How Hannah Can Win $150,000 & London Trip with YOUR Vote!

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So then…I FREAK OUT because my 24-year-old hard-working niece Hannah makes it into the FINALS to win a $150,000 contribution for her start-up company!  Voting ends on September 3rd, so you’ll be my BEST FRIEND FOREVER if you vote for her!

It’s just ONE click – they don’t ask for your email address or any info – you don’t have to read or watch anything, just ONE click!


Just scroll beneath the video and click VOTE.

Now that you’ve voted (you DID vote, right? hopeful puppy dog eyes) — if you’re interested to know HOW she made it to the finals, here’s the scoop…

How Hannah Made it to the Finals!

Raised in Austin, Hannah works her ass off in high school – exceptional grades, sports awards, musician, drum major, student government, phenomenal SAT scores.

(Oh, cut it out, Hannah, you’re makin’ the rest of us look bad! — Ha!  But you can’t even resent her, because she’s so damn nice & funny & friendly.)

So she’s accepted to all sorts of stellar universities and gets excited about venturing off into the great big wide world.

BUT…the university that offers her a full scholarship is located in…you guessed it – Austin.

Argh!  She’d hoped to travel beyond her hometown for college.  But it’s smart to save money with free tuition at University of Texas at Austin – and she figures maybe she can study abroad a semester.

So she starts college, plays women’s club soccer, joins the Texas Spirits, kicks ass in her classes, and –

flies to South Africa for a semester abroad, working with underprivileged children.

(So her idea of adventure is zipping to another continent, helping kids, visiting South African huts, eating local cuisine, and participating in foreign customs.  When I was in college, we considered it adventurous to go to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show and throw toast at each other.  I’m so lame!)

SO THEN…in 2011, she tells her college advisor that she’d like to write her senior thesis on K-Pop’s burgeoning growth into international markets.

Her advisor’s expression: “What’s K-Pop?”

Hannah explains K-Pop is a fascinating subculture of Korean pop music that’s expanding far beyond its own borders, into English-speaking countries.

Hannah popmedley

A year later, Korean pop star Psy releases “Gangnam Style,” which EXPLODES into the marketplace, racking up the MOST VIEWS EVER in the history of YouTube with 2.4 BILLION VIEWS!

Hannah Gangnam Style

Hmm, psychic much?

And Psy is just one of the many amazing K-Pop stars to cross over.

Hannah popgirls generation

To enhance her abilities, Hannah learns to fluently speak, read, and write Korean.

She spends a semester in Korea and publishes an award-winning undergraduate thesis entitled, “The History, Development, and Future of K-Pop and the Korean Music Industry,” which draws attention from Billboard Magazine.

Billboard Korea invites Hannah to intern in Seoul during the summer of 2013!

Hannah popconcert

During her semester and summer internship in Korea, Hannah forms close relationships with industry professionals and K-Pop stars.  She graduates University of Texas at Austin with flying colors.

Hannah popexo 2

The next year she interns in the International Marketing department of Sony Music, where she learns the intricacies of the global music industry.

Hannah popsuperjuino

And oh yeah – she graduates in May 2015 from NYU with a Master’s in Music Business!


While studying the music industry, Hannah notices a serious lack of fast, reliable English-language information about K-Pop for the millions of world-wide fans who don’t speak Korean.

Hannah fans

We’re all familiar with the rabid fans of our American pop stars – just look at the Twitter followers of Katy Perry (74 million); Justin Bieber (66 million), Taylor Swift (62 million), Rihanna (50 million), etc.

The K-Pop fans are just as fanatical, rabid, and desperate for interviews, photos, and information about their beloved pop stars as the fans of American pop stars.

And K-Pop fans from USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, etc. are ESPECIALLY desperate for ENGLISH-language information about their favorite K-Pop groups.

So Hannah creates moonROK, the world’s premier source of K-Pop news and entertainment.  She and her cofounder make deals with the major Korean media companies so that they immediately send their breaking news stories to moonROK for translation into English for publication on the moonROK site and social media channels.

Hannah MoonROK sign

Hannah also provides fresh new content for the fans with her personal interviews of K-Pop stars, reviews of songs and albums, and coverage of live concerts and K-Con conferences.

Hannah Interview Sunglasses

Hannah Interview Lady

Hannah works tirelessly to grow moonROK and diversify its offering to K-Pop fans to include more news, entertainment, and services.

Hannah Interview Blonde

Then Hannah enters the MBJ Launchpad Competition 2015 which rewards entrepreneurs with $150,000 non-equity contribution to the growth of the business.

Hannah’s MoonROK makes it to the top 20 finalists!

Based on votes, the top FOUR candidates will fly to London to present their companies to the judges.  Then the winner receives the $150,000 contribution (rough equivalent of £100,000 English pounds) to invest in the growth of their company.  Hannah really needs that money to invest in more translators, video reporting crews, and marketing to share moonROK with more K-Pop fans.

You don’t HAVE to watch her video to vote for her enterpreneurial idea, but you may WANT to watch it, ’cause it’s really cool!

So there you have it – the scoop on Hannah – how hard work, intelligence, creativity, and boldness catapulted her to the FINALS!  Please help us get her all the way to the TOP!

Vote HERE!

I’m so crazy proud of my niece and all her accomplishments!  Thank you for letting this auntie brag about her — and thank you for voting for her!

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

— Darcy Perdu


LaunchPad notified her this morning that they decided to bring 5 groups (not 4) to London for the final presentations, and they’ll choose the $150,000 winner from those 5!  Hannah’s moonROK is one of the 5 groups!  Hallelujah!  THANK YOU to all of you who voted!  We’re so excited for Hannah!  Fingers crossed for the October London presentation!

What Diabolical Bedevilment Is This Kid Up To NOW?

What Diabolical Plan Is My Kid Plotting Now? #funny #alarming

So then…my teen son Tucker asks me to print a strange attachment. I’m busy on the computer so I just glance at it briefly, but it looks to be an IRS penalty letter and a flight itinerary to New York.

I snort because surely the IRS can’t be hounding my son to pay income taxes for a job – since HE DOESN’T HAVE ONE. (not that I’m bitter and resentful about that at all – not that I sweated my balls off working at Grandell’s Amusement Park in Louisiana’s hot humid heat when I was a teen – not that I think he should fill out a few more applications to be gainfully employed for the summer – cough cough)

So I print the attachment and go on about my business in my home office.

Tucker continues his flurry of activities throughout the house, occasionally calling out a question.

I try not to be a helicopter parent, but after awhile, I wonder if I should be concerned by his inquiries over the past few hours:

“Do we have a Polaroid camera for an instant picture?”

“Can you print out a W2 form please?”

“Where’s my passport?”

“Do we have any balloons?”

“Where’s the duct tape?”

What the hell?

Is he running away from home?

Is he an international fugitive?

Is he taking HOSTAGES?

Am I one of the hostages?

Just now he said, “Don’t come in the pantry, please.”

Trust me, buddy, I won’t.

I continue my phone calls and work emails, while posting some of the above questions on Facebook to see what my pals think. Comments range from:



“I’d go in the pantry if I were you”


“Are you alive? Should we call the police?”

I figure I’d better check out what nefarious activities he’s up to, so I pop in his bedroom and find this:

You're Snorting What with My WHAT? #funny

Tucker’s not there – just a bunch of foreign currency and his passport.

What country accepts euros AND pesos AND quetzals?

Hmm, maybe I SHOULD go see what’s in the pantry.

As I enter the kitchen, I see this:

You're Snorting What with My WHAT? #funny

I die laughing because it appears to be the cocaine serving for a Sweet Suburban Housewife!

Please note the cocaine lines are cut with a BARNES & NOBLE GIFT CARD!

(not a Gold Am Ex card – a bookstore gift card!)

Apparently the cocaine’ll be snorted with a rolled-up BED, BATH & BEYOND COUPON!

(not a hundred dollar bill – a linen store coupon!)

And the baggie containing the cocaine is helpfully labelled, “Cocaine. Keep until June 2016”

That’s exactly how I label all my dry goods!

But I promise you, THIS IS NOT MY COCAINE!

First of all, I’d never tamper with a Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% Off Coupon – those things are like GOLD to me!

Second of all, IS there an expiration date for cocaine?

Third of all, I don’t do cocaine!

I do Ben & Jerry’s.

(which is FAR superior to cocaine)

So clearly, this little scene is my son’s handiwork.

And yes, the “cocaine” is flour.

But it’s oddly gratifying to know that even if my son were the ring leader of an international drug cartel, he’d be organized enough to LABEL his drugs and provide an EXPIRATION date.

I imagine that’d be quite impressive – and a real time-saver – when the cops bust him and take the drugs into evidence.

The last thing you want is a lab tech to stick his pinky in the powder and declare with a grimace, “Tsk, this cocaine’s gone bad” – or for the British cop to shout “Oi! Sarge, come sample da heroin – seems a bit off, don’t it?”

Finally I locate my fugitive – caught red-handed with scissors and a fake W2 form.

“Whatcha workin’ on there, buddy? Somethin’ for your kitchen cocaine?”

He laughs.

“Yes!” he exclaims. “It’s so funny! I’m working on a SnapChat story about a guy whose IRS fines are so huge, he has to turn to a life of crime to pay the government!”

And sure enough, a few moments later, he shows me his SnapChat photos and text which are pretty frikkin’ hilarious!

Of course, it seems a little implausible that someone would obscenely violate drug laws in order to comply with an income tax law – but hey, who am I to question the motivation of the lead character in a fictional SnapChat story?

I’m a mother — and I’m duty-bound to support my son in all his creative endeavors — even if a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon is sacrificed in the process.

(stifles a sob)

— Darcy Perdu

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(Any creative mini-filmmakers or clever storytellers out there? How about kids who ask questions so bizarre, you’re almost afraid to find out why they want to know? DO you agree Ben & Jerry’s is far superior to cocaine?)