Just Another TAME Night Out with the “Girls”

Just Another TAME Night Out with The "Girls" - funny true tale of our big night out #humor #girlsmightout #firemen #dancing #moms #funny

So then…I mock the other moms (aka the “Margarita Mamas”) for bailing so early after dining at a local restaurant. “It’s only 8:30! It’s too early to go home to our kids and husbands!”

But we’ve finished dinner and some of them blame extreme fatigue from a week of working all day and corralling kids all night.

Kate says, “To hell with you guys, Darcy and I are goin’ to the Cantina to drink!”

We don’t.

Truth is, we’re pretty tired from working all day and corralling kids all night too.

But the other moms don’t know that.

So later that night, when one of the Mamas, Mindy, sends me an email with the contact info for the orthodontist she had recommended earlier at our dinner, I reply:

THANK YOU for the orthodontist referral — I will call him!
P.S. Kate and I are still out clubbing. I’m emailing you from the bathroom where I’m snorting coke with a motorcycle gang. Kate’s dancing topless on a table with a fireman.

Mindy takes this in stride and simply emails back:
OK, send pics….

For pics of our wild night, click here*

— Darcy Perdu

(*If link doesn’t work, it’s possible Kate and I didn’t go out drinking after dinner after all. In fact, I mentioned that above. Were you not paying attention? Did you actually click here to see pics? I’m worried about you.)

(What do YOU do on YOUR Girls Night Out? Do you get up to mischief — or is everyone too pooped to pop? Have you, in fact, danced topless with a fireman? I’m sort of obsessed with firemen. So definitely send pics. Of the firemen.  Not your topless dance.)

Original Illustration by Innovative Ocean (www.innovativeocean.com) for So Then Stories

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