WOOD You Like a WOOD Watch? I’m Giving Away a Brand New $129 Wood Watch!

So then…a guy named Paul emails me to ask if I’d like a wood watch.

First of all, who the hell is Paul?

And second, there can’t possibly be watches made out of WOOD!

I scan the room, left to right, looking for the cameras that are surely punking me.

I figure I should respond with something like, “Sure, Paul (if that’s your real name), I WOOD love a WOOD watch, if they really exist!” (see what I did there?)

But first I click the Jord company link — and HOLY HELLWOOD watches!

And they’re gorgeous! I glimpse a sweet little cherry number called the Ely.

Jord Ely WatchSo now I’m like, “OK, Paul, New Best Friend, what’s the scoop, baby?”

Turns out, Awesome Paul offers to provide a free watch for me – AND a free watch for one of you!

Just enter the Giveaway below – and the winner will receive a Jord wood watch gift certificate worth $129 plus free shipping!

They have a wide array of styles for men and women – and 12 models cost $129 or less, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your taste – or for a gift for someone!

Awesome Paul works for Jord, a collective of artists, designers, and seasoned watchsmiths whose style is guided by a deep appreciation for natural elements and modern design. Their timepieces are sustainable, efficient, and simple.

Paul even set it up so that if you click the Jord ad on my site to buy watches for yourself and others, then I get ONE MEEELLION DOLLARS!

(Wait, what’s that, Paul? Oh, that ad just gets me a small commission per watch sold? Oh. So how many watches would need to sell before I earned ONE MEEELLION DOLLARS? Oh, I see.)

OK, folks, you’re gonna have to buy a helluva lot of watches for me to earn that kind of smack, so get busy! Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Bastille Day – watches for everybody! And of course Arbor Day because hellooo — wood watches come from trees! And naturally, wood watches are perfect President’s Day gifts – how better to honor George Washington’s wooden choppers than by dispensing wooden watches? Of course people give gifts on President’s Day!  Were you raised in a barn?

So then Paul sends me the Ely – which is smokin’ hot on my delicate thin wrist.
Jord Watch on Wrist
(OK – my pale hairy slightly man-ish wrist – but still – awesome!)

The face looks cool –

The clasp is clever and comfortable –

And I love the conversation piece of wearing a WOOD watch!

So if you’d like one of these hot little puppies on your delicate wrist, enter the Giveaway below!

The lucky winner will be announced on — (wait, let me check the date on my WOOD watch) – March 18!

Thank you, Paul and Jord Watches, for sharing these cool timepieces with us!

— Darcy Perdu

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47 replies on “WOOD You Like a WOOD Watch? I’m Giving Away a Brand New $129 Wood Watch!

    • Are you saying my wrist is gorgeous? Because it totally is. And you may neeeed one, but I neeeed this wrist too so you can’t have it.
      But if you’re talking about the WATCH, then yes, you DO neeeed one! Enter the giveaway and maybe you’ll win one! :)

  1. caitlin said:

    Me! Pick me! I love watches! And wrists! And watches on your wrists (shameless grab at winning)!

    • HA! I love your enthusiasm! Go for it, Caitlin!

  2. Lol, hairy arms…

    That is a sweet looking watch though. I wood love to have one. I bet the ladies wood love to get wood from my woody were I to have such a timepiece. Except my wife, because she literally just told me she wood not. Lol. Whatever.
    don recently posted..Fun with letters…My Profile

    • Arionis said:

      Looks like we made the naughty list Don.

  3. I Pine for one of these wood watches! I certainly Oak they can Cedar way into picking me? It would be a misTeak for them not to. Sorry I don’t mean to act like such a Birch or anything but if you don’t Ash, you won’t receive. And Darcy…this was some great Pulp fiction!
    Stephanie Lewis recently posted..Did I Mention My Invention Convention?My Profile

    • HAAAAAA! Love your creativity! Enter the giveaway and Maple you’ll win! :)

  4. Julie said:

    I have seen these. I think they are stunning. I am also sensitive to metal, so I don’t think the wood would trouble me. I get itchy and it gets bad. Of course, it doesn’t happen with gold. My regular watch is on a velcro band that keeps all metal off my delicate skin.

    • You must be a princess, Julie! :) We should sneak a little pea under 32 mattresses and see if you bruise!
      And I agree the watches are stunning — the website has some really cool, unusual styles!

  5. I have been crushing on these watches since I saw them in a shop last summer! I would love to win one! Thanks for hosting this, Darcy!
    Meredith recently posted..The Circus ShowMy Profile

    • So glad you like them, Meredith! They look great and they’re light to wear!

    • My wrist?
      Oh dammit, you probably mean the watch.
      I keep thinking people are stunned by my gorgeous wrist — but c’est le watch that gets all the admiration! (sigh)
      Good luck in the contest, Aussa!

  6. Beamer said:

    Lordy – I need one of these watches – in fact already on my birthday and xmas lists. So Beautiful.

    • Really? You’re obviously more sophisticated than me — I didn’t even know they existed and here they are on your gift wish list! Cool! Good luck in the contest!

    • Right? I had never heard of a wood watch either, so I was really surprised to see their website with so many styles — they do look cool — and they’re light to wear!

  7. Lizzy said:

    I saw the title and immedietely thought of the terrible joke my father told me when I was a girl, about the guy with the wood eye and the girl with the peg leg.

    But now all I can think is “ahhhh, fat fingers, touch screen, code went in wrong. Now I’ll lose and it’s all the fault of these stupid fat fingers that entered it wrong, and the hit enter when I was trying to backspace.”

    • Omigosh! Our dads must have been pals since MY dad told me the SAME exact joke when I was a kid. It cracked him up so much, we would all giggle!
      Make sure you enter that code correctly so you have a chance to win, baby!

    • AinOakPark said:

      In my husband’s family the girl had a hare lip! AWFUL “joke”!!!!!

      But not worse than the poem Uncle Bob recited to me the first day we met:

      “I once met a girl from Ol’ Kentuck – She couldn’t dance, but she sure could…”

      I never was too sure of Uncle Bob after that…

  8. Dana said:

    Do you watch your watch? :)

  9. Those are amazing and gorgeous!
    Wood be the perfect bday gift for hubby on the 24th of this month!

    • Aww, happy birthday to hubby! May the odds be ever in your favor!

  10. Loranlouavul said:

    I WOOD! I WOOD! I WOOD luv a wood watch.

  11. Arionis said:

    Hehe, you said wood. Like a lot. Yes I am infantile. :)

    • Ha! Arionis, I’m going to expel both you and Don from today’s comments and make you go sit in detention in the broom closet!

      • Arionis said:

        Are there Wooden handle brooms in there? :)

        • Arionis, you are incorrigible, you cheeky boy!

  12. Kim Shinn said:

    I neeeeed this awesome watch because right now I rely on my smart phone to tell me the time and sometimes that’s inconvenient. It is a little embarrassing that I’m always reaching for my rear when someone asks the time (phone in back pocket- don’t get gross)! Thanks to you and Paul for sharing these beauties with us!

    • HA! Quit grabbin’ your ass, Kim!
      Sounds like you DO need a watch, just to stay decent! :)

  13. AinOakPark said:

    Yes! I WOOD!

    At first, I thought your blog said that I, the gentle reader, had to expose a body part. And I was thinking, wellllll, I’ll give it a go, but I’m not sure WHAT body part anyone would like to see. So I am quite relieved that I don’t have to show anything, um, exciting….

    And I am SURE this is a fabulous watch because wood is so beautiful.


    • Pick who?
      And yes, you DO have to expose a body part!
      Should you win, you’ll need to submit a photo of your right elbow or your left boob — your choice.

  14. I am so in : ) And just in case you were wondering,”What in the hell should I get Millie for her birthday coming up on Friday March 13th?” A wood watch. Thanks!

    • Friday the 13th is your birthday!? HAPPY BDAY, Millie Noe!!

  15. I would enter, but I have a drawer full of watches I don’t even use. (And yes, I do have a pug watch. lol) This is really cool though. It’s perty! What will they come up next to do with wood? (That’s what SHE said!)

    • Ha!
      I’d love to see your pug watch — bet it’s cool — bring it to Blog U with your skull ring!

    • Paul just announced that the winner is JL, the blogger at I Like Beer and Babies! So happy for her!