Hypnotism and Humiliation: Vegas-Style!

Hypnotism & Humiliation - Vegas Style
So then…I take my two teens and their three pals on an educational Spring Break trip to Washington DC to learn more about our nation’s politics.


Are you kidding me?

I take ‘em to Vegas!

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My teens, Chloe and Tucker, and their pals want to see a Hypnotist Show, so we head over to the Marc Savard show at the V Theater.

I glance about skeptically as we file in and sit down.

The hypnotist starts speaking. I cross my arms.

I don’t believe in hypnotism.

The hypnotist tells the audience that lots of people think they don’t believe in hypnotism.

(Well, he’s psychic at least! That’s exactly what I’m thinking!)

The hypnotist says that’s like saying, “I don’t believe in gravity,” but it still exists. “Hypnotism exists whether you believe or not.”

I smirk. No such thing. His “volunteers” will obviously be plants – people he hired to pretend to be hypnotized.

He calls for volunteers from the audience. My son’s friend Marco stands up. WHAT!?

Marco goes on stage, gets hypnotized with the other volunteers — and starts following the commands of the hypnotist — tapping, standing, snoring, squirming, making funny faces, reacting to imaginary snakes, and RIVER DANCING!

Yes – RIVER DANCING! – 18-year-old tall, cool Marco is kicking his Irish Jig legs all akimbo, enthusiastically strutting and popping heel-toe-heel-toe, sideways kick!

So unless Marco is secretly on this hypnotist’s payroll, I guess hypnotism IS real?

Mind blown.

We’re all laughing hysterically at the antics on stage.

The hypnotist convinces one volunteer that she’s wildly in love with him – and convinces another that she’s repulsed by him.

He hypnotizes a huge muscular guy to respond to every shoulder tap by breaking down into sobs and hugging whoever’s closest to him!

He tells them all that a belt is a snake, so when he approaches with the belt and a hiss, they all flip the flip out!

Then the hypnotist brings out a STRIPPER POLE and invites the volunteers to AUDITION!

My son and I exchange a look. A look that says, “This is about to get REALLY awkward.”

Nothing like watching your guy friend attempt sultry stripper moves in front of your Mom. Not to mention the rest of the audience.

If he performs really badly – it’s embarrassing.

If he performs really well – it’s even more disturbing!

Should I storm the stage and rescue my teen charge? Should I just avert my eyes?

Who suggested this damn show? Why aren’t we doing something respectable like visiting the MGM lions?

Fortunately, the hypnotist is playing the scene for laughs – so he quickly taps the “strippers” if they start to take their audition a little too seriously.

And believe me, some of these volunteers tackle this task with a gusto and passion that’ll make your eyes bleed!

The audience is dying laughing – Marco’s looking like he’s having a great time – and yes OF COURSE we pay the $20 bucks for the DVD of tonight’s show so that we have Marco Blackmail Material for many years to come!

(Perfect wedding reception video, don’t ya think?)

All in all, we have an absolute blast swimming, sightseeing, dining, and enjoying shows. We love us some Vegas!

Of course, about 3 hours into the drive home to LA, Marco realizes that the $120 cash he put in the room safe for safekeeping was still safely IN the safe!!

As we call Lost & Found, I can’t help wondering if the hypnotist hypnotized Marco to leave the money there — and secretly extracted the safe code from Marco so he could recover the money himself!

Hmm…googling “How to become a hypnotist” right now!

— Darcy Perdu

UPDATE!  Because the internet is a miraculous place, my blogging friend Jessica Ziegler of hilarious Science of Parenthood saw this story and said she KNOWS hypnotist Marc Savard – then HE commented too!     Hypnotism (Facebook comments)

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18 replies on “Hypnotism and Humiliation: Vegas-Style!

  1. Arionis said:

    Left in the safe, yeaharight. You know he gave it to you to get the video. :)

    • Ha! That’s actually a brilliant idea!! I SHOULD be blackmailing him right now!

      PS I’m so excited you ordered the book, Arionis! I’m mailing it this weekend! THANK YOU!

      • Arionis said:

        Awesome! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Dana said:

    Maybe you just THINK that you went to Vegas! :)

    • ohmahgah! you might be right! damn – that hypnotist is gooooood!

    • Arionis said:

      Ha Dana! There have been a few trips to Vegas that I wish had been dreams.

  3. So funny :) It sounds like you all had a blast. And you came really close to seeing strippers after all. Did you visit Lake Meade? I once thought I saw an armadillo on a leash on that beach. But it turned out to be a weiner dog wearing a cone.

    • Ha! “A weiner dog wearing a cone!” Didn’t make it to Lake Mead – but maybe next time! I’ll look for armadillos on leashes!

  4. Paul said:

    That’s so cool Darcy. I’ve never seen a hypnotist work, so I am a bit of a skeptic as well. I would certainly believe if I had seen what you saw. Neat trip. OK. I may have been wrong about taking the teens to Vegas – I was thinking strippers and gambling. Sounds like they had a great time.

    • Yes, they had a blast! And now I want to be a hypnotist! :)

  5. Alex said:

    I have never seen it myself but there is too much evidence of it working to dismiss hypnotism as a simple trick. Personally I’d like to see my kids hypnotised so they immediately tidy up their rooms and do their homework when I ask them to. Oh, the uses around the house would be endless!

    • Right! I’d LOVE to be able to hypnotize people! And I’d only use my powers for good, I promissssssssse!

    • Ha! I’m with you, Jo-Anne! I enjoyed watching it, but I would not want to volunteer! I’m sure I’d be shakin’ my groove thang all OVER the place! :)

  6. AinOakPark said:

    Hahahahahhahahhahahaha – long gasping breath in – hahahahahahahahah – snort- cough!

    THANKS! I needed that!

    What I can’t believe is that it was ONLY $20 for the DVD!

    • Hmmmmm. I THOUGHT it was only $20 — maybe I was hypnotized and actually gave them two THOUSAND dollars! Eek!