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F Suspicious Laptop Behavior
So then…a friend mentions she'd missed this true story the first time around since it was posted when the blog first started -- and that she was dying laughing, so I figure I'll share it with you in case YOU missed it…
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F Shut That Down
So then…I gratefully grab a seat in a tiny chair in the 1st grade classroom, along with three other Moms who also missed last night’s Back-to-School event. The teacher, Mrs. Tomasino, has graciously agreed to meet with us for a…
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F Most Creative Punishment EVER
So then…I accidentally overhear my daughter and her pals talking about a school incident. Now I don’t mind freely admitting that I frequently and deliberately eavesdrop on my kids – (gots to make sure they’re not cookin’ meth or prank…
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F How Cool My DAUGHTER Thinks I Am
So then…my grinning tween daughter Chloe says, “Oh, Mom, you’re so aDORable!” (a bit patronizingly, if you ask me) “What? I am not!” I say. “I’m a ‘hip, cool, with it’ Mom!” She laughs. “Mom, the very fact that you…
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F Matt Damon Bugs Me
So then…I ask my teen daughter Chloe if she heard that one of her favorite actors proposed to his costar. Chloe says, “WHAT?! How did I not know that? Am I pooping in the wrong places?” Did she ask me…
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F Overheard in the Oscar
If you enjoyed what I "overheard" in the Oscar Loser Lounge, then you'll definitely like: YIKES! Just Found a "Weed" in My Lady Garden! Telling His Teacher A Big Fat Juicy Lie Boobalicious and HILARIOUS! The ONE Thing Disneyland Insists…
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F Communion
So then…I put on my car blinker, round a corner, and catch Chloe’s eye in the rear-view mirror. “What’s wrong, honey? You look worried,” I say to my 6-year-old daughter. My son Tucker, age 9, turns around from the front…
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F Deciphering Last Night's Drunken Deeds
So then…I fumble for the washcloth through bleary eyes. My head’s throbbing as I soap up my arm, my chest, my breast – hey, what is this? What’s this big black mark on my boob? I squint and bring my…
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F When Divorced Parents Try to Top Each Other
So then…my friend Lila thrusts a glass of wine in my hand and pulls me over to a couple who are sampling appetizers in her living room. Ever the fabulous hostess, Lila says, “Darcy, these are my friends Keith and Julie. …
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F I Don't Mean to be All Judgy
So then…the kindergarteners sing the last note of “You Are My Sunshine” and the classroom erupts with applause from the parents sitting on little chairs in the back. The teacher announces, “OK, parents, that concludes our Valentine’s Day program. It’s…
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