Drunken Tumbles

Drunken Tumbles
So then…I watch intoxicated women fall in the most spectacular fashion. Wineglasses and beer bottles go flying, high heels teeter, skirts fly — women of all shapes and ages go plunging and plummeting, amidst the shock (or delight) of the people around them.

Clip after clip, drunken dames bite the dust – at weddings, parties, backyard BBQs, bars, and even a christening.

I’m not a big fan of physical humor, but I’m laughing in spite of myself.

The video link is aptly titled, “Mad Mums: Why Middle-Aged Women Should Not Drink.”

Don’t worry — as they trip and tumble, slip and stumble, they don’t appear to suffer any bodily harm – but the damage to their dignity is irreparable.

I immediately forward the video link to my sister Della who’s been known to giggle helplessly at a good plummet. Our emails:

I figured you’d like these clips because — do I recall correctly that you like to watch people falling down unexpectedly?

I even like when people fall down expectedly.

I literally laughed out loud at that — AND fell down!

See for yourself, click here: Drunken Tumbles 

— Darcy Perdu

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(Taken any good tumbles recently? Ever seen a spectacular wipe-out? Share your drunken tales — and any other funny video links I can send my sister who likes to watch people fall down unexpectedly AND expectedly!)
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18 replies on “Drunken Tumbles

    • So glad I’m not the only one giggling guiltily!

    • ha – literally laughed out loud!

      so you’re the first lady — the wobbly stripper…?

  1. Kat Caldwell said:

    I think it was all caused by the horrid clothing they were all wearing lol

    • ha! you’re probably right! note to self: wear cute clothing, then you can drink all you want without falling!

  2. I’m a total klutz… I trip and fall alll the time. I’m always completely sober, too. Sadly, I can’t use “drunk” as an excuse.

    My most recent public fall was when I was walking into a coffee shop for a work meeting last week. I ran into a chair. We were both on the ground before the door had even closed. Of course everyone saw. Embarrassing!
    Cassie recently posted..Best Tattoo Artist – Part OneMy Profile

    • ha! so sorry you took a tumble at a work meeting! that’s embarrassing! but funny!

  3. Drunken tumbles!! If there was ever a link that I was guaranteed to click it would be that!!
    (Bwahaha. OMG…I can’t stop laughing. It’s so funny!!) –Lisa

  4. OMG! These ladies are hilarious! lol All of these ladies probably fit under the “wooo” category… those are the women who drink and for some reason or another intermittently go “wooooo” lol!!

  5. Erm….I think I may have been in one of those videos.

    • Ha! I myself have been a bit wobbly on occasion!!

  6. I tumbled after stepping into a rabbit hole at a party. I was not too sober. I broke my ankle. My friend’s daughter was completely sober and she tripped in the same hole also breaking her ankle so in my defence I don’t think it was the booze it was the rabbits that were to blame.
    Vivian recently posted..Tinker and tailor and beggar man and thief.My Profile