Porno Pictionary

The FUNNIEST Difference between Men and Women (Hint: Porno Pictionary!)  #funny #games #menvswomen  #humor

So then…he raises his voice above the din and announces, “All right, no more trash talkin’ – it’s the moment of truth. Girls – 9; Guys – 9.” Andy raises his beer, spilling a little in his enthusiasm, and waves a small slip of paper. “So THIS is the tie breaker which will prove once and for all that MEN are the intellectually superior race!”

The guys cheer and the girls groan and boo. We throw popcorn at Andy, who tries to dodge the kernels, spilling even more beer. Eight of us drove up from Manhattan for the weekend. We’ve been skiing all day, so now it’s pizza and popcorn back at our rental cabin for Game Night before hitting the slopes again tomorrow morning.

I tell my team confidently, “No worries. We’ll nail this.” I spread out blank sheets of paper on the dining table so that the other 3 girls can clearly see what I’m about to draw.

The guys are hunched over the coffee table with their papers and pens.

Andy draws me over, ceremoniously holding the slip of paper aloft. “OK, Darcy and I will look at the Pictionary clue – top-secretly – then whoever can draw it and have their team guess the answer first is the WINNNNNNNER!”

He opens the crinkly paper to reveal the words, “Peter Pan.” I smile and race to my table. Andy ambles over to his.

The girls crowd around me as I quickly draw Peter Pan on the paper. They guess:
Boy? Girl?
Dwarf? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!?

Oh for Pete’s sake! I shake my head dramatically. Now I scribble a fast sketch of Tinkerbell. As I try to draw it, they shout-whisper because they don’t want the guys to hear their answers:
A baby?
A flying baby?

Oh my god! How much beer have my friends had? How can they not see this is clearly Tinkerbell? Now I grab more paper and try to draw a stickman version of Captain Hook on the ship. They’re jumping around in their seats. I’m scribbling furiously. They shout-whisper frantically:
A man?
A ship?
A man with a weird hand?
Oh! Edward Scissorhands? Edward Scissorhands on the Titanic?!

Just then, all 4 guys shout in unison: PETER PAN!!

We dash over to their table to see what drawing could possibly result in such a quick, unanimous response.

On the paper, Andy has drawn only two things: a penis and a pot.

— Darcy Perdu

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My friend shared this Mardi Gras photo he found
which is just about perfect for this post:
Peter Pan

(How about you – any good Game Night stories? Any evidence in the Men vs. Women Intellectual Wars?)