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F In Case of Fire
So then…the news article clearly states that, in case of emergency, we should flee the house ONLY with our humans and pets – NO material possessions. Oh, sure, that sounds reasonable. But who’re we kiddin’ here? We all know we’re…
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F Lasagna
So then…I’m literally so excited about this lasagna I’m making, I text a photo to show the family how amazing dinner’s going to be! LOOK! Warm and delicious homemade food! Yahoo! Everyone has a generous helping and agrees it’s scrumptious…
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F 5 Stages of Shopping
So then...I shout, "No! NO, Christmas, ya ain't gonna get me this time!" I shall plan.  I shall prepare.  I shall make lists and check them twice! I shall start early and avoid the holiday rush and stress. I shall…
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F Raising My Daughter to be a Stripper
So then…I click the blinker, just as my daughter Chloe, age 15, says, “You remember how you taught me to shave my legs – the calves and thighs?” I turn the steering wheel right, continue up the hill, and answer,…
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F Insulting the Neighbor Who Saved My Ass
So then…I panic. I’m 3000 miles from home, helping my sister pack my Mom’s stuff to move to a new place in Florida – on the same day my daughter Chloe returns from her first high school trip back home…
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F What Chinese
So then…I read a ridiculous email from an exasperating client on my Iphone. I audibly sigh and roll my eyes – at the precise moment I’m passing the hallway mirror – which means I can see the reflection of my…
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F He Whispers
So then…Bessie attempts a tumble -- stumbles, sputters, gasps, then dies. I drape my body across my dryer and murmur, “Oh Bessie, why hast thou forsaken me?” Time of death: halfway through the Towel Cycle, Which Also Includes My Panties,…
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F Boyfriends & Things That Go Bump in the Night
So then…I shout, “Fine!” And then he shouts, “FINE!” -- slams the door, gets in his car, and drives to work. I seethe. We’re in the middle of a big argument and he bails just to go to work? Where…
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F Huge Surprise When I Opened My Baby Book
So then…I see the package on my front step and jump with excitement! My older sister Dawn’s helping our Mom clean out her attic, so she’s mailing my Baby Book across the country to my house! What? A book about…
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F Is My Coworker a Robot
So then…Lou (our Finance VP), Henry (our Operations VP), and I approach the gate just in time to hear that our connecting flight home is delayed 30 minutes. My face crumples in frustration. Lou’s face twitches in aggravation. Henry’s face…
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