heck, I’m excited for you!!
    I look forward to reading more of your funny stories in the years to come :)
    Xae recently posted..Dear GuysMy Profile

  72. Tracey said:

    Great blog! I look forward to the posts and a laugh.

  73. Chris B said:

    So then . . . I’m reading Darcy Perdu’s 1st anniversary blog. . . I Love . . . I Live . . . I Learn . .wait, why isn’t she friends with these people in Ireland? That makes NO sense. . .back up, re-read, Ohhh, not in Ireland, In Real Life.
    (in my defense it is early morning here and I’ve yet to have my caffeine.)

  74. Congratulations Darcy on your first year!!! :) Love reading your stores and love being able to leave comments and receive feedback! I love that your stories are STORIES and not just daily accounts – they’re meaningfully written and thoughtfully so. I’m a newbie blogger too so still developing my site but please do reserve me a spot for advertisement in the future ;) Happy Tuesday! -Iva
    Awesomely Over-Zealous recently posted..Why I Dodge the Haunted HouseMy Profile

  75. Happy,happy blog anniversary. You are hysterically funny, Darcy Perdu and I am happy to be one of your food spitting fans.

    P.S. The only thing my name has ever been drawn for in my life was once at work. To be drug tested. So, if you need a pee sample, just let me know.

  76. Stephanie M. said:

    Happy Birthday!

  77. Mariah said:

    Happy 1st blogging birthday!

  78. Jan Keeler said:

    Love your stories, they keep me in stitches!

  79. Anne Anderson said:

    Just recently found your blog and LOVE it. I check back all the time for new posts.

  80. I love your blog. I can’t believe you’ve had so much success in one year. We all hate you now. You’ve officially made yourself that hot girl at the party we all judge amongst ourselves, then fall all over when you’re with us. I mean, “hi! You look soooo hot! Did you lose weight?”

  81. Amy Reindl said:

    Darcy, you are a hoot. I swear I think we might be related. Keep up the good work and I will keep having my husband look at me like I am a loon when I laugh about your many adventures. I just got laid off and this site keeps me laughing when I need it most. Thanks!

  82. Marie said:

    Happy Blog-a-versary! When I first discovered your blog a couple of months ago via mylifeandkids, and laughed so hard at that day’s entry that I went back and started at the beginning. I have read your ENTIRE blog, and many of the entries more than once. I can always count on you for a mood booster and belly laughs. Thank you!

  83. Monica Whitney said:

    I love your humor & site!

  84. j.bierlair said:

    Free stuff is awesome. Awesome blogs are awesome.


  85. Danielle Smith said:

    Just found your blog recently – but love, love, love it!! Keep up the good work :D

  86. Tracy Allen said:

    Just found your blog today. Love it! Would love to win one of the gift cards. Or all of them. ;)

  87. Kathleen said:

    I just started reading and I’m in love:)

  88. Julie C. said:

    Good luck on Year 2! :)

  89. Rebecca Archer said:

    Congratulations on your blog birthday! I can’t wait to look around, your humor is infectious!!! :)

  90. Jenny said:

    Love your blog…and free stuff :)

  91. Dee said:

    Happy Birthday and Anniversary!!!!

    Your blog brings smiles and laughs to my lunch each day. I also love how it makes me think about events in my life that may be share-worthy.

    Thank you!

  92. Jordi said:

    So I ended here linked from another blog saying you tell funny stories, spice up our days with laughter. However what I find instead is a prize give away, so my instant thought was F**K the stories I want the goodies, so here I am commenting :PP

    Now let’s be serious for a little while, I have indeed read your stories and they did make me laugh, causing the people in my table at library staring at me with evil killing sights “Don’t you know laughing is a sin, boy?”

    I am hitting your RSS (Read Super Secretly?) to keep up with your good work.

    oh BTW do you need a webs…*smacks himself before he starts promoting his work*

    Hugs! Jordi

  93. Jana Melvin said:

    Darcy, I love reading your blog. I was referred by TheBloggess, and it was definitely worth that first click to read your stories! Thanks for sharing!

  94. Congrats on your anniversary! I really hope I win your awesome contest because Christmas is coming up and the money fairy hasn’t dropped by in awhile! =)
    Julie recently posted..Me vs. the Mailbox SpidersMy Profile

  95. Frankie said:

    Hee hee. Just awesome. I have utilized your templates. Let the readership numbers INCREASE!!! BWA HA HA (oops, Holloween ended) sorry….


  96. Martha said:

    Taking a quick break from my meth lab to let you know that “weed in my lady garden” has become my most favorite phrase.
    Also, I need gift cards for Christmas. Please pick me twelve times.

  97. Brandi said:

    I love reading your blog! It reminds me that there are REAL people out there that aren’t plastic & fake and perfect. I also love that your kids are picking the numbers. My kid would probably pick number K or eleventy four thousand and seventeen. Good luck with the number picking.

  98. Jennifer Geller said:

    Love this!!!

  99. Is it lame that I’m hoping if I win I end up with an Amazon card? If I won anything else I’d feel the need to be responsible and purchase useful things. All my Amazon money goes right back into my kindle. I might have a book problem. Maybe. Tiny one.

  100. Amy in Atlanta said:

    I always enjoy reading your blog, you are laugh out loud funny! Congratulations!

  101. Brandi said:

    Happy Blog Birthday! You are extremely funny, and also easy to relate to all of your stories. Keep up the great entertainmnent, Darcy!

  102. Amanda Banankhah said:

    I love your site and your stories. I think alot of people have similar stories but don’t have the guts to do what you do. Keep ’em laughing :)

  103. Mishee said:

    Happy Birthday to your blog. I’m a newer reader, but I truly enjoy reading it.

  104. Kim said:

    As a teacher, I personally LOVED the big fat juicy lie to get out of a missed homework assignment. I only wish one of my students was that creative…all they give me is a flat, “Nope. Didn’t do it.” Not even a sorry lie. Consider yourself a little bit lucky, if embarrassed, to have a child with creativity in being able to weave a story from nothing. Right?

  105. Someone lied to you about the custom of giving away gifts on a blogiversary…

  106. marisa said:

    It’s an awesomre thing you do. Making people laugh is an awesome thing! .;)

  107. Mary W. said:

    Love this blog! I check it every night in the hopes of a new story!

  108. Tisha said:

    Happy Birthday! I love reading reading your blog. :)

  109. I stumbled upon your site through Pinterest and instead of updating my blog, I’m reading yours! Three stories so far and I want more! So I subscribed and I’m looking forward to more more more! Thank you!
    Christine recently posted..Frankenstein Monster CakeMy Profile

  110. Sarah Cherrington said:

    Darcy, happy birthday!!! I just happened on your blog (thank pinterest) and I love it already! Your humor makes complete sense and inspiring me to start blogging! simple finding your blog was an awesome birthday present to me (my 32nd birthday today!!!!).

    Thank YOU!

  111. Faith said:

    So then… I was a winner!

    Thanks for all the laughs.

  112. April C said:

    Happy birthday! I love your humor!

  113. ncskimountainmama said:

    Happy B-day! I’m a new subscriber and love your stories!!
    Thanks for the laughs and for making my crazy life seem not soooo crazy :).

  114. Kelly said:

    I discovered you a while back and I keep popping back in looking for a new post! :-) I worked my way back through the archives (had to ration myself so I wouldn’t run of funny stories to read all in one day!) and it’s neat to see how much more activity on the comments there is now as opposed to your first posts, btw – you’ve elicited some pretty funny stories from your readers by telling your own!

  115. Holly B said:

    Love your blog and thanks for the much – needed laughter!

  116. Kristy said:

    Happy Blog-a-versary!!

  117. Amy said:

    I don’t get to read every day – but I do love catching up and getting a laugh during the day! Thanks so much for the stories that I sometimes get to reminisce events from my own past.

  118. Ashleigh F said:

    Outrageously funny! Congrats on your blog birthday!

  119. Nancy said:

    Wow. How generous of you! Happy birthday!!!

  120. Amy in Atlanta said:

    You make me laugh – out loud, at work! Congratulations!

  121. Kiar Shaw said:

    I really do enjoy your blog, and laugh every time I read of your antics! Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  122. Jil said:

    I love your blog! keep up the good work. i have everyone at work reading you as well. Congrats on 12 wonderous months. Jil

  123. Susan said:

    I was referred to this blog by another blog I only follow on FB. I now follow you on FB and by email, because you crack me the hell up. The birthday party post was circulated around my office (well, to the moms anyway). Keep up the fun, your posts are a nice break in my day.

  124. Kathy Byrd said:

    I love reading your blog! You are beyond funny! Happy Blog Birthday. :-D

  125. Annika Taylor said:

    You are hilarious! I’m new, but I’ve loved everything that I’ve read!

  126. Danielle H. said:

    Love your blog! If I need a good laugh I like to go back and re-read some of them…there are quite a few that I share with friends — they are just that awesome! :)

  127. Gwen Crews said:

    I luv yur blogs..I get to share alot of things I run across that I am interested in to all my facebook friends n family..Keep em coming..Happy Bloggin..Woot! Woot!

  128. Jewlee said:

    woo-hoo! A year is a big deal! congratulations!

  129. DeLayne Oliva said:

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