Five Stages of Christmas Shopping – Can You Relate?

5 Stages of Christmas Shopping - can you relate?  #funny #Christmas #shopping #humor

So then…I shout, “No! NO, Christmas, ya ain’t gonna get me this time!”

I shall plan.  I shall prepare.  I shall make lists and check them twice!

I shall start early and avoid the holiday rush and stress.

I shall spend hours to concentrate fiercely on each loved one’s hobbies, tastes, and preferences to concoct the most personalized gift imaginable for that individual.

I shall bargain hunt, conduct online research — and judiciously analyze each item before purchasing!  Is it the right size, style, color, brand, aura for this particular person?

I shall craft unique homemade gifts for those closest to my heart.

I shall lovingly wrap each gift in luscious Christmas wrap with coordinating bows and calligraphized gift tags…

Aw, forget it.  Where are the gift cards?

— Darcy Perdu

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(‘Fess up – are YOU the one who’s completed all your Christmas shopping in a calm, organized, cost-efficient manner well before the holiday arrives?  Or are you the last-minute wild-eyed desperate shopper grabbing anything that looks REMOTELY like a gift and shoving it in your cart as you dash through the mall?)

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