Gone Baby Gone

Gone Fishing 350

Oh, let’s be honest — Gone DRINKIN’!

Off to a beach vacation!  So while I’m off chugging cocktails, dodging sharks, and flashing my tatas at unsuspecting tourists…

Enjoy these chuckle-worthy gems that you likely missed the first time around.

Just click the 3 images below — and tell me which one is your favorite!

And tell me your favorite beach drink!

Would-be robbers: beware! Our house-sitters are feisty ninja warriors with anger-management issues.

Stop robbing houses and start reading my funny stories instead!

Darcy Perdu

Mister, Please, Do NOT Put That in Your Mouth! #funny #shocking #embarrassing

Funny Run-In with Cops #smartass #funny #cops

Naked Stranger in my Shower! #funny #dating #roommates #naked

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20 replies on “Gone Baby Gone

    • Thanks! Boat drinks it is! Need to find a boat…

    • HA! Thanks, William — although I daresay, if I DO get any attractive naked strangers in my shower — we won’t be “strangers” for long…! :o)

  1. Lizzy said:

    May I say I’m a recent reader of this blog. Started on a day I was sick and thus had extra time.
    Subscribe?! I scoffed. I don’t have time to read a new blog. This was nice once, but when will I ever have the time again?
    A few days later, I find time. Read another couple posts. But this time I find I can’t read some of them because of the kid safe internet stuff I’ve got going. Hmm, I ponder, I could get this site added to my safe site list like I did for The Bloggess. But again, No, because I’m not going to regularly read this blog so what does it matter that I can’t read every post.
    Couple days later, insomnia, so I go to the archives. Well, I’ll open several of them in seperate tabs because who knows how many I’ll be able to read.
    But then I see at the bottom of the posts, where there is 3 other suggested posts PLUS the post before and after. Next thing I know I’m 30 screens in.
    And then again a day later.
    And again a day later.

    And fine! I’ll subscribe. Even get you on the safe list so I can catch up.

    And I vote for the Stranger in your Shower post; loved it.

    • Wow, Lizzy, you’re officially my New Best Friend! I loved reading your comment — it made me blush with pride — and I’m so happy you enjoy my true stories! And THANK YOU for subscribing!! You’re welcome to come shower with me and my naked strangers any time!

      • Lizzy said:

        BFFs forever! Lol! Though I’m sure if I find you and a stranger in a shower, I’ll have to kick you out. I’m sure you understand.

  2. Julie said:

    Darcy. This is like voting for your favorite chocolate. How am I supposed to choose?

    • OK, it’s really just me sitting in a sandbox with a really strong office lamp. But I CALL it a beach vacation. Allow me my delusions, you sassy redhead you!

      Ha! OK, we really ARE at a real beach! Drinking drinks with tiny umbrellas!

  3. Have a fantastic hol with your family and your free swinging tatas :)
    Ps. Favourite blog is the naked stranger in the shower story, I so wish this would’ve happened to me.
    Then again probably best it didn’t — there may have been charges….

  4. My favorite would be “Sexy Naked Stranger In My Shower!” Wait. He’s not sexy? But he is naked, thus, he is sexy. Haha!

    And my favorite beach drink would be coconut shake.

    Enjoy your vacation!
    Wann Afzan recently posted..Should a wedding be so expensive?My Profile

    • Ohh, coconut shake sounds delicious! A perfect drink to share with any sexy naked strangers who show up in my shower!

  5. Beer, always beer! Though I might be persuaded to branch out and have a cocktail next time I find my way to a beach… Hope you’re having a great time!

    • Thanks, Aussa! We could easily put a little paper umbrella in your brewski!