Drunken Tumbles

Drunken Tumbles
So then…I watch intoxicated women fall in the most spectacular fashion. Wineglasses and beer bottles go flying, high heels teeter, skirts fly — women of all shapes and ages go plunging and plummeting, amidst the shock (or delight) of the people around them.

Clip after clip, drunken dames bite the dust – at weddings, parties, backyard BBQs, bars, and even a christening.

I’m not a big fan of physical humor, but I’m laughing in spite of myself.

The video link is aptly titled, “Mad Mums: Why Middle-Aged Women Should Not Drink.”

Don’t worry — as they trip and tumble, slip and stumble, they don’t appear to suffer any bodily harm – but the damage to their dignity is irreparable.

I immediately forward the video link to my sister Della who’s been known to giggle helplessly at a good plummet. Our emails:

I figured you’d like these clips because — do I recall correctly that you like to watch people falling down unexpectedly?

I even like when people fall down expectedly.

I literally laughed out loud at that — AND fell down!

See for yourself, click here: Drunken Tumbles 

— Darcy Perdu

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(Taken any good tumbles recently? Ever seen a spectacular wipe-out? Share your drunken tales — and any other funny video links I can send my sister who likes to watch people fall down unexpectedly AND expectedly!)
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