I’m Possessed! (with Kathy and HER Possessed Dishwasher)

I'm Possessed!
So then…the lovely and talented writer Kathy Radigan at My Dishwasher’s Possessed interviews me!

An INTERVIEW?  I’m all atwitter! Flustered and flummoxed! It’s my moment to shine! I’m ready for my close-up!

To get a flavor for Kathy, you can see why she tells her family to “Knock Off the Penis Talk” – and “Why I Should be Allowed to Enjoy a Few Blankety-Blank Christmas Carols!” Kathy is one of the dearest, most supportive bloggers I’ve met out there in the blogosphere — a real sweetheart!

So check out her Quirky Questions – and my Awesome Answers at “Darcy Perdu’s Getting Possessed with Kathy and the Dishwasher!”

You’ll learn some behind-the-scenes info — and also enjoy some chuckles, laughs, and snorts!

— Darcy Perdu

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8 replies on “I’m Possessed! (with Kathy and HER Possessed Dishwasher)

    • Thanks, Kathy! I LOVED being interviewed! So much fun!

    • Thanks, Sandy! As a humorist, it’s a high compliment to instigate loss of bladder control!