Winners of the First Year Blog Birthday Gift Card Giveaway!

It's My Birthday Gift Cards
So then…I announce the winners of the Blog Birthday Giveaway of $400 in Gift Cards!

Chloe and Tucker are excited to pick the random winners, but truth be told, I’m hemmin’ and hawin’ and hesitatin’ – because honestly, I want EVERYONE to win!

I’m literally OVERWHELMED with the over 200 enthusiastic, flattering compliments about my writing! I love reading how much you guys enjoy the blog, laugh at the stories, read the archives, and look forward to new funny stories!

It’s such cool Positive Feedback to receive about my writing!

I want to embroider each comment onto a separate square of brightly-colored fabric – and sew them together into a huge quilt so whenever I’m feeling low, I can cocoon myself inside a warm and cozy Comforter of Affirmation!

Or maybe I’ll sew the fabric squares into a fabulous Cape of Compliments and wear it all about town – at work, the mall, running errands –

and whenever someone gives me the stink eye about my frazzled appearance, dubious parenting ability, questionable food choices, or lame small talk – I’ll just swish my Cape in their direction –

and TELEPATHICALLY retort, “Oh yeah? See that green square? She likes me. Yeah, she does. Check out that purple square over there – he thinks I’m fabulous! The blue plaid square? She says I’m hilarious! So there, stink-eye-judgy-person. Don’t even get me started! I got a whole CAPE O’ COMPLIMENTS here!”

So thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys make my heart swell with happiness at all the lovely things you wrote.

And I wish I COULD give everyone a prize, but splitting the Gift Cards between all of you would mean you’d each only get about $1.87…!

So without further ado, I announce the WINNERS of the 1st Year Blog Birthday Giveaway!

$20 Target Gift Card Amanda B (email starts with mandee_b…)
$20 Target Gift Card Dee (email starts with darever…)
$20 Target Gift Card Kate (email starts with anothercleansl…)
$20 Target Gift Card Lindsay (email starts with harugir…)
$20 Target Gift Card Lynn N (email starts with lmnelthr…)
$25 Amazon Gift Card AinOakPark (email starts with allisonke…)
$25 Amazon Gift Card Ashley (email starts with ashley@thedo…)
$25 Amazon Gift Card Marie B (email starts with justmari…)
$25 Amazon Gift Card Susan M (email starts with susanrm…)
$50 Target Gift Card Angibird (email starts with angiwebbe…)
$50 Target Gift Card Ann (email starts with ann8903…)
$100 American Express Gift Card Sarah L (email starts with sarahmari…)

CONGRATULATIONS! I’m emailing you to ask for your addresses so I can mail the gift cards!

I’d also like to THANK everyone who agreed to spread the word about So Then Stories to your friends & relatives & swingers-sex-partners! Many of you said you’d cut and paste my draft messages into emails to your pals so they could sample some of my most popular posts! That’s awesome!

AND two of you already purchased ADS! Woot! Woot!
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Please check out two very funny guys, Ben Swilley of Geezer Grit and Mike Regione of Joe Floggers. You’ll get some great laughs from their blog posts and Ben’s book:

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And many of you subscribed by email to So Then Stories so you’ll always receive funny new stories as soon as they’re posted. That warms the cockles of my heart!  I hope more of you subscribe by email too!
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Soooo…to add a SPECIAL THANK YOU to everyone for writing such awesome comments, asking your friends & relatives to check out my funny stories, considering ad purchases, subscribing by email, and/or reading my blog…

I’m giving away ANOTHER $100! Here is the bonus round of another 10 people who will each receive $10 Gift Cards to Target!

$10 Target Gift Card Amy R (email starts with Reindlg…)
$10 Target Gift Card Daniel P (email starts with daniel.proven…)
$10 Target Gift Card Dianne W (email starts with dianneswillia…)
$10 Target Gift Card Heather L (email starts with hcmorty…)
$10 Target Gift Card Keely (email starts with sweetcakesand…)
$10 Target Gift Card Kelly (email starts with delly7…)
$10 Target Gift Card Marie (email starts with marie.beck…)
$10 Target Gift Card Mary W (email starts with mary.willia…)
$10 Target Gift Card Millie N (email starts with millie@millieno…)
$10 Target Gift Card Pippen (email starts with peregrine…)

CONGRATULATIONS! I’m emailing you to ask for your addresses so I can mail the gift cards!

If you didn’t win this time around, I hope you’ll still keep reading and laughing at the stories — and maybe you’ll win in a prize one of my future Giveaways!

Meanwhile — THANK YOU, everyone, for the best 1st Blog Birthday ever!

Now I’m off to sew my Cape O’ Compliments!

— Darcy Perdu

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