I Shall Staple it to his Forehead

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So then…I check the emails from the other school parents to see who’s sending in money for the upcoming 7th grade class party we Room Parents are organizing, and I find this note:

Bridget’s email:
Darcy, can you please ask your daughter Chloe to do me a favor? I gave my son Ryan money in an envelope for the class party to give to Chloe yesterday, but he didn’t see her. So can Chloe please ASK him for the envelope today? He might forget. Thanks! – Bridget

I respond with this email:
It’s so funny because right before I read your note, I had just sent an email to my son’s band teacher to tell him that Tucker has a check in his pocket for the band trip – and that Tucker will likely forget that he has that check in his pocket, so could the band teacher please help remind him!

I think it’s hilarious that you and I have to help our sons along like this. And I wonder when Tucker is 35, will I STILL be sending notes for him? i.e. to his boss: “Please remind Tucker he finished that report and it’s in the top drawer of his desk.” Or to his wife: “Please remind Tucker he bought you an anniversary gift and he hid it in the pantry.”

Oh, who am I kidding? I will probably be WRITING his report and BUYING the anniversary gift!!
— Darcy

Bridget’s response:
That’s what we get for having boys!! But I think society understands. When my husband takes our preschooler son to school, all my post-it reminders are STILL attached to the stuff he gives to the teachers!
– Bridget


Yikes! So now I wonder if somewhere out there, her husband is accidentally turning in school forms with post-it notes still attached that say things like:

“Drop off this $20 in the front office for the class party; but don’t trust it to the girl with the pierced nose.”

“Give this to the mean teacher in room 103; don’t ask if she’s pregnant. She’s not.”

Honestly, how can we get our kids to remember their homework and papers?  Sometimes I think I shall staple them to his forehead!

— Darcy Perdu

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(Are any of YOUR kids a little (cough-cough) “organization-challenged?”  I know we should let them “sink or swim” on their own at a certain age, but do you ever write notes/texts to remind your kids to do things – or to their teachers/coaches?  Or are your kids SUPER ORGANIZED? If so, send me the secret!)

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46 replies on “I Shall Staple it to his Forehead

  1. Haha! Oh I wish I could see those post-it notes that get left on the things her husband turns in!!! I’m sure there are some good ones! I guess the wives have to be very conscious of the words they use when writing the post-it notes. LOL.
    Cara Lyn Erickson recently posted..Photo Phriday: Living the “Suite” LifeMy Profile

    • exactly — be careful what you write on the notes, ladies! :o)

  2. only one of my kids was/is organized. the rest are like me — we need notes, lots of notes.
    mike recently posted..Which is it?My Profile

    • thank goodness for texts — that helps the “note” delivery system!

    • I DO think boys lean a little more this way than girls — no offense, boys out there!

  3. Hello Darcy!

    My son is like that I swear, I put money in his backpack and 3-4 days later it is still in there.. When I ask him why his response is always “I Forgot”.. jeez he’s 6 and already has Alzheimer’s! When you’re done with stapling the memo to your son’s forehead, can you pass it over?

    Happy Friday!
    Awesomely Over-Zealous recently posted..The Malefe Series : Part 1My Profile

    • seriously, what is going through their minds all day at school? how can they forget? sometimes my kid even forgets to eat lunch! EAT LUNCH? Clearly doesn’t take after his mama as meals are the highlight of my day!

      • Amen to that, my coworkers poke fun at the “picnic” I bring to work everyday. You know what, I’m not hungry and therefore, less likelihood of crankiness. If my belly is happy, everyone around me will be. :) I think kids run on something other than food, I’m not sure what that is yet though.
        Awesomely Over-Zealous recently posted..The Malefe Series : Part 1My Profile

  4. Kasey said:

    Haha. This made me laugh, and lose a bit of hope for my middle child (6 y.o.) whom I was praying was only in a “phase of being organizationally challenged.” Not only does he forget to turn things in, he manages to lose them somehow between home and wherever he is going. I can literally put a note or money or whatever in his communication folder, put the folder in his backpack, zip the backpack AND place it on his back; yet SOMEHOW when I ask his teacher if he gave it to her, I find that he has not AND that she has checked his bag and it is not in there. When I ask him what happened, he has NO CLUE and looks at me like I’m speaking Japanese or something! Sometimes I just want to shake him and scream “Why!?!!?” Instead I usually walk away and laugh, mostly because I don’t want to go to jail. (I’ve seen WAY too many episodes of “Locked Up” and know I can’t hack it.) Luckily, my oldest son seems to be much more responsible so I have resorted to sending all money and extra important things with him. His teacher thinks I’m confused all the time and constantly reminds me that I “accidentally” sent both the boys’ lunch money with him again, but not to worry she just went ahead and turned it in. She has no idea she is just a pawn on the chess board, keeping this Queen from jumping off the edge into the realm of insanity.

    • well played, madam, well played — I love that the teacher is your pawn! and hey, you have to use “any means necessary” to keep the train on the tracks, so using your older son as a courier is sound strategy! keep up the good work!

  5. Before I start, may I just say that this might be my favorite blog title of all time. I could not click over from Bloglovin fast enough when I saw it! :D

    BWAHAHAHA!! I was out with girlfriends at dinner last night and my husband had a note to remind him of something he had to do for my daughter when he took her to dance. He actually just handed it over to the director without even trying to do it on his own. I think they never outgrow this. EVER!! Hahahahahahah –Lisa

    • that is so funny! that’s happened over here too — rather than follow the instructions on the note, he’ll just hand the note to the coach, teacher, post office worker — I have half a mind to just safety pin it to his shirt!

    • at the risk of stereotyping, I think many members of the MALE species qualifies for this! :o)

  6. I do this too! Ask somebody else at school to remind him of something, not the stapling on the forehead. :) Funny how they can forget things like that so easily but will remember that we promised to buy them a certain toy months ago. :)
    Jhanis recently posted..#AskAwayFriday with RedLipstickMamaMy Profile

    • Jhanis — so funny and so true! My son has no idea when the history project is due — but can tell you the precise release dates of every video game between now and Christmas!
      Darcy recently posted..I Shall Staple it to his ForeheadMy Profile

  7. Cate said:

    My husband is a road mechanic and only goes to the office to exchange uniforms and turn in time sheets. Whenever we are planning a vacation I have to pin it to his uniform so the timekeeper can get the request in the master calendar. I guess they never grow out of it.

    • hysterical!! Almost makes you wonder if we should be pinning notes to their clothes that say “If lost, please return to…”

    • ha! forgetting his shoes to walk to school is hilarious! but as long as he remembers his pants, that’s a victory! :o)

  8. OMG I loved this. Of course, I’m not there yet as I’m still at the stage where my son (who is ACTUALLY named Tucker which I think I’ve said before but still – cool) is in a class where the teacher writes notes home every day on what he ate, challenges, etc. We talk probably 2/week.
    Ugh to the day when I need to staple a note to his forehead.

    • Kristi, that’s an awesome line of communication with the teacher!
      I actually love that many of my kids’ teachers are on email now — makes it easy for quick communication!

  9. When my brother-in-law was in the process of getting married for the second time I’d give him things to deliver to his fiancée. I once told her I was going to “staple the papers to her beloved’s forehead”. He was 56 at the time.

    Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

    • oh, nooooooo! we are doomed — doomed, I tell you! I’ll still be writing notes for him from my old folks home!

    • would love to find a computer chip to put in his brain that can help with MEMORY!

  10. Judy said:

    No sons but I have a husband. I always leave him notes about things to pick up at whatever store he is stopping at that day. Those notes are almost always followed up with an email that has a picture of the item in question. Thank you, Google images!

    • that’s a brilliant idea! I think I will start using Google images too!
      reminds me of my sister who cleverly leaves catalogs lying around her house at birthday & Christmas time with specific items circled so her hubby knows the gifts, size, color, and 800 number to call so she’ll receive what she wants!

  11. Yup. I can totally see my husband doing this!!! My daughter and I were away last week, and when we came home the fridge was totally empty, the place hadn’t been cleaned since before I left, and he just seemed…lost. How did he survive before we started dating??

    Oh, and I loved this line: “…don’t ask if she’s pregnant. She’s not.” HA!
    Dani Ryan recently posted..10 ways I’ve become the parent I swore I’d never beMy Profile

    • ha! how DID they survive before they started dating us? seriously! :o)

  12. malibou said:

    Scoot over on the couch, so I can squeeze in and complain about my son. LOL

    He is in 7th grade and recently I had asked him repeatedly to bring his bike lock home. After a month of asking, I wrote, with a Sharpie, on his arm BIKE LOCK!

    He had a test that day and I got a call from the teacher asking me to not do that again as it looked like he was cheating. I asked the teacher to please remind him to bring his bike lock home.

    • Laughed out loud at this! I LOVE that the teacher called you to complain about the writing on the arm — and without missing a beat, you asked her to remind him to bring that bike lock home! Awesome!!

  13. Ellie said:

    Only Post-It Notes? When I’m out for the evening, my husband must have a written To Do List sent to him via text AND email. A hard copy must be printed out and left on his 1) home office chair; 2) nightstand table; 3) side of the bed; and 4) near the front door.

    Of course, I will still get a phone call asking me to explain something on the list or remind him of what I mean by what’s on the list. That will, of course, be followed up by a few texts about the To Do List just to make sure he’s gotten it correctly.

    I’m usually exhausted before my evening has begun.

    • Ha!! I can SO picture this! I feel ya, sister!

  14. My youngest daughter is 16 already and she is horrendous. I never get school notices from her; fortunately they email them as well. She gave me one a week ago for the first time this year. I was almost proud until I saw the date — it was dated January. She takes the bus and often gets on the wrong bus and then I have to go and rescue her from strange parts of the city.
    Vivian Pitschlitz recently posted..The devil does not wear PradaMy Profile

    • Ha! Sounds like your daughter and my son should each be issued their own Executive Assistant to help them navigate life!

      Oh wait — WE’RE their Executive Assistants! :o)

    • ha! velcro — YES, that is a much more humane solution than stapling! :o)

  15. Jordi said:

    Dear moms, older sisters. As a member of the glorious male gender (sarcasm there) — I will reveal the secret of what’s going on with our heads and why we need reminders….

    Wait…. where is the post it with the secret revelations — I swear I had it here a moment ago… “Buy something for dinner…” No this one is not… “Go pick up your daughter at school…” Damn! I think I need to run out, catch you up later! ;);)

    • hahaha! that’s hilarious! when you find the post-it that contains the “secret,” let us know! :o)

      • Jordi said:

        I sure will!

        Just you know what to do… Post-it to me so I remember! xD

        BTW Stapling it on my forehead wouldn’t work, I avoid mirrors except in the morning when I am too sleepy to see anything or care for anything for that matter :P

  16. Clementina said:

    I just discovered your blog and I can’t stop reading it! Hilarious, well written and oh so real! Thank you.

    Please scoot over so I can sit in the couch with y’all and commiserate about my beautiful, wonderful, supportive and incredibly smart partner (who seems to manage a very complex job without any trouble).

    I had to run out last night but I was in the middle of laundry so I asked him if he could please empty out the dryer and also the washer. And hang up what was in the washer to line dry as it was delicates. I turned around and he was taking notes!!!!

    To be fair he did do both the items on that complex list. So… Whatever works, y’all… Whatever works.

    • Bwahahaha! That’s hysterical! He took NOTES on changing the laundry! Bless his heart!!
      Well, he DID accomplish the tasks, so I agree with you — whatever works, baby! :)