I’m Published! In a BOOK! Aw HELL Yeah!

So then…I’m published!

I bound up the stairs, then execute a flawless triple axel from the balcony, two cartwheels, and some enthusiastic twerking!

Followed by my SUPAH STAH pose:

Molly Shannon

Shout out to the incomparable Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon)!

Yep, I’m published, peeps!

In a real live book!

I Still Just Want To Pee Alone at Amazon.com
And you can OWN this book!

For a mere $9.99!

Just click this little book ritecheer:     

OR I can personally autograph the book and mail it to your house for a slight upcharge of $3.00 to cover shipping, handling, pen ink, and the laborious labor of me actually signing your book – plus workmen’s comp in case I sustain a signing-related injury. Just PayPal me a total of $12.99 to darcy@sothenstories.com — and tell me to whom to inscribe the literary tome – as well as your personal home address so I can mail you the book (and watch you while you sleep).

“Darcy, you know we worship the very ground you walk upon,
but is this book really worth the money?”


Not only does it contain MY hysterical true tale, it contains HILARIOUS & HEARTFELT stories and essays from 39 other kick-ass writers.

Jen Mann, New York Times best-selling author, hand-picked the 40 contributors in this book to produce one helluva rollickin’ read!

“I am mightily intrigued! What’s your story about?”

Well, you know how I share some of my most bodacious blunders and hilarious humiliations on this blog so you can laugh out loud – and cringe, thanking the Good Lord you’re not me?

Well, the story I share in this book is THE MOST EMBARRASSING thing I have EVER done.



Seriously! One time, I tried to TELL the story verbally – but I was laughing and crying so hard, gasping for breath, I couldn’t even get the words out!

So I had to write it down! And submit it to this anthology! And Jen Mann chose it for the book, so I CAN’T WAIT for you to read it!

And if any of you awesome peeps are going to be in the LA area on April 30, you can come celebrate with me, Jen Mann, and 3 other contributors, Kathryn Leehane, Tracy Sano, and Mackenzie Cheeseman at our Book Reading/Signing Party!

We’re all humor writers so we’re going to read hella-funny stuff, share cupcakes, and sign books! So if you happen to live near LA, email me at darcy@sothenstories.com if you can join us at 12 noon on April 30 at Calabasas Library, 200 Civic Center Way, Calabasas, CA!

Meanwhile, you’ll also enjoy reading all the stories and essays in the book by the other fabulously talented writers!


Aw hell yeah!

So pony up some pretty pennies to buy a copy for you – and yo mama – and yo sister & neighbor & teacher & Zumba partner & parole officer!


— Darcy Perdu

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(So excited, you guys! Hope you check out the book at Amazon.com – or the library – or just read over someone’s shoulder! I hope you like it!!)

If you smiled -- share it!
If you LAUGHED -- share it TWICE!

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38 replies on “I’m Published! In a BOOK! Aw HELL Yeah!

  1. Aww yeah!!! SUPERSTAR!!! How exciting is this?! Cheers, my friend!

  2. Lee A Lewis said:

    Congratulations that is awesome.

    • OMIGOD, LEE! You are my first PayPal order! I’m so excited you bought a book and I’m gettin’ out my fancy autographin’ pen right now! THANK YOU!

      • Lee A Lewis said:

        Thank you, sorry I had to give you the office address so you will have to be content with watching me sleep at my desk.

          • Lee A Lewis said:

            Just got the book in the mail – it looks great and your story is very funny.

          • Thank you, Lee!! So glad you liked it!

  3. AinOakPark said:



    I have enjoyed your stories and I hope this brings you many more readers!

    Wishing you continued success!

    • THANK YOU, ALLISON! You’ve been with me a long time, girl!! Thanks for all your support and cheerleading! :)

  4. Paul said:

    Congratulations Darcy! You go girl!

    • Thank you, Paul! And thanks for all your comments and support!

    • Thank you, Rena, I’m thrilled about it! My first time having an essay published in a real live book! WooHoo!

    • Thank you, Lizzi!! So happy to have something published in a REAL book!

  5. jenny_o said:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment!

  6. Pay Pal?? Oh, crap. Well, I’ve got to have your personally autographed book,that’s for damn sure. But, the last time I used Pay Pal,it was KIND OF a hassle. It wasn’t Pay Pal’s fault. It was mine. Or was it? I can’t remember. Somehow,Sven and I did rent that condo in Panama City Beach. So, I should be able to order a book. Right? We shall see.

    • Ha! Millie, you can figure out PayPal!
      And if not, just email me (darcy@sothenstories.com) your address and I’ll send you the book, and you can send me a check or some Indian beads or something!

      • Well, I have one on order through Amazon already:) And, I will try Pay Pal again, even if Pay Pal is no friend of mine. Not tonight though. I’m in too good of a mood to recreate a password. I can’t wait to read your story. You are funnier than hell and so deserve this. So there. I mean, So then.

        • HA! So then, indeed! And thanks for buying it from Amazon! No need to buy it from PayPal now! Can’t wait to hear what you think about my story in the book! Thanks!

          • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. LOVE, love your story :) Only you. I swear you should wear a shirt with a big “D” on it, like Superman wears an “S”. And by the way, how’d you know that I have Indian beads?

          • HA! Thanks, Millie! Yep – the story in the book is classic Darcy – humiliation at its most hilarious!

  7. OMG, Congrats. I just saw this book suggestion on another blog (Fighting Off Frumpy) and thanked her for the recommendation. So glad to realize it’s YOUR book. I’m definitely going to buy it. Seeing you get published is a true inspiration. I just started blogging a year ago and it’s the best decision I’ve made thus far. I started a book quite a few years ago and every time I write another page, it seems I get pregnant and side-tracked with another kid. LOL. After 3 boys maybe I can start again.

    I also want to say that I absolutely love your blog. It’s hilarious and honest and I love it.

    I even named your blog as one of my faves on one of my posts. You don’t need to partake but the reason I enjoy it is due to the questions I ask other bloggers to get to know them. Just in case you relish in answering silly questions. Happy Blogging.



    • THANK YOU, ELKE! You are so sweet! Your comment made my day!
      And I’m glad to hear about your book! Keep writing, woman! Poppin’ out babies AND writin’ some books = perfection!

  8. Julie said:

    I probably need to buy myself a present.

    Congratulations Darcy!!

    • Thanks, Julie — and YES, buy yourself this present!! :)

    • Thanks, Gail! Dipping my toe in the publishing world. Next time, I’ll jump right in to skinny dip!

  9. Arionis said:

    Congrats Darcy! I’ve been off the grid for awhile and wanted to say congrats. Which I have done twice now. One more step in what I am sure will be an awesome writing career. If I still lived in Ventura I would totally come and get you to sign the book. But since I moved 3000 miles away I’ll have to be content with getting a signed copy from you in the mail. Be on the lookout for a PayPal. Just as soon as I remember my password.

    • Hooray! And thank you, Arionis! I’d be happy to mail you an autographed book! Be sure to include your address when you PayPal me! Thank you, thank you!

  10. Congratulations Darcy!

    I have followed your blog for quite some time now and may I say you never fail to a crack me up!

    Really happy for you!

    • Oh, what an awesome comment!! Thank you so much!!