Overalls, Bunny Pajamas, and a Swingers Party!

So then…I’m just sittin’ here, chillin’ with Jen Mann (writer of the uber-popular blog People I Want to Punch in the Throat and best-selling author with over 600,000 devoted fans on two Facebook pages.)

What’s that you say? — “Pics or it didn’t happen.”


Jen Mann & Darcy Perdu

There’s your pic right there!  Jen Mann & Darcy Perdu!

We met at the awesome Blog U Conference and now we’re cyber pals!

Blog U Cupcakes

I even have a witness that I met Jen Mann.

See? There’s funny Foxy from Foxy Wine Pocket right there!

Jen Mann (PIWTPITT), Darcy Perdu (So Then Stories), Kelly Fox (Foxy Wine Pocket)


Does it say something about Jen that no one wants to be seen in public with her?

Yes. Yes, it does!

It says she’s a wildly unpredictable hilarious woman – and you have NO IDEA what trouble she’s going to get into next!

For example — shenanigans from Jen’s REAL life include:

Accidentally attending a co-worker’s “SWINGERS” party

Challenging the arrogant leader of a playgroup clique

Freaking out when the principal asks her to join him inside the school (the day she’s wearing FUZZY BUNNY PAJAMAS in carpool line)

Offending the entire registration line of summer-camp-obsessed Stepford moms

Impressing her first date in NYC by wearing OVERALLS (yeah, you heard me)

Dispatching power-hungry PTA moms and unscrupulous garage sale tightwads

Voicing candid opinions at her friend’s home shopping party – for kinky sex toys

Jen shares all these hysterical true stories (and more) in her new book: People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Competitive Crafters, Drop-Off Despots, and Other Suburban Scourges.

People I Want To Punch In The Throat

As I read Jen’s book on the airplane on a recent Vegas trip, I laughed, chortled, giggled, and snorted.

At one point, I gasp-laughed so loudly, my teen daughter Chloe said “Mom! Shhh! MOM, SHHH! OhMyGod! You are SO embarrassing!”

As I collapsed helplessly into a fit of giggles, she quickly averted her body and pretended not to know me.

Much later, at the hotel, she asked me, “What had you in such hysterics on the plane?”

I read her that passage from the book and she gasp-laughed as loudly as I did! As we both laughed with tears in our eyes, she nodded and said, “OK, OK, I agree – THAT.IS.HILARIOUS!”

ABC agrees too!

The ABC News review says, “Wise-cracking blogger doesn’t pull punches…in her hilarious new memoir.  A talented humorist, Mann doesn’t shy away from tough topics, including political correctness and racism. She’s like the acerbic, smart chick who sits with the rebels and misfits in the high school cafeteria, making fun of the preppie kids at the popular table. She loves to present herself as the underdog, but despite her throat-punching bravado, her fundamental theme is self-acceptance.”

You can read more great reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other media outlets here.

So if you’re ready for some LITERAL laugh-out-loud laughs, click HERE to pick up a copy for you – and a couple more for gift-giving season!  You’ll love it!


— Darcy Perdu

Jenn Mann - People I Want To Punch In The Throat Book