When the Toddler Rats Out the Nanny — It IS Pretty Funny!

Uh-Oh! When the Toddler Rats Out the Nanny, It IS Pretty Funny!  #kids #nanny #humor

So then…David parks the minivan in the carnival parking lot, removes the key from the ignition, and pops the trunk.

I unbuckle our son Tucker, age 2 and a half, then join David at the back so we can grab the stroller and bag.

Tucker climbs into the driver’s seat and pretends to “drive.”

He waves to us and says, “Look everybody! I’m Remy!” (Remy’s our nanny.)

And with that, he puts one hand on the steering wheel, beeps the horn loudly, and shouts in a Hispanic accent, “Hey, HEY, STUPIDO!” Then he collapses into giggles.

David and I look at each other…


then burst into laughter.

We are equal parts delighted that our toddler’s already doing comedic impressions at such a young age –

And equal parts horrified that our nanny’s roadside manner is not as courteous as we had thought.

When hiring our bilingual nanny, (whom we adore because she’s awesome) — we had hoped she might teach our son some Spanish words…but, uh…this isn’t exactly what we had in mind…

— Darcy Perdu

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(Have your kids done funny “impressions” of someone? Or learned any words you wished they hadn’t?)

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The New Nanny’s Surprising No-No

UH-OH!  The New Nanny's Surprising - Red with Blue Surprising No-No!  #funny #wedding  #cake #humor

So then…we finish chatting about our children, and the talk turns to nannies. My friends and I are grateful to have help with our tiny tots and household chores while we’re working, but inevitably we have some funny moments to share.

(Example:  someone told me the other day, “Our housekeeper has spotty English, so I tried to use my rusty high school Spanish. I’m not sure if I properly explained how my husband likes his shirts ironed – or if I just invited her entire family over for dinner on Thursday!”)

Today, at lunch, my friend says, “So our new nanny apparently likes to have a little something sweet with her coffee each morning.”

Someone interjects, “Yeah, our nanny is like that too. A donut — a muffin or cookie or something.”

“Right,” continues the first friend. “But I don’t keep a lot of that stuff around the house. So I come downstairs this morning and see her at the kitchen table drinking coffee, reading the paper, and eating – are you ready – the top tier of my wedding cake!”

“No way!” We are shocked and laughing at the same time.

“Are you serious? She took the top layer of your wedding cake out of the freezer and ate it? Did she not realize it was from your wedding?” someone asks.

My friend says, “I guess not. Maybe it’s not a tradition to freeze the top of your wedding cake in her country. And she didn’t eat the whole thing, just carved off a hunk of it. She just probably thought, ‘Huh, this looks like a tasty little fancy white cake – let’s check it out.’

“That’s hilarious!” I say. “I guess you won’t be serving it on your wedding anniversary.”

“Nope – and I don’t think my nanny will be having seconds either. She didn’t look too pleased with the frozen hunk she ate. She had a look on her face, like ‘Man, this cake is terrible, it tastes really old, but I don’t want to be rude to my new employers – I better suffer through it and finish it!’

We all laugh at that visual – our friend dismayed to see her wedding cake desecrated for a morning coffee break — and her nanny trying to politely choke it down, worried about offending her boss for not liking it well enough!

— Darcy Perdu

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