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7 Ways to Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunction is serious business, people. Avoid the embarrassment of a tragic fashion mishap! From donning a low-cut neckline to wearing chunky heel booties, we’ll give you some tips on how to avoid getting caught in one of fashion’s worst crimes.

1. Always get the right shoe size, especially when you’re wearing chunky heel booties. Chunky heels are usually heavy, especially when they’re made of lug soles. Avoid the “Ronald McDonald Big Shoes” look. Instead, rock a towering pair of booties that look just right for your size.

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2. Unless you’re releasing your newest single, you probably want to avoid the nip slip. Wear a fitted bra all the time. If you’re wearing a sheer top, an inner camisole will do the job to conceal bra lines. Or sew pads on a backless dress since nipple tape isn’t always reliable!

3. Never fall prey to an “Anne Hathaway” moment. At the premiere of Les Miserables, she was probably mortified when the paparazzi took photos of her most treasured body part. Here’s a tip: wear underwear. If you hate panty lines when wearing something fitted, opt for a thong or seamless boyleg underwear.

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4. Dodge deodorant marks by ensuring your underarms are completely dry before putting on your top. If not, you can use baby wipes to remove the deodorant marks on your clothing.

5. Evade wet clothes under your arms by using a strong deodorant. If you have active sweat glands, try an anti-perspirant from the men’s section.

6. Is the wind too strong while you’re wearing a flowy dress or skirt? Be sure to wear boyleg legging shorts in basic colors like white, cream or black. So even if you get the upskirt moment, it won’t be a full-blown embarrassment. You’ll still have the goodies covered.

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7. If you love wearing fitted and body-hugging clothes to showcase your sexy silhouette, don shapewear underneath to hide any bumps or lumps. You’ll look and feel much sleeker.

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