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A Darcy New Color (Shelly 7.5.13)Writer, Speaker, Humorist

Have you lived in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Tennessee, Japan, or Panama?  Me too!

Have you worked for Fortune 500 companies and small entrepreneurial firms – in consumer products, telecommunications, or real estate development?  Me too!

Were you raised in a large boisterous family and did you attend an all-girls school in Louisiana where they taught you to speak French with a heavy Southern accent?  Moi aussi, ya’ll!

Have your romantic adventures been fraught with allure, intrigue, frustration, infuriation, and humor?  Same here!

Do you have kids, want kids, heard of kids, or were a kid at one time?  Me too!

Are you gorgeous, witty, and charming?  Holy Cow, we could be twins!

But most importantly, will you join me in sharing your amusing anecdotes, bodacious blunders, and hilarious humiliations?

Then dive on in!

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Award NSNC

Darcy won 1st Place in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists for 2014 in the Blog & Multimedia Category (100K monthly visitors or less). Judge Mae Israel reviewed her writing:

“Darcy Perdu writes with wit and clear-eyed energy, with just the right pace and rhythm, eliciting hearty chuckles and nods of solidarity with her tales about raising children and family life. She packages her columns under the label “So Then…Stories,” and plunges lightheartedly into crisp storytelling like a friendly next door neighbor who stops you at the mailbox and lassos you with such engaging language and good humor that you look forward to the next day’s adventure.”

VOTY 2013 and 2014

Darcy Perdu won HUMOR Voices of the Year Award for both 2013 and 2014 from BlogHer media network which is celebrated at BlogHer conferences of 5,000 attendees.

The Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop honored Darcy Perdu as their Humor Writer of the Month in August 2014.

Bombeck Writer of the Month August 2014

With over 42,000 page views per month, So Then Stories enjoys an engaged readership of funny fans who write things like:

“Your stories are delicious.” — Vanessa from Oregon

“You write brilliantly….keep it up!” — Megan from Connecticut

“Love your stories!” — Amanda from Tennessee

“You are hilarious. I love, love the way you write.” — Jo from California

“Quick and entertaining read.” — Joe from New Jersey

“I heard about your blog and have been crying with laughter ever since!” — Viri from England

“Wow, you are so funny!” — Lu from New Hampshire

“Love. Love. Love! your stories! Super-funny and I can relate.” — Erin from Wyoming

“Cannot wait to keep reading!” — Katherine from Arizona

“Just discovered your fantastically hilarious site and read all the archives — thank you for the laughs!” — DB from Michigan


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