Meet Me at the DMV — Naked

Meet Me at the DMV -- Naked
So then…my friend Gina invites me to join her and our mutual pal Lindsey for lunch.

It’s important to know that Gina’s email is sent to us on February 18, which is often known as 2/18. 

Here are the emails that prove our senility:

Hi Girls,
It’s time for a Lunch/”Therapy” date with the 3 of us. 9/24 works for Lindsey and me — so Darcy, we’re hoping that it’s a go for you too. Otherwise we’ll explore a later date. So how’s 9/24 working for ya?
XO, Gina

Regarding 9/24 lunch — You mean 3/24 !!! I can’t wait until September!
— Lindsey

You see how much I need that “therapy” session! Just wait till you chickens hit my age…!

First of all, I’m already 93.
Second of all, do you really mean 3/24? That’s still 6 weeks away!

NO, NO what the ~~~~ is wrong with us??? It’s 2/24!! Right, Lindsey? SEE — we really need this!

OMG – are we all senile??!! Yes — 2/24!!!!
— Lindsey

OK, I’ll meet you for lunch on 2/24. However, based on both of you being senile, I imagine that one of you will show up at the DMV instead of the restaurant — and one of you will show up at the restaurant naked. Good luck to all of us.

OMG I’m laughing so hard! What has become of us?

What has become of us indeed!

— Darcy Perdu

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Meet Me at the DMV -- Naked P

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29 replies on “Meet Me at the DMV — Naked

  1. It’s not just you! I’ve done things like that several times and it’s just so absurd and frustrating! Last year I didn’t fill the kids piñata with candy for their birthday party. Really. I just completely forgot about it, right up until they were hitting the darn thing! Colossal mom FAIL.
    Allie recently posted..Another Mother Runner – Featuring ME!My Profile

    • ha! that’s hilarious! a candy-less pinata! your kids probably STILL have nightmares about that! :o)

  2. Judy said:

    I always get the words August and October mixed up so that creates confusion. I’m actually surprised by how many people I meet who do the same thing. Noon and midnight are slippery folks in my world too.

    • That’s interesting. Let’s meet at noon on August 15 to discuss further.
      No wait, midnight on October 15.
      No wait.

  3. You know what? I’m sitting here laughing and happy that it’s not just me!! Ashley and I have at least one conversation a day that goes just like that. (okay…usually my fault, but she can do it, too!) Now I feel less elderly…or at least in very good company!! –Lisa

    • Glad to know we’re not alone.
      When I pushed babies out of my vagina, my brain cells shot out of my ears.
      That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

  4. Paul said:

    I once loaded a tractor-trailer load (50,000 pounds) of frozen fish in Burin, Newfoundland, phoned the receiver in Boston Mass, made an appointment to unload two days hence and proceeded to travel. When I arrived (a few hours before the appt time), I backed into an unloading dock, handed in my paperwork and waited to be unloaded. The receiver sought me out and told me he couldn’t take my load off. I inquired why and he rather quietly said: “Your load is not consigned to this warehouse.” I took the paper work (that I had travelled with for two days) and read it and realized that I was 60 miles from where I was supposed to unload. Just a bit embarrasing. (In my defense I had hauled about 25 loads from Burin and every one had gone to the same warehouse ….except this one.) It took an hour and a half of backtracking to get to the right warehouse, and then, of course, I didn’t have an appointment and had to wait to the end of the day to get unloaded. Never did tell the boss.

    • Oops! Thank goodness the true destination was only an hour and a half away!
      Can you imagine if you’d had to travel another 2 days to get those fish to their rightful owner!?

    • hey, Phil asked for photos, so we’ll send you some too! ha!

  5. Oh man… I do this ALL the time at work, but only when I am sending an e-mail to a lot of people I don’t know– and usually I’m like “let’s pick one of these Thursdays” and then I give the dates for the next 10 FRIDAYS…. special. And then it’s like they’re all racing each other to be the first person to hit reply all and point out the fact I’m an idiot.

    • Don! I’m gonna come over there and smack you up side the head! (on behalf of all women everywhere!)

  6. Kim said:

    I freaked out when I looked at my calendar Thursday and realized I forgot to go to my daughter’s awards program that morning. Then I realized it was only Wednesday so I was okay! Also last week I was at a store that gives a discount to teachers on Tuesdays so I showed my teacher ID. The salesman said that they don’t give teacher discounts on this day. I replied nicely, “Well, that sign on the wall says teachers receive a 10 percent on Tuesdays.” He nicely explained, “Ma’am, today is Wednesday.” Uh…okay…sorry I’m an idiot.

    • Ha! Sounds like you need a “Day of the Week” reminder each day! :o)

  7. Lol this is hilarious because my friends and I have been in this phase since high school. We never had the greatest memory and definitely were feeling old by 17. I am 26 now and I definitely feel 85, luckily, I do not look the part. Especially once you produce offspring – forget about it! All goes down the drain. Have a great weekend – Iva

    • Ha! I think I was a little sharper at 17, but the memory is definitely starting to fade now that I am…now that I am…huh. What was I talking about?

  8. Lindsay said:


    FYI…I received my Target gift card! THANKS!

  9. Julie said:

    Oh dear, it would appear none of you are old enough to realize you just fake it. Regardless of what transpires, you just stick to your guns. Circa the “dead parrot” Monty Python skit.

    • Ha! That’s what I’ll do from now on! “Of COURSE we agreed to meet naked at the DMV! Where the hell are YOU?”

  10. This is a constant in my life. A constant. Dates, what dates? I’m trying to pick the most recent, I mean best example. Hmmm. I guess that would be the lovely dinner in Ottawa with my son. We are there for a funeral that’s taking place in 3 days. Fine. My daughter is joining us the next day from her university about 2 hours away. Settling in to my 3rd glass of wine I get a text from her. “Just arrived. Will taxi to hotel and meet you there.” Oh dear. I got the date wrong. She arrived a day earlier. I chugged the wine, ordered a very special take out dessert for her and we zipped back to hotel to find her waiting.
    Kelly McKenzie recently posted..The Eagles Are So Much More Than A BandMy Profile

    • Thank goodness for texts and cell phones so she could reach you!

      And in my case, thank goodness for Outlook calendars and audio-sound reminders for meetings and conference calls! Of course, the more I rely on technology to help my faulty brain, the more my brain decays into mush. Vicious cycle!