How to Make New “Friends” at a Lady Gaga Concert!

So then…I hop a flight to Vegas for the Lady Gaga ART POP Ball‘cuz that’s how I roll.

Lady Gaga Wings 429

Actually, that’s how my niece rolls! And since she wanted to celebrate turning 18 this weekend at a Vegas Gaga concert, her mom (my sister) invited my 14-year-old daughter and moi to join the fun. So we have a blast enjoying Vegas all weekend, including the girls zip-lining down wild Fremont Street at midnight on Friday.

Lady Gaga Slotzilla 429

On Saturday, we splash it up at our hotel’s gorgeous pools at the MGM Grand where the concert’s being held tonight. After a lovely lunch at the poolside café, the server brings the bill.

Me:         Can I put this on the hotel room?
Server:    Sure. (grabs pen) What’s your hotel room number?
Me:         12-124
Server:    What’s your last name?
Me:         Gaga. First name — Lady.

Her head pops up, eyes wide.

Me:         Yeah, she’s a good friend. She told me I could charge anything I want to her room.
Server:    Whaaaa?

The rest of my table cracks up laughing, so the server realizes I’m kidding. But I was close – THIS close, I tell ya – if my sister, niece, and daughter hadn’t blown my cover — dem lil bitches. (But they do refer to me as “First name: Lady” for the rest of the trip, so I forgive them.)

That night, we zip downstairs to the arena to rock out to the Gaga concert with my friends.

And by “friends,” I mean awesome people who let me take their picture and who don’t actually know they are friends with me – yet.

Lady A 1 429

Lady A 2

Because I desperately want to be friends with these people because they are amazingly enthusiastic and commited and cool and creative.

Lady A 3

Lady A 4

I mean, look at these outfits!

Lady A 5

Yes, that’s a 6’4″ dude hanging out by the Roasted Nuts stand.

Lady A 6

Lady A 7

I LOVE this kind of fervor.

Lady A 9

Lady A 10

It doesn’t matter if you’re dressing up for a concert like this – or dressing up for a sporting event by painting your face with your team’s colors — you have my admiration for proudly displaying your allegiance. Go big or go home, baby!

The first act is a darling K-Pop group called CRAYON POP.

Lady Crayon Pop Photo 429

They wear colorful school girl outfits — and helmets for some inexplicable reason – (Do they need to make a speedy motorcycle getaway? Do they have identical head injuries? Or just a Bad Hair Day for everyone?) Whatever the reason, they look adorable as they pull off some highly-complicated synchronized dance moves while singing infectious pop songs. We LOVE them!

However, the middle act is some DJ chick at a soundboard playing what sounds like heavy metal Electronic Dance Music. And while I’m sure she’s a lovely person who probably crochets afghans for orphans and reads to blind puppies (so don’t take this personally, lady), but I hate EDM. Sounds like one monotonous bass line punctuated by noises a drunk rhino would make in a hoarder’s tool shed.

So during her set, I excuse myself to the ladies room — and take the opportunity to snap pics of my new “friends” out by the concessions while my sister stays in the seats with our daughters.

While I’m hangin’ with the Little Monsters, I receive this text from my daughter — which makes me laugh out loud. She knows me so well –

You should come back soon — this is the last “song” before Gaga

Ha! Damn right EDM deserves quotation marks around the word “song!”

As I weave through the crowd back to my seat, I’m energized by all the camaraderie amongst the attendees – young and old, gay and straight, every race, every nationality – everyone’s there for one reason — to have a BALL! Gaga’s all about love and self-acceptance – and we love that!

This concert’s going to be a spectacular spectacle filled with outrageous costumes and rousing renditions of G.U.Y., Gypsy, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Alejandro, Bad Romance, and much more.

Just before she takes the stage, 3 Hispanic men file into the seats in front of us. They’re dressed in jeans, drinking from super-size beer cans, and look like burly construction workers.

I don’t mean stylized construction workers like the dude from Village People. Or burly like Bears. Or muscular 6-pack abs like manual-laborers-slash-underwear models. I mean like burly macho Hispanic men you’d see at a construction site.

I exchange a quizzical look with my sister. I wonder if these guys accidentally wandered into the wrong arena on their way to a monster truck rally or a boxing match — and they have no idea they’re about to see this:

Lady Gaga Octopus 429

Or maybe they said to the hotel concierge, “Can you get us tickets to a Vegas show? Maybe magic or juggling or something?” And they sit down and see this:

Lady Gaga Kpop 429

I’m interested to see their reaction when the show starts.

I picture them looking puzzled and whispering “Que pasa?” to each other.

Suddenly the lights dim — then a burst of BLAZING LIGHTS! The music explodes — and Gaga and her dancers gyrate on stage in a dazzling frenzy of excitement!

My burly Hispanic construction workers instantly begin dancing the exact same moves as Gaga’s dancers.


Take that, stereotyping!

They’re amazing! These 3 guys know every word of every song — and every move of every dance! I’ve never seen more impressive gyrating in such a small space before! They’re limiting their movements to the 24 inch area directly in front of their seats – but oh they are fierce!

As the concert progresses, they venture outside their area a bit, dancing and gesticulating passionately – they turn around to dance with us, high five us, hug us, and sing loudly along with us. We have a blast together!

And that’s one of the reasons I love concerts so much – especially a concert like Lady Gaga – you never know who you’re going to meet –

And regardless if they look like Club Kids (blue circle) – or Local Librarians (red circle) –

Lady Gaga Club Kids Librarians with Circles 429

They’re ALL here to PARTY — and revel in the music and spectacle that is:

Last Name: Gaga.  First Name: Lady.


— Darcy Perdu

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45 replies on “How to Make New “Friends” at a Lady Gaga Concert!

    • Ha! “Lucky Lady!” Thanks for acknowledging my Lady-ness! :o)

  1. Ok had to come over after I read your post on Kate’s blog – and I am glad I did as this had me laughing and who doesn’t like a good laugh?

  2. I’ll bet there were plenty of Roasted Nuts with all the dancing. Yeah, I’m not proud of that joke. I just can’t concentrate because all I can think of is how badly I want to go to a Gaga concert now! In a meat dress.
    Joy Christi recently posted..I Just Want To Know If I Killed HerMy Profile

  3. AinOakPark said:

    Sounds like you all had the best time! What a great birthday!

    • It was so fun! And a memorable birthday for my niece!

  4. Judy P said:

    I love all your new friends who don’t know that they are your friends yet. And burly construction workers who dance and sing to Lady Gaga. Can’t beat that with a stick.

    • I love my new friends too! Maybe they will see these pics and contact me for club dancing or badminton or something! :o)

  5. Paul said:

    The pic of the teens dressed like middle-aged librarians is the best for sure – so realistic. Ha!
    Sounds like you had a great time Darcy. Quite the show. Great post.

    • Paul, I actually snort-laughed when I read your comment! Yep, those teens really nailed the librarian look! Ha!

    • Thanks, Kathy! My niece had such an awesome birthday!

  6. Great post! Love the pics too. This looks a little like my last BDay trip to vegas! Did you make it to Beachers Mad House? If not, the next bday – YOU MUST!! It is like Lady GaGa show on more acid.

    • Just googled Beachers Mad House — looks like a definite must-visit next time I’m in Vegas!

  7. Julie said:

    Hoo boy Darcy! What a colorful bunch of friends you have! sounds like you had a blast!

    • And the S&M couple looked so happy! Everyone was absolutely thrilled to pose for pics! It was so cool!

  8. hahaha, I miss dressing up like a doofus for events. It’s not that I wouldn’t do it still, because I totally would, it’s that I’m too broke and tired to do fun things most of the time. Shame on you for profiling people, Perdu! Did you think they were there to mow the law or what? For shame!! Lesson learned and shame also for not photographing your new friends.
    donofalltrades recently posted..Answers to your pressing police related questions…My Profile

    • Ha! It was too dark in the venue for me to take pics of them — but they would totally have been up for it! They were so friendly!
      As for you, Don, I challenge you to find at least ONE event between now and the end of the year that you dress like a doofus — then post the pic on your blog!!

  9. Holy crap! Gaga’s costumes are over the top, but then again, they always are.

    I want to be friends with all of these people too. I know you were impressed these people let you photograph them but I’m pretty sure they were too drunk to fully consent. ;-)

    And I’ve always wanted to charge my stuff to a random room number. I know it’s horrible but I’ve always wanted to. You’re my hero for trying!
    Lisa Newlin recently posted..Tinder Tuesdays: 4th EditionMy Profile

    • Good point, Lisa! I should have checked blood alcohol level before snapping pics! Ha!
      Many years ago, when I’d visit Vegas, you could just tell the restaurants your room number and that was it. Total trust.
      But NOW, you need to give your room number AND last name. (way to take the fun out of scamming hotels, Vegas!)

    • Let’s dress like Little Monsters this week at the BlogHer conference!! We’ll make lots of new friends!

    • Thanks, Rena! You’d have a blast people-watching — and Gaga really puts on a great show!

  10. Haha!

    I’m a little jealous..nothing hotter than ‘straight’ guys suddenly rocking out to Gaga… it gives us hope, and pant-lumps.
    Great story Darcy :)

  11. Uh-oh, Lady…now I’ve got Paparazzi stuck in my head. But that’s okay. I won’t mind until about the third day. I loved your story. The construction guys getting into GaGA is priceless. It reminds me of that commercial with the car full guys and the one is singing along with the radio, “Makes me feel like a woman”. Know which one I mean? It cracks me up everytime but I couldn’t tell you what it’s for.

    • Ha! That’s a good one to get stuck in your head!

  12. Arionis said:

    Looks like you had a great time there First Name Lady. That definitely would have put me outside my comfort zone, which probably would be a good thing. Trying to charge your bill to a room reminds me of a time years ago when I was in Vegas. I ran into a coworker in the casino of the hotel where I was staying. He asked me my room number and I didn’t think anything of it and told him. Throughout the night he kept getting us drinks and I was thinking he was really generous. A few days later when I checked out and got the bill I discovered that all his “generous” drinks had been charged to my room!

    • Omigod — I can’t believe he did that! I hope you got him back on the next business trip!
      And in the future — remember: never divulge your name, rank, or ROOM number!

      • Arionis said:

        Words to live by! :)

  13. Hannah said:

    “Noises a drunk rhino would make in a hoarder’s tool shed” That is too funny. Totally jealous of your trip. I give major props to anyone who would wear any of those costumes in public. They have bigger balls than me (most certainly the guy by the roasted nuts).

  14. I convinced the entire staff at the BlogHer13 post fashion show party that I was fresh off the runway and starving and that my bestie, Queen Latifa would be coming along any minute so they’d better chop, chop! We SO need to hang out again!
    Lucy Ball recently posted..A.D.D. By Proximity – It’s A Real ThingMy Profile

    • That’s hilarious! I would totally believe that you and Queen (first-name basis, of course) hang out on yachts & private jets together!