Clown Butlers, Topless Nuns & Free Hugs!

So then…I pull my kid out of school for a couple days and hop a flight to Vegas for a concert of her favorite band.

Vegas Sign 429
Yep, I’m that kind of mom.

The kind that believes in the importance of school –

but also thinks kids deserve an occasional exciting adventure!

And lest you worry about her educational welfare — rest assured Chloe’s a straight A student who takes her academic career so seriously, she writes her AP World History notecards on the flight there!

Vegas WHAP Cards 429

So we meet up with two of her friends and their moms in Vegas to see the R5 band perform.

Vegas Girls at Concert Incognito

Second row, center, baby! And of course I spring for the extra bucks for the Meet & Greet Photo Op.

Vegas R5 and Chloe Icognito

Yep, I’m that kind of mom.

But then again, it IS her 15th birthday. And she LOVES R5.

Vegas Concert 1 Riker & Ross 429

Vegas Concert 2 Rocky 429

In fact, she thinks this MIGHT be my future son-in-law:

Vegas Concert 4 429

Then the next night, we take our daughters to zip-line high above the drunken revelers on rowdy Fremont Street – because –

Vegas Ceiling Fremont Street and Bars 429

Yep, I’m that kind of mom.

While the teens wait in line for the ride, the moms and I position ourselves in the middle of the street so we can photograph our kids as they come zipping across.

We’re treated to an array of colorful characters as we amble down Fremont.

Like these dudes! Do they look like they know how to party – or what? I’d love to hang with these guys!

Vegas Men in Suits 429

We see a tap dancer who appears to have his own Butler Clown.

Vegas Dancer and Clown Butler 429

Showgirls, of course.

Vegas Showgirls 429

Vegas Back of Showgirl 300

Even some Showguys.

Vegas Boy Showgirl 300

This fellow’s really flexible…

Vegas Limbo Man 300

The fellow in red — not so much…

Vegas SuperHeroes 429

But he’s very friendly – look: FREE HUGS!

Vegas Free Hugs on SuperHeroes 429

Bar-top Go-Go Dancers shake what their mama gave ‘em over by the Alcoholic Slushie Machines…

Vegas Go-Go Girl next to Slushies 429

Which you can drink in your very own Fishnet Stocking Beverage Holder with Straw.

Vegas Leg Glasses 429

What are the Bronze Cowboys staring at?

Vegas Bronze Cowboys 300

Oh just a Concert Violinist in a Bikini, of course.

Vegas Violinist Bikini 429

Vegas Violinist Bikini Looking Down 429

Yikes! Things get a little risqué in the Chippendales booth!

Vegas Chippendales 300

Gasp! I hope the NUNS didn’t see that!

Vegas Nuns Back 429

Oh – no worries, they won’t mind — they’re TOPLESS nuns!

Vegas Nuns Side 300

Checking in on the Tap Dancer – yep, his Butler Clown’s still on duty.

Vegas Dancer Still with Butler 429

“Make me some balloon animals, Jeeves!”

“Right away, sir.”

Meanwhile flying high above all this craziness…

Vegas Ceiling Fremont Street 429

Our daughters come zip-lining across the night sky!

Vegas Slotzilla Above 429

We have an absolute blast!

So if you ever want to play hooky from work, just give me a call.

Pull on your favorite outfit,

Vegas Guy in Colorful Bikini Incognito

Grab a Leg o’ Beer,

Vegas Leg Glasses 200

And let’s party it up on Fremont Street!

‘Cuz – yep, I’m that kind of friend!

— Darcy Perdu

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(Would you like to have your own Clown Butler? Have you seen some of these fine folks on Fremont Street? Who’s your favorite?)

Did you already meet the “friends” I made at the last concert I attended with Lady Gaga?

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65 replies on “Clown Butlers, Topless Nuns & Free Hugs!

    • Thanks, Cassandra! And I consider myself pretty lucky to be mom to her and her brother! :o)

    • LOL, William. You’re probably not exactly their target market! You probably wouldn’t enjoy them quite as much as the crowd of screaming teenage girls at the concert! Ha!

  1. Julie said:

    You have the most colorful adventures!! She’s a lucky girl cause you are “that kinda mom”

  2. Holy crap! You are some kind of amazing mum. My mum screamed at me when I was 15 in an airport once to see if I was on birth control. That was pretty sweet too.

    • Yikes! Should I be worried about my teen too?
      Now I’m Googling “chastity belts” and “pelvicular fortress with tamper-proof security padlock!”

    • Judy P said:

      I have that kind of mom… my period used to make me nauseated sick so about once a month I’d get the yelling accusation that I was pregnant, wasn’t I?! I kept wanting to remind my mom that pregnancy required a male, but it seemed pointless.

  3. You ARE the coolest mom from the west! Bring me with you next time, please.

  4. I want you to be MY mom, Darcy!!!! What a blast!! My kids love R5 as well. But their hearts belong to 5 Seconds of Summer and 1D.
    Teri recently posted..My phone, the asshole…My Profile

    • I AM your mom, Teri! Now finish your homework and go to bed!

    • Right? I had to shield my Catholic eyes from that sight!

  5. What the ever living what is going on here? R5? Is that a thing that a dad with an 11 year old daughter should know about?

    I sort of wish you were my mom right this very second, because I’ve only been to Vegas once, and it was on a layover. We tried to stay up all night and catch our flight in the morning, but after we left some strip club at 7:30 in the morning, I’d had all my even then 24 year old body could take and crashed on a park bench until some cop said I couldn’t crash on a park bench. I was pretty shocked then to hear that there were any sort of rules in Vegas, and seeing your pics makes me wonder if that cop was totally just being a douche to me because of my handsomeness or something. Lol. I love that your daughter did some homework amongst all these shenanigans. That’s pretty cooll.
    don recently posted..A shooting a mother and her baby…My Profile

    • I forgot to comment on the free hugs guy. Is he in a Flash costume? Is that irony or something? He was my favorite, which is impressive because there were some boobs involved and those usually win my favorite…
      don recently posted..A shooting a mother and her baby…My Profile

      • Yes, I LOVE that guy! He was hilarious — like “yeah, I know I’m a bit tubby for this skin-tight costume, but what the hell? I’m cool with it — AND I’m giving out Free Hugs! Life’s great!”

    • Don, OBVIOUSLY that cop was intimidated by your handsomeness!
      Now that you’re a cop, don’t you arrest more-handsomer people all the time just out of spite? Ha!

  6. Amanda said:

    Your daughter is so lucky to have such a fun loving mother like you! Loved all the pics you took while there! Vegas has the BEST people watching. I SO want one of those leg cups!!! Glad all of you ladies had a fun time!!

    • I agree! The people watching is awesome in that town! And the tourists wear outfits that rival the neon razzle dazzle of Vegas! So fun!

    • It says: “clearly you have a discriminating palate for the finer things in life!”

  7. You had me at butler clowns, then lost me at free hugs, then had me again at necklace breasts, on nuns. Conflicted but willing to party.
    Liz recently posted..Zoe vs. Barbara WaltersMy Profile

  8. Now THIS is why you’re a cool mom. You actually GET it. It’s also why your kids will grow up respecting you and be good kids. Life is not all just about books and homework. It’s also about experiencing life outside of school walls.

    I love Vegas. Been there over 25 times or so on biz and vacations. Never get sick of it. So much fun.
    Phil recently posted..Sample a cocktail in Brooklyn NYC and enjoy the vibe.My Profile

    • Me too, Phil – Vegas is such a fun town — always something to do and see!

  9. Holy crap! You are the coolest Mom ever! I also like how the guitar strap in one of the R5 pictures makes it look like he’s wearing a shirt that reads, “This Stud.”

    • Ha! Very observant!
      That’s Rocky — he’s my fave. My daughter is partial to Ross. Potato Po-tah-to.

  10. Darcy, you are the coolest mom! And I love it when you go to concerts in Vegas – you find the most interesting people!

    • I DO love my live entertainment! I know YOU know – cuz you’re a fellow concert lover!

    • HA! I wouldn’t mind trying that Chippendales ride!

    • That’s a cool mom! And you girls deserved it! You clearly didn’t end up stripping in a seedy Vegas dive bar…
      Oh wait…um…I don’t really know you that well — DID you end up stripping in a seedy Vegas dive bar?

  11. Have you considered adopting a 45 year old son that cusses like a Marine? I have the perfect candidate!

    • Ha! Yes, I’ll adopt you! Your new name is Eric Perdu! No, wait, I like the name Murgatroid! Your name is now Murgatroid Perdu! Now clean your room and do your homework. Dinner’s at 6.

    • Heck yeah! I’ll adopt all of you! I should probably mention that I fully expect my children to support my in the style to which I’d like to become accustomed — such as a castle on the French Riviera!

  12. Paul said:

    Ha! You are one heck of great Mom, Darcy. I must say that my parents weren’t shy about taking me out of school for special trips too. The most common was to take off the last week of school so we could beat the summer hotel and tourist rates where ever we were visiting. I’ve visited Las Vegas a number of times on business over the years and never tire of people watching. The guy in the purple feathered hat and the purple bikini is a hoot. The look on his face is so like me: “They told me this was normal dress, do I look OK?” Ha!

    Excellent memory creation for Chloe, Darcy. You rock! (pun intended)

    • Thanks, Paul! And that’s so cool that your parents bent the school rules so you guys could have some fun travel experiences too! I love travelling and think you can learn so much from different cultures in different countries. I’d like to pull my kids out of school and travel the world with them experiencing art, history, culture, science first-hand in dozens of different countries. Instead of Home Schooling, I’d call it Travel Schooling — and I’ll be able to implement my plan as soon as I win the lottery!

  13. AinOakPark said:

    When God was handing out cooking ability, you missed that line because you were waiting in the HOW TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR DAUGHTER line TWICE! I think you made a good choice.

  14. Margot said:

    You are the best kind of mom and are also excellent at scouting out and photographing the colorful people of Las Vegas. I’d go with you in a heartbeat! Question: What’s going on with the nuns’ boobs? Why are there holes where the nipples should be?

    I wish my 15-year-old daughter liked bands like R5–they are such clean and innocent looking kids. Unfortunately, she’d prefer either Eminem or Daryl Dixon (from the Walking Dead) for a husband.

    • Eminem or Daryl Dixon? That’s hilarious! Definitely not high on my list for a potential son-in-law! Ha!
      I like R5 too – 3 brothers, their sister, and a friend — pretty down to earth nice kids.

      As for the nuns, it may look like holes, but those are actually “pasties” — I guess as wild as Vegas is, they still request that you conceal your nipples with little tiny coverings! Just FYI for your next trip to Vegas – be sure to pack your pasties!

  15. Arionis said:

    Guess those nuns got some bad habits. (Insert rimshot here). Viva Las Vegas!

    • Well, I didn’t go up and squeeze them for freshness, if that’s what you mean. But they looked pretty damn real to me.

      They put little pasties on the nipplular area, but other than that, they looked to be real-live bazoongas!

      Next time I see those nuns on Fremont Street, I’ll take better pics, up close, with a zoom lens, and explain my friend Sarah requested them.

  16. Judy P said:

    I was going to ask you to adopt me but you’re adopting all these others and I think I’d like to try life as an only child for a change. If I ever go back to Vegas, I’ll bring you along as a tour guide. I don’t remember all those characters being there… then again I was thrift store shopping trying to find a bureau for my brother.

    • Ha! Yes! Happy to be a tour guide! I’ll even provide the pasties!

  17. I have a picture of a very inappropriate mug we saw in Vegas. If I’d known you were going, I’d have had you pick one up for me, because Sarah at est. 1975 wants one for Christmas! Looks like a fun time! I didn’t get to go to as many places where I would have seen such sights, because I had small impressionable children with me. Next time!
    Qwertygirl recently posted..The Lingerie AlternativeMy Profile

    • Inappropriate mug sounds awesome! I once saw a funny maternity shirt there that said “What happens in Vegas doesn’t ALWAYS stay in Vegas…”