Overheard in the Oscars Loser Lounge

28 Oscar Pics 43627 Scroll Down 43627 Scroll Down 43627 Scroll Down 43627 Scroll Down 43627 Scroll Down 43627 Scroll Down 43629 Ta-Dum 43629 Ta-Dum 4361 Overheard at Oscars 82 Darcy 83 Actress 84 Actress Sandra Bullock 85 Actress Judi Dench 86 Actress Amy Adams A 87 Actress Amy Adams B 88 Actress Amy Adams C 89 Actress Cate Blanchett 810 Actress Meryl Streep 811 Actor 812 Actor Leo Dicaprio A 813 Actor Leo DiCaprio B 814 Actor Leo DiCaprio C 815 Actor Leo DiCaprio D 816 Actor Leo DiCaprio E 817 Actor Bruce Dern 818 Pizza - Stoli 819 Supporting Actor 820 Supp Actor Jonah Hill 821 Supp Actor Barkhad A 822 Supp Actor Barkhad B 823 Supp Actor Barkhad C 824 Supp Actor Barkhad D 825 Supp Actress 826 Supp Actress June Squibb 8

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— Darcy Perdu      (SoThenStories.com)

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(What else do you think the Oscar “Losers” were spouting after the Academy Awards? Did your favorites win? Who wore the best gown — and the best aftermarket face parts?)