Funny Run-In with Cops!

Funny Run-In with Cops   #smartass #funny #cops

So then…Carol and I exit the movies and agree that the Tex-Mex place across the street will be perfect for dinner and mojitos. But it’s a long block, so instead of travelling all the way to the crosswalk at the traffic signal, we just walk across the street when there’s a break in traffic.

And just then, a cop car sounds its alarm, flashes its lights, and pulls us over.

Pulls us over! We are walking.

But they pull us over to the side of the road anyway.

Can you imagine how humiliating it is to stand and wait on the curb while your pursuers navigate traffic to pull up alongside you?

The cop leans out the window and scolds us, “Why are you jaywalking? Don’t you know how many drunk drivers are out on a Saturday night!?”

Naturally, I quiver and mumble a contrite “I’m sorry.”

But Carol turns to the cop and says, “If there are so many drunk drivers out there tonight, why are you bothering with jaywalkers? Go arrest the drunk drivers!”

The cops look at each other — look at Carol’s annoyed expression and hands on her hips — look at each other again, then speed away into traffic.

And they didn’t even use their turn signal, I might add.

Carol 1; Cops 0.

— Darcy Perdu

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6 replies on “Funny Run-In with Cops!

  1. Lily said:

    One time a cop stopped me — for not having my car headlights on at night! I didn’t even notice because I was so tired from working 3 jobs that summer in college. I told him all about how exhausted I was from the 3 jobs, so he let me off with a warning. I think he was just exhausted LISTENING to me complain about all my jobs!

  2. Lynn Marie said:

    So this one time I was out in the middle of BFE (Bum Fuck Egypt for the older generation, and no, it’s not really in Egypt as that place is beautiful and this place is well…..bleak) riding a bike on a gravel road with one of my friends. I would have to say that we were at least 10 miles from any town and the town that was close had a population of about 600 people. We are riding along, enjoying the smell of nearby hog confinement because that’s what BFE has, when we see a car coming in the distance. As it gets closer we see that it has cherries on top and my friend and I both look at each other with a WTF expression on our face because this cop is well off the beaten patrol path. We move over to the side of the road to let him go back and when he does, we get back on our bikes and continue to pedal along. All of a sudden the blasting sounds of a siren stops us in our tracks. My poor friend fell off of her bike into the ditch and I’m pretty sure she peed her pants. (I may have made the peed her pants part up, but the look on her terrified face suggested that she was close.) We stare at this cop and wait for him to get out of his car. Instead, he comes over his loud speaker and says, “You ladies be careful out here in the great wide open” and promptly pulled away and had the balls to wave at us in passing.
    This is a true story. I would tell you who the cop was because I made damn sure to find out who this menace of a man was that made us look like terrified idiots in the middle of cornfield country. However I don’t want him to track down this story and come after me because he is still a cop in BFE. It is the first and one of the only times that I was rendered speechless. No witty comebacks, no retaliation, just an utterly ridiculous look on my face and the desire to throw rocks at his car.

    • HA! Yes! She’s awesome!! She don’t mess around, yo — she tells it like it is!